Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 155

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

As you have been told again and again, mankind is standing before a seeming abyss of change that will herald a whole new world for you all. Many have talked about this season of change, and many have almost given up hope that it will come. We are here to assure you that you have not waited in vain, and that you will all soon have more change than you mayhaps bargained for.

Let us explain. Your society is based upon some fundamental rules, and as you have all been raised for generations under these same rules, it is virtually impossible for you to bend your heads around the fact that these rules will one day be declared null and void. You see, as you have been so programmed to expect a certain outcome of every action that takes place, this process we are referring to will seem to be almost impossible to comprehend. In other words, we do not speak of a gradual change, where one instance will follow the next in a well defined order, we talk about an almost instantaneous merging of different planes that will literally turn everything upside down and inside out and render the landscape almost unrecognizable. Not in a literal way, as what we refer to are the ingrained habits and thought patterns of humans that will have to be erased in order for the new programming to take its place, and where you go from your limited way of reasoning and reacting to a limitless way of acting from the centre of your being instead of from that reptilian part of your brain that is currently in control of everything you do. When we use the word ”reptilian” we do not in any way refer to a sinister sort of creature, rather to the most basic and crude part of your mental capacity in charge of serving the most fundamental needs of your physical body. In other words, that part that will resort to anything out of the fear of dying, and that has been in control of most of mankind’s action for a very long time. But now, that primitive master will have to resign, as there is a new master waiting in the wings to take back the controls, namely the many faceted true you that have been hidden away under all of these layers of fear. And as these changes will start to burst forth, your souls’ shining head will raise above the murky waters of fear and chaos and calmy take over the reins.

It may not sound plausible that you will find calm in the midst of turmoil, as for many, handling the day to day business in a seemingly ever more disturbed world is almost impossible per se, but trust us when we say that when the going gets really tough, as they say, you will have no other option than to finally give in and pull out that inner core and start relying on that. You see, you are in many ways too timid now, not completely able to trust that inner spirit, but it will soon be more than obvious that this is indeed where your real strength lies, and you will find it almost impossible not to throw caution to the wind and finally take that decisive step, literally into your own sovereignty.

So as we were saying, the time for change is clear ahead, so fasten your seatbelts dear ones. Get ready to have the time of your lives, as the heat will start to shimmer all over this little planet and the thunder of change will roll all over you.

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