Pia And Cullen: The Venus Transit Will Bring Love & Light – June 5th, 2012


By Pia & CullenHumanity is on the verge of experiencing an event that could bring an exponential rise in consciousness to the human race.  A portal approaches, and we have the choice to consciously address the opportunity or to cling to our habitual behaviors and beliefs.  We are speaking of a physical event that will offer a spiritual opportunity.


The portal to which we refer is the Venus Transit that occurs on June 5-6, 2012.  On this date, Venus will cross the Sun, bringing together powerful energies that can be utilized for our own evolution.  If we pay attention to the many changes that are occurring internally and externally, consciously choosing our response, we can participate with the creation of a new wave of consciousness.


Venus has long symbolically represented the love of the divine feminine.  The sun is symbolically seen as the masculine energy force that provides heat and nourishment to our planet. As the divine feminine energy of love, represented by Venus, blends with the divine masculine energy of light, represented by the sun, a portal is created that allows us to experience an exponential leap in conscious understanding of who we are as light beings who are filled with love.  It is the full expression of love and light that can pull us away from our fears, raise us from the density of our human beliefs, and open us to the true understanding of Unity.


If we choose to consciously engage with our own evolution, moving away from a reality based on separation and towards a reality based on Unity, we will begin to understand the power of human thought and intention in creating the reality we experience.  Microscopic shifts in awareness expand our understanding of reality.  The power of unified intention was exhibited on November 11, 2011, as people across the globe joined their intentions for a better world.


Another example of unified intention that made a difference occurred in August of 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence.  On these two occasions, people began to focus their thoughts on creating a more harmonious world.  Joint human participation of raising thoughts to a higher vibratory level creates a powerful focus of energies that contribute to our awakening.  Each of these occasions served as portals to open us to greater expansion and growth.  We are now approaching another portal, the Venus Transit on June 6, 2012.


Human intention joined during the Venus Transit Portal can make a significant difference.  The focus on Venus shows us the importance of the heart in our evolution.  We have the opportunity to join the light of who we are to the light of the universe in a continual stream of energy that can create another reality.  If we consciously choose to use the energy of who we are to work with the energy of love and light as it pours into our Earthly plane, we can make a difference, for focused energy always makes a difference in what manifests.  If we use our intention as a focused conduit that simultaneously invites in and greets the energy of love and light while sending that same energy of love and light back into the universe, perhaps we can truly change all the patterns in our lives that do not work.


What does this have to do with the Mayan Calendar?  To fully understand the connection, we must first correct a basic misconception.  The Mayan Calendar is about ENERGY, not TIME.  June 6th is only the Gregorian date for the portal that is being created by combining the energies of love and light.  Although the Mayan Calendar has systematically unfolded with historical waves and patterns, as explained by Mayan scholar Dr. Carl Calleman, these waves and patterns were never about time.  They were always about human interaction with energy.  Wave after wave of energetic patterns flowed throughout the course of history, teaching us rhythms and showing us the effects of our interactions with each energetic pattern.


The end of sequential unfolding of these energies occurred on October 28, 2011.  Until we reached this end point in the process, we were not equipped to understand the great gift of co-creation made possible through human choice.  Each choice we make, individually and collectively, contributes to the creation of our reality.  We have previously chosen poorly, choosing to see life through the lens of time, which separated us through visions of past and future, right and wrong, or you and me.  The end of the sequential processing of energetic patterns provides humanity with the opportunity to experience all energies simultaneously, showing us how to utilize these energies to create through higher consciousness.


The Mayan Calendar system was given to humanity by our interstellar brothers and sisters to help us understand how to participate with energy to co-create our reality.  The Mayan elders themselves acknowledge that their ancestors affirmed that the Mayan Calendar was bestowed upon humanity by visitors from the stars.  Who were these visitors?  They were loving beings from the Pleiades who came to teach us about energy and how to use it to co-create a better world.  Now we are being given a new portal to accelerate our understanding of who we are as beings made of love and light.

The Venus Transit calls us to see in a more multi-dimensional way.  Duality is collapsing in upon itself as the polar-opposite opinions we have held loose their meaning.  We are moving into Unity Consciousness and the awareness that we are all connected.  Although we may manifest different aspects of the whole through our varied gifts, talents, and viewpoints, ultimately, we are one.  We are from and part of the same divine universal source.


Our view of the Venus Transit and the portal of opportunity it brings comes from our daily communications with Laarkmaa.  For years Laarkmaa has been telling the world about the coming of the energies that we are now experiencing.  They share in-depth information about  physical and structural changes we are experiencing, possibilities, such as enhanced communication, improved transportation, heightened awareness, and evolutionary steps we can take to raise our vibration to fully become who we truly are: beings of light and love.


Our Pleiadian friends have shared with us the importance of human intention and the choices we make in each moment.  We can make a tremendous difference if we choose to join our thoughts and intentions together on this auspicious day.  A portal of opportunity is presenting itself in an alchemical moment of possibility.  We have the opportunity to participate with this energy in order to facilitate our movement into the highest version of ourselves.   By joining together and turning towards the light, we can move through the portal that speeds us on our evolutionary way.


Join us in focusing on the true reality and releasing the illusions of separation.  Join us.  United we can move through the Venus Transit portal, doing our part to open the heart of the world. It is our choice.

With love and light,
Pia and Cullen


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