Cosmic Awareness: The Coming Changes – The Importance of Focus and Choice


And It Is Your Right To Choose Which Path You Take

June 2012

QUESTIONER: One question: Is there anything positive to this whole scenario apart from it being necessary?21

COSMIC AWARENESS: What is positive is that it is the change that is coming. Some people will need to experience change this way, and some will not. When one is seeing this, one can realize that what this Awareness has spoken of (and others who have spoken of these matters) has been correct in that the revolutionary change that is coming can have a positive side and a negative side, can be of the highest nature or of the lowest nature. It is always the individual’s right to choose which path they will take.

When such changes come it must be recognized they are changes indicating that which has been spoken of is already underway and that it is indicative of a new future if one stays on that positive track and holds that even though society, as it is known and was known, is indeed passing, and it is also a promise of new things to come. The question is whether the individual holds what is coming to be of the highest nature or holds that it will be the destruction of the planet as everything is going down the tubes.

It is so incredibly important now to fully realize what this Awareness has spoken of so often: your choices define your reality, your beliefs define your reality. To hold to the highest will bring one forward through these changing times, these times of trouble and turmoil and upheaval. It is the death throes of this planet and sometimes the death throes are ugly indeed, but understand, that as they are the death throes it means the ending to things but also it implies that there is a New Dawn, a new beginning ahead. Stay present in these times, do not be deluded by them, do not be entrapped by them, and do not be enslaved by them. Know that as creator beings you are contributing the energies to create the reality of your own experience.

Allowing outside evidence to dictate your beliefs and your actions will not help you necessarily to achieve the higher ascended form of consciousness. What will help you is to realize that those outside forces, those outside events, must be acknowledged, recognized and denied. You will not participate in them but you are aware of what is happening around you. This will give you a heads up, it will help you make informed decisions, it will help guide you through these times of upheaval so that you can stay positive, clear and complete in your actions and your reactions. Otherwise you simply become one of the mindless mobs that are reacting to events because of the manipulation of consciousness and of conditions. Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes it is and I thank you for that additional information.

COSMIC AWARENESS: It will indeed be an interesting journey and as long as one remembers there can be some upheaval but it will still be worked out, one can still go through this and arrive safely on the other side.

QUESTIONER: That’s something to look forward to as well. The Upheavals Will Pass Away When You Connect to The Higher Source Within

COSMIC AWARENESS: It is that which must be held the highest of all. While things are changing – and for some this will be great upheaval – as one becomes more focused and attuned to the higher energies, the upheaval one experiences when they have not managed to connect themselves success-fully will pass away as one does connect themselves to the higher source within themselves, the centered-ness of their being.

This is an important concept to remember: to stay self-centered and not allow what is outside of the perimeter of your own boundaries to be the force that affects your actions and reactions, but to view it all from that peaceful place of the center and to make decisions from there, not based on the energies from outside.

There will be many who arrive presenting fearful energies, fearful news, fearful events, and one must still hold that all is well. As one sees these events, one is prepared to act if needed, but one


will not lose themselves to these events, these individuals and these negative forces. If one can stay in the center and one knows their connection to the Divine and that they are the Divine, then one will find that despite all they will come through this in one piece and many of their loved ones, unless it is their intent, need or desire, will come with them. Be positive, be certain, be clear and all else will follow.

QUESTIONER: Thank you, that’s most encouraging. Is there additional to this or any other topic you wish to discuss?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness feels complete at this time.

QUESTIONER: Thank you, it was an excellent session.

The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energies, which have been given, receive a certain reward. Energies, which have been given, move out on that curved and unequal line and when extended far enough can only return to their source bearing gifts.

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