Dr. Joshua David Stone: How the Negative Ego Sabotages your Ability to Manifest – Part 2 of 4

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The next way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it “carries its cross itself, instead of letting GOD and the inner plane Masters help! This is called surrender! After you pray, give your cross to GOD and the Masters. Yes, you will do your part, however, let GOD and the Masters do their part. Let them carry your responsibilities with you! It is a team effort!

The next way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it makes you attached to what you want instead of making what you want a “prayer preference”! A basic law of the universe is, that which you are attached to you repel! Have only super strong preferences, not attachments, and you will remain happy all the time whether you get what you want or not. Happiness becomes a state of mind, not something outside of self!

The next way the negative ego blocks manifestation is that it makes you forget to use the power of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the real attracting and magnetizing aspect of your being! It is the real powerhouse of your energy! It is the seat of your feelings and emotions! It is the storehouse of your energies and all your programming! This is why it is essential to do affirmations and visualizations, and give your subconscious mind self-suggestions to program it to manifest what you what! It will attract to you that which you affirm and visualize into it. It will amaze you with its abilities. The negative ego sabotages you by having you to forget to do your affirmations and visualizations. Use the ones I have outlined in this book. Use the ones in my book Soul Psychology. Make up your own! Remember that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop! Keep your mind affirming and visualizing what you want. Use all five senses! Make it incredibly real! If you keep it up the subconscious mind will amaze you with its ability to manifest.

You must just remember one thing, however. The subconscious mind has no reasoning, and is always manifesting every moment of your life. So if you are not affirming positive thoughts and images into it then negative ones are getting in. That is why some negative things are being attracted and magnetized into your life. Do not let the negative ego make you forget to continuing practicing your affirmations, visualization and continual positive self-suggestion!

The next absolutely critical key to manifestation which the negative ego thought system tries to sabotage is the necessity of maintaining your Spiritual/Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling at all times and to never ever think or feel with your negative ego/fear-based/separative mind. This is also called maintaining a positive mental attitude and feeling at all times. This is absolutely crucial, for remember your thoughts create your reality! As within so without, as above so below! If you only think and feel with your God/Christ/Buddha mind and feelings then that is the only thing you will manifest. You will manifest things only of GOD! If you think with your negative ego/fear-based/separative mind, then that is what you will manifest! My Beloved Readers, it is essential to remember that every thought and feeling you allow into your mind is an affirmation and visualization! Please realize the profundity of this last statement. Every thought and feeling you allow yourself to think or feel is not only an affirmation and visualization, but once accepted into the conscious mind it imprints itself on the subconscious mind like a tape recorder or computer! It will then attract and magnetize that!

As I said, the subconscious is always attracting and magnetizing. It is just a matter of what you allow it to magnetize and attract. So the moment-by-moment thoughts and feelings you allow in your mind and heart are actually the process of doing affirmations and visualizations every moment! You need to own your 100% personal power at all times so you can use it to keep negative thoughts and feelings out of your mind and only allow in and affirm Spiritual/God/Christ/Buddha thoughts and feelings! Deny any thought or feeling not of GOD to enter your mind!

I have given many key ideas here so far in this chapter. However, the four keys to manifestation lie in this statement. GOD and the Masters, my personal power, the power of my subconscious mind and my physical body are an unbeatable team! There is much profundity in this affirmation and you should say it often! It is one of my favorite affirmations I ever created! This is how the Integrated Ascended Master manifests. He or she works the laws on all four levels. They use personal power and Spiritual/Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling on the conscious level, prayer on the Spiritual level, affirmations, visualizations and self-suggestion on the subconscious level, and right physical action on the physical level. The negative ego will try to make you forget one of these levels. If you do, it will sabotage the process. All four levels must be maintained and continued in a structured, self-disciplined and continual manner and if you do this, success will be assured!

The next way the negative ego sabotages manifestation is by having you work your program for a little while and then get distracted by side roads, temptations, Spiritual weariness, lack of self-discipline, lack of Spiritual structure, or giving up. Beloved Readers the only way to manifest is to work your program! This is not a hundred-yard dash and then it is over and you are back to your regular life. This is a lifelong program! Being a Spiritual Master and a master manifestor with the “Midas Touch” is a full time job! Life is a marathon, not a sprint! You need to set up a Spiritual regime and structure. It is just like going to the gym three times a week and working out. You don’t exercise for three weeks and then stop. You must stay in shape! Well, my Beloved Readers, as the Rocky movie stated, it is time to get back “the eye of the tiger”! It is time to get back to the “old gym”! It is time to get back to the Spiritual gym, the mental gym, the emotional gym and the physical/earthly gym! It is time to pay your rent to GOD on all levels! It is time to get physically fit, mentally fit, emotionally fit and Spiritually fit! You will never become a master manifestor with the “Midas Touch” without having this attitude and demonstration! The negative ego will try and sabotage this. It will say, “I can’t, I am too busy with the romantic relationship I am involved in. I am too tired! I have other things to do that are more important. I will do it tomorrow! I will give in this one time! I give up!” Do not listen to the feeble negative ego excuses. You must ask yourself, do you want God Realization and God manifestation in every aspect of your life? If the answer is yes, then work your Spiritual program and do not stop your Spiritual practices! Do them with your partner!

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