Shimmering Ones: Much Will Change Over the Coming Days

Shimmering Ones via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support as the energies once more heighten and the human race begins to move into clarity of vision and honing of hearing. Much will change over the coming days, the ability to see the bigger picture and to disconnect from that which is taught to you as the “way to BE” will increase. Already the ability to discern negative from positive for many has increased beyond measure and the ability to discern that which resonates and that which does not has increased.

As this increases across the planet the ability of the teachings of distortion to replant the seeds of fear and anxiety will lessen as those with clarity of vision will detach automatically from the lessons that are being taught. We guide for ALL to be aware of this and to process this within.

Clues that you have reached this stage in your unfolding of the new will be when your desires and your preferences begin to show as different to YOU. It may be that you have watched the same television programmes, listened to the same music for years and thought that you enjoyed this way of BEing, now after the anchoring of the new energies these ways of BEing do not resonate with you. We guide for all to become aware of that which they interact with and the feelings that arise as part of this. Anything that leaves a feeling of discord will be detached from as you realise that your vibration is altering and becoming more harmonious with the planet and all that reside on the planet.

The ability to discern the pain that another human BEing is experiencing will also heighten for many. This is compassion, whilst this has been in operation across the planet earth it has never been anchored to the levels it is being at the moment. The ability to not only imagine the distress the fellow human BEing is experiencing but to actually FEEL this is the difference. We ask for all to have LOVE and compassion for all during this process of harmony and integration.

It may be that negative emotions have clouded your vision as you start this process, have FAITH and TRUST that these emotions will begin to clear and to dissolve as you begin to breathe in the new energies and allow them to flow around you and through you. We ask for YOU to clear your energy signature often and to allow the negative emotions and energies to be released from your BEing.

We guide that the foodstuffs that are consumed and the fluid that is consumed may now start to be shown for the distortion that they are in TRUTH. As the changes begin to form within you and around you it is vital that you find balance to enable these changes to flow. Holding on stubbornly will cause a fluctuation in energy signature and give rise to many symptoms that may be described as unpleasant. Know that the clearing and cleansing process is underway and that you are in control of it at all times.

Responsibility is something that has been taken away from YOU by the teachings of distortion and something that you may need to anchor deeply within your BEing. It is not possible to create within the new without taking full responsibility for that which you create. The ability to move away from responsibility is high in those who follow the teachings of distortion for you are taught to distrust SELF. TRUST and FAITH of SELF are vital in the new energies. That which you create is created at all times by SELF. The creation of something that no longer resonates with SELF is a walk in a teaching that is looking to be released. By allowing the teaching to be shown to you and by then taking steps to dissolve it and to come back into balance and harmony you move in vibration and understanding of the new. To blindly hold on where there is discord is to hold tightly onto the old energies.

We guide strongly and firmly that the old energies of the 3D earth are no longer supported by the energies of the new earth. The balance is not achieved by holding on and expectation. Expectation is a tool of the old earth and is used to control and to contain, expectations of the new earth will work against YOUr BEing, for it is to contain and define, you are a VAST BEing of light that cannot be defined. We guide for you to look closely at this TRUTH and to process and absorb this.

Be guided dear ones at all times by how YOU FEEL, this is your gauge on the world, the freedom that is your birthright has to be claimed, it is claimed by the movement that you choose in the new world, by making choices based on how you FEEL and not what you are taught, is how to FEEL the unfolding and how to create from the HEART. That which is inside of YOU is YOUr guide in this time of vast acceleration and change on and within planet earth. You are a child of mother earth and the changes happening to your mother are changes that are reflected inside of YOU.

Only by embracing mother earth will you begin to harmonise and find balance WITH mother earth. Much of the discord on planet earth stems from a race that is out of sync with the planet they live on. ALL is energy, ALL is vibration and ALL is movement. To be in harmony with mother earth is to KNOW that YOU are safe, protected and in balance. Only by synching with mother earth will you be able to find the security that you strive for. This security is not in the places that you have been taught. The procurement of physical items does not provide security for the energy system that YOU are is not in sync with the energy system of mother earth. Do you resonate with our words dear ones?

As the energies begin to heighten once more this may cause chaos to unfold in your waking your world as the urge to feel security will heighten. That which has been in operation within your waking life has been a containment, even although this will now begin to dissolve there will be those who try to hold on through the containment of “same”. This is where a “better the devil you know” scenario starts to be fed by those who are in the lower vibrational energies of planet earth. The ability for fear to begin to grow is high in those who are unaware of what is happening within and on planet earth. This is where we ask for compassion and the LOVE that IS to be shone brightly from within, for in LIVING your TRUTH you will show a new way of BEing and a strength that is borne from the KNOWING that is the DIVINE part of SELF.

We will guide more in due course but we guide firmly that the new energies are now only beginning to heighten, many are reacting to the chaos and the drama without a second thought and then find themselves “out of control”. At all times the control is within, it is not from some external source. The deep part of SELF, the SOUL is in control of this experience at all times. The information and the confirmation that you seek is within and not found outside of SELF.

This will be a challenging time for many but we guide for you to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF. YOU incarnated in this timeline and dimension for a reason. Allow these reasons to be shown to YOU, allow your inner strength and KNOWING to be revealed. Let go of that which no longer resonates and walk in the FAITH that is SELF. For this is a process that is undergone to regain your TRUE FREEDOM. Living through others in your human life is not supported in the new energies, to put your FAITH in others whilst you have none is SELF is a venture into chaos for the need to control the other person will be high.

The human race has been cut off from TRUTH and deep emotion for aeons, this is returning to YOU NOW. We guide for all to move into the NOW, to embrace the changes

and to relax for ALL is perfect. Chaos is merely the clue to that which goes on beneath the surface.

Our channel is fond of the phrase “you cannot change that which you cannot see”. We concur with this phrase and we go further to guide that clarity of vision will be returned to the human race in depth. To allow this clarity of vision you must embrace responsibility for in being responsible you are able to see that which you do and then change that which you do. Walking on the new earth dear ones is not repeating the phrases that sound good to those around you, it is embracing the new and anchoring it. It is having the strength and the vision to move out of old patterns and ways of BEing to step into TRUTH.

The TRUTH is YOU, the LOVE that IS is YOU, we ask for you to blend both and to become who YOU TRULY ARE. For you walk the earth in a human body but YOU are a VAST BEing of light. Allow the light to illuminate the shadows that have been created FOR YOU and begin to live the life that YOU CREATE from WITHIN YOU.

We are the Shimmering Ones and we guide to support and to illuminate. We guide that YOU may connect to our energies at will for we come to the call of all who can see us and hear us at this time. We reach out from our hearts to your hearts to help you move out of the transformation process and into the new. We send the LOVE that IS to wrap around you for it is YOU.

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