The Healers Store Donates a Portion of All Profits to the Eden Reforestation Projects

As part of the Healers Store mission to raise consciousness, we work with various individuals and non-profits with the hopes of bettering the world in which we live.  One of our favorite organizations who has been doing incredible work across Africa and the Caribbean is the Eden Reforestation Project.  The Eden Project was founded in 2005 with the aim of restoring ecologically delicate areas that had been deforested in Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Haiti while simultaneously providing meaningful, fulfilling work for indigenous populations.

eden reforestation project

Founder Steve Fitch witnessed first-hand the destruction of the Jungles and forests of the Philippines where he grew up.  Later in life, he began working in Ethiopia and observed the same problem occurring on an even wider scale.  Massive deforestation programs were wreaking havoc on delicate ecosystems and destroying the lives of local populations who relied on them for their sustenance and livelihood.  Steve was given an invitation by Halle Marian, President of the Southern People’s Region of Ethiopia to take over a defunct reforestation nursery, which he accepted and built into a full fledged non-profit organization.  In his desire to make a substantial impact on the deforestation problem, he expanded the organization into what it is today, the Eden Reforestation Project.

deforestation africa

The Eden Reforestation has developed an incredible organizational model that allows it to plant a tree for a donation of only 10 cents!  That’s right, for just $1, ten trees will be planted in either Ethiopia, Madagascar, or Haiti.  Furthermore, for $10, in addition to the 100 trees which will be planted, a workday will be created for a villager in one the communities in which the organization operates.  This provides real, meaningful work in communities that have suffered greatly do to the rabid deforestation of their homelands.

As of this writing the Eden Reforestation Project has:

44,515,579 Total Trees Planted

445,156 Workdays Created

In support of this remarkable organization making a major impact on the health of our planet and its inhabitants, the Healers Store is proud to support the Eden Reforestation Project by donating a portion of monthly profits to help the cause.  In celebration of the opening of the Healers Store, we will be making an initial donation that will result in the planting of 200 trees and the creation of 2 workdays for the local population.

To learn more about the organization or to make a donation to the cause, visit their homepage here: Eden Reforestation Project

The Healers Store

The Eden Reforestation Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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