Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 154

By Aisha North

Aisha North

Today is a most auspicious day, as you once again pass through a celestial portal as it were. Let us explain. Today is the day when the sun passes over that invisible line that divides night from day, winter from summer, and for those living on the north side of this line, the days will once again start to shrink as you start to prepare for a new cycle. This heralds the onset of a new cycle indeed, not just for the natural beings you are all part of, but also for your world as you know it. You see, from now on, the clock is starting to tick ever faster, and you will see how things starts to pick up speed in so many ways. So even if you might lament the onset of the season of shorter and shorter days, know that it will also entail the onset of a whole new way of living, as you will gradually let go of all of the old and start to create the new. So take some time today to thank the sun for giving her energy to this process, and most of all, thank yourselves for the vital role you play in all of this. Without you, nothing could come about, as you are indeed the creators of tomorrow. That is all for today, we will leave you in peace to ponder these words and to find your tranquil place within. Make sure to rest there as you start to open up to the wonders that will come, as surely as the sun will once again return and give you the energy you all need in order to complete this journey.

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