Cosmic Awareness May/June 2012 Forecast

May 10, 2012. Cosmic Awareness Red-Hot Alert Reading.

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff, Questions by Callista Summerfield

Awareness: That this Awareness, this Cosmic Awareness, is now available for the
purpose of doing this red-hot alert for the membership of CAC and all those who
will read or hear this information. This Awareness acknowledges that Callista
Summerfield is assisting today and is energizing this reading for the Interpreter.
Please proceed with your question or questions.

Callista: Thank you Awareness and we greet you and we come to you today
because we’re just wondering if there’s anything that you would like to say to us
regarding the events coming up in the month of June. There is considerable
interest in various quarters concerning this timeframe and we would just like to
hear your comments on that.

Awareness: That this Awareness will comment on the month of June but first It
wishes to comment on the month of May, the timeframe that you are in at this
time. That it is seen that there are disruptive energies that are occurring at this time
as well and that this is mostly on a personal level. That many of the Lightworkers
are feeling quite fatigued at this time, feeling that they are under a strain, a
tremendous weight that they carry, and that their energies are emotionally being
drained away. That this strain that is causing this has much to do with the
Lightworkers dealing with personal issues, dealing with matters that they need to
deal with at this time; for as this Awareness has said in the past, one of the
requirements for Ascension is that one does empty out the trash bin of emotional
content that has grown and accumulated, not only over one lifetime but over many,
many, many lifetimes.

There are various ways of doing this but the most common way is to simply allow
during the dream state, during the time of rest and relaxation, that the negative
energies that have accumulated over the eons is allowed to drain away. This is
rather hard work, of course, but at least it is being done in that unconscious state of
sleep and in particular during that time period when the middle self is back into
fifth dimensional consciousness, or at least higher levels of fourth dimensional
consciousness. This allows the work to be done in a much more efficient manner
and much more quickly as well.Therefore for those who recall their dreams, do not be surprised if the dreams at
this time, especially in the next several weeks, revolve around old issues, either
issues of one’s personal life up to this point or even past lives. There may be
conflict situations in the dreams where arguments and fighting is happening or
challenges made.

The Interpreter recently had a dream where he saw two characters climbing a cliff
face. One character was as the character in the old TV series and in the movie the
Fugitive, the innocent one, the one on the run. The other was a sheriff or bounty
hunter type who was after him. The bounty hunter was obsessed with capturing
this man and was angry at him for avoiding the capture.

That on the cliff the bounty hunter got close enough to grab the fugitive character;
that the fugitive character started to fall and the bounty hunter grabbed hold and
saved him, but in doing so he himself started to fall. By this time the fugitive
character had a firm grip on the cliff face and then saved the bounty hunter.
That the Interpreter saw all of this from below and later when recalling the dream
and sharing it and analyzing it he understood that this was two parts of his own
character. The polarity of that one who is trying very hard to escape that which is
unfair oppression, and the oppressive one who is still somewhat tied into the old
scheme of things, was trying to draw the one who is escaping back into the fabric
of his reality.

One could even call it the ego that is trying to prevent that part of the psyche
represented by the fugitive from getting away, from breaking out, breaking free. In
the end both had to help each other in order to survive and to move forward. That
the Observer, the Interpreter, saw this and on some level of understanding
appreciated what was occurring and this was action on the inner plane.

Therefore, for those who can dream and those who are not necessarily dreamers or
those who remember their dreams, be aware at this time of such dreams of conflict
and opposition where the characters in the dream are showing such conflict. That
this is but an example shared with the membership so that they have a better idea
of things; but that the energies at this time are most definitely being directed
towards individuals, especially the Lightworkers, the spiritual seekers, who aretrying to break free, who are working towards their Ascension and indeed their salvation.

That it is important not to neglect the important inner work that is occurring at this
time and even to resolve conflict situations with those who are close to them –
family, friends and others, where there is need to resolve issues if they are up for

All of this is part of the upheaval of the energies that are occurring on personal
levels at this time. This is also being reflected in social situations and at this time
there is much social upheaval. Students across the world are protesting situations
such as higher tuition and higher taxes on them. Others are protesting austerity
movements, such as in Greece and in France and there is great social unrest at this

That this too is part of the energies that are causing disturbance at this time. This
is what this Awareness sees as May’s energies to be – social unrest and
disturbance, personal unrest and disturbance. Where appropriate on the personal
levels this Awareness recommends the individuals clear the ground as much as
they can.

Even acknowledging the dreams and the events that are occurring is a tremendous
step forward, and on the social level to be aware that the social unrest is a
reflection of the energies of oppression that are being disrupted at this time.
Therefore there is a backlash, if you will, against the authorities and those in
charge. The worm is indeed starting to turn and do not be surprised if this touches
close to home on some occasions.

This completes this Awareness’ analysis of the energies of May at this time. This
Awareness asks the energizer if she has any comments or further questions on what
was just shared?

Callista: Thank you Awareness. That was very comprehensive and I’m just
thinking that perhaps not only in the dream state are we getting these thoughts and
feelings and situations arising but also in our thought forms during the day as we
go through our day. It seems to be very important that we keep our eye on the goaland not to be concerned too much about things that are starting to come up and then leave energy fields.

Awareness: This is very accurate of you and is correct. Furthermore when things
come up and stress occurs, one of the best things to do is to look the stressful
situation in the eye and acknowledge it and then go around it.
This will be a time for many where what would be the best is to simply rest as
much as one can and not to be pulled into the stress and strain of life at this time.
It is so that many have jobs to attend to, families to take care of and other duties
and chores; but where one can, when one sees the stress of their lives, it is
recommended that they do something that will cause them to relax and to rest.
If this is to take a nap or time out then this would be recommended. If it is to go
for a walk and breathe in fresh air and to get exercise then this would be
recommended. Each will have their own way of dealing with their stress and their
strain. That one must listen at this time to the body for it will very clearly indicate
what is needed.

Therefore, if the body is tired, rest. Perhaps go to bed early, take a warm bath if so
inclined. That this is all part of the way to acknowledge the body that gives it
credit for showing that rest or relaxation is needed. That there are others who fare
better when they exercise, when they go running.

Assess how it is that you would deal with your stress and then take care of
yourself. Indulge yourself in this matter so that the challenges and the disturbing
energies are not the energies that will drain you so completely that there will be
physical symptoms as a result.

This is crucial to understand at this time. Society as such, especially in the
Western world, that the philosophy is go, go, go, go and go some more; but this is
not what the body always needs, especially when the energies of the universe are
such that there is challenge, where there are oppressive energies, tension and strain.
That the solar flares at the moment are also affecting the emotional situation. They
are not extreme as they were a short while ago but they are not low either and there
is a low level constant energetic effect on Mother Earth and on the human beings
who are sensitive to such things, which basically amounts to all human beings.  That be aware there are outside factors that are also causing the upheaval and stress on the emotional levels, and to honor your part in the overall flow of the energies
that are in interplay between the sun and the earth and those who inhabit the earth.
That the best thing to do, as this Awareness has said, is to take it easy at this time
and take the opportunity to pamper yourself when and whenever it is necessary.

Callista: Thank you Awareness. It also seems really important that we don’t take
things too personally at this time because there seems to be a lot of clearing that
people are doing, a lot of thinking going on, and people are getting frustrated with
themselves and situations. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are attacking
another person. It’s just their way of releasing.

Awareness: Again this is accurate. That there is much personal conflict going on
between individuals and of course many who are unconscious to what is happening
are having emotional responses and they may vent on one another. Therefore if
you are in situations where someone close to you is angry and vents or is explosive
in anger, the best is to not take it personally, as the energizer pointed out, and even
to walk away if appropriate.

Callista: Thank you Awareness.

Awareness: Please proceed.

Callista: Do you have any other comments about the month of May?

Awareness: The only other comment this Awareness has is that May will also
present opportunities to take a chance to do something out of the ordinary. Part of
what is occurring now; the energies that are indeed available now, are not only
energies of disruption but energies of change.

Often disruption is needed to bring change to play, bring change to bear. That
many are the times when one can look back at their lives and realize it was through
disruption of the status quo of one’s life where great change often occurred.
Therefore, if through the challenges that are presenting themselves to individuals at
this time a challenge to change comes forward, an opportunity to do something
different or to grow and expand comes forth, that one recognize this as that which
it is, an opportunity.Change is sometimes hard for individuals, for they are in the comfort zone of the
status quo, the comfort zone of their box, their personal box. It is always difficult
to step out of the box and to see what is outside of it. But doing so often leads one
forward and change is often exactly what is needed.

When individuals are reluctant to change, change is often brought to them if it is
necessary for their spiritual growth and development. Therefore for those who find
themselves in positions of great change and that it is happening to them, opposed
to them seeking it out; rather than fight this change, fight the challenges that are
being presented – to take it easy for a moment, to let the information flow, to try to
understand what is happening and then to go with it, to go with the flow instead of
resisting, instead of fighting, for often Spirit knows much better what is needed.
The High Self has the script of the play that is there to be played out and it tries to
bring you forward. When one is in extreme resistance it is hard to move forward.
Thus events occur that are disturbing or disruptive or challenging, all for the sake
of moving one forward.

One always has the free will to say no. One always can say that they are not
interested, but if one has perceived the matter from the inner portion of their being
and has that awareness and understanding that the change is coming not to cause
them difficulty but rather to move them forward, especially at this time, then one
may indeed find that it is a good thing to go with the change even if it challenges
them. Is this clear?

Callista: Yes, thank you. It’s essentially very important that we embrace the
energies that are coming towards us and working within us.

Awareness: Indeed this is so.

Callista: Would you like to comment on the month of June now?

Awareness: At this time this Awareness will speak on the energies of June. It will
speak on the matter again later, closer to the month, but at this time it is seen that
the disturbing energies that are already occurring in May on a personal level may
indeed escalate into grand events on the societal level even more than now but also
on the level of the physical Earth itself.It is seen that there are energies that could create physical disasters and upheavals
of great proportion – but at the same time, as this Awareness always would say,
that one can be aware of such energies and their availability, even their probability.
But one does not need to stay completely focused to the degree that one becomes
obsessed by these events. That Mother Earth is now beginning to actively shake
her chains that have bound her for so long, is starting the process of severing those

It is so that she has been doing this for some time but what differentiates the
previous actions is that there will be several events close in proximity to each
other, versus one event then another a half year later or more.

That it is already noted that there is seismic activity occurring and several
earthquakes in recent times have occurred and so have weather events. Many of
these weather events, of course, are influenced by the HAARP technology and
somewhat amplified but they are normal events HAARP that technology intrudes
on and interferes on.

But the natural events, the earth events such as earthquakes and volcanoes, are
such that it is seen by this Awareness that June’s energies are coming in strong, for
Mother Earth is really now beginning the flexing in order to break free completely
and totally by the end of the year.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you hear of events around the world that are
extreme in nature but do not energize these events. If you find yourself in such
events then it may be that it is exactly what you need to experience.

But again, try to stay calm, in that you hold the thought and the belief that all will
be well, that you will pass through those events. That despite the upheaval in one’s
life and the rapid change that could occur through events, that you are alright and
that your loved ones all are ok as well.

That even those who may choose during this time of extreme planetary upheaval to
leave the physical to go back into Spirit, are doing exactly what they came here to
do. It is still such that humans cannot quite comprehend or accept physical demise,
physical death. It is what occurs to all living creatures on the planet at one stage or
another and humans are not excepted from this; but humans do have a difficulttime because of emotional commitments and connections to loved ones, friends and family, to their status quo of life as it is, to release and let go.
It is one reason why June may be a very troubling month for many, for Spirit will
shake them up on purpose, if you will, but on purpose for the greater growth and

Those who find themselves in regions where there is such evil and upheaval might
realize that it is not evil at all; it is simply the way of things. That too often those
who are in extreme polarity will see destruction as something evil, something bad.
That the Earth is not trying to be evil or bad, she is simply freeing herself from her
own imprisonment and in the freeing of herself offers opportunity for those who
are affected to free themselves as well.

Sometimes this freedom comes in the form of physical transition from the physical
life, death. Other times it will be the loss of the comfort zone, that which has
always been held to be so – be it a way of life, be it a house or home, be it
situations that have so long been the norm. But if one is able to go beyond the
projection into the events that they are evil and bad, and if one holds that this is all
part of the shifting of Mother Earth, of the shifting of consciousness, of the
movement towards Ascension – then one will be able to hold the line and realize
that whatever they have experienced is also part of the journey of Mother Earth but
also their own individual journey.

There is that which will follow that will replace that which was lost, but even more
so that there will be growth and evolution if one is open to it. But if one is not, if
one goes to a place of anger and rage where one blames Mother Earth or God for
such calamity, then they will be severely challenged, for it is all about shaking
things up and even shaking up one’s concepts of God, the Divine or Spirit or
Mother Earth are all part of the shakeup.

Therefore, June as this Awareness sees it may well be a very catastrophic month in
several ways, but mostly in the Earth changes, and that there could be several
extreme events around the world and even in the United States of America that will
be of such a nature, such magnitude, that that which was before will no longer
remain, it will shift and change.This includes the economy, this includes the government, this includes
communities and states and regions but it is all part of the change.

Also, this Awareness must include that this is a set of timelines that are seen here.
For as the many timelines are coming together at that nexus point, at that
constriction where cross events are occurring and many will share similar timelines
in many ways, such as a natural event, a catastrophic event.

That these timelines do need to constrict to such a tight point that finally when they
are released to go their own way that the constriction will be an energetic blessing
or at least so it will seem. This means that those who have had to go through such
upheaval will see the point of the upheaval, will see why they had to rid
themselves, even if they personally could not make this happen, of certain
circumstances and events that were constricting them.

For change often creates the opportunity for growth and development but not
always is it seen immediately upon the events as they unfold. Therefore, be of
faith, have patience and trust that all will work out, even if in the moment, even if
one is involved in catastrophic events as they unfold, it does not seem like it will
be so.

It may even seem as if God Itself has abandoned one and all, but this certainly will
not be the case nor will this Awareness abandon any. It is more when events
unfold and occur individuals abandon this Awareness, they abandon the Divine,
they abandon God and Spirit, for they cannot understand why these events have

There is a greater order to things and these events are part of the greater unfolding
into the new energies that are soon to be released totally and completely. They are
part of the Ascension process and the creation of planet A and A/B and B. All of
this is part of that which will occur in the month of June and afterwards. Therefore
be aware, it could indeed be a very interesting month.

Callista: Thank you Awareness. From that we can see that the approach of Nibiru
is a catalyst for change in a positive way. I know that we’re not really expecting
the effects of that to happen until probably mid-September but do you have
anything to reveal about that situation at this time?

Awareness: What this Awareness would say is that while Nibiru will be in the
closest proximity in September, her arrival is already starting to amplify certain
events and is having effect on Mother Earth. That she is somewhat acting like a
magnifying glass for the energies of the sun and even though there are not in this
moment extreme flares, even those medium flares, because of this amplifying
effect, are being felt much stronger.

That this will increase as she becomes even closer, as she draws even closer, and
for a period of time around September and October there will be great upheaval
indeed. Many timelines coming together at that time to experience the mass events
of the planet.

That June is a foreboding of this. There is a certain alignment of the Sun and
Nibiru that will cause a spike in June of those more destructive natures, which is
what many who are reading these events, many who are channeling, are picking up

But unlike those who are stating exactly what will happen, this Awareness chooses
not to focus on any one event and predict it but rather to prepare the psyche of
those who are listening to this Awareness, reading this Awareness, to understand
that their own focus on this matter and on this time will greatly influence what they
experience. Even if they are involved in more dramatic events, that this way of
focusing will minimize and reduce the effects of those events considerably; but if
one loses one’s self in the fear and panic, which of course is a natural response,
then it is difficult to augment a positive result by staying in a positive frame of
mind. Is this clear?

Callista: Yes, thank you Awareness. It seems like… I take comfort from the fact
that obviously things are happening throughout the solar system, not just on our
planet. Particularly like these things that there have been activities on Saturn,
which may indicate that the Galactic Federation has actually taken over that planet.
Do you have any comment to make on that?

Awareness: Not at this time, but what this Awareness will say as a teaser is that
there has been a great shift there, things are most definitely changing there and this
will have great ramification soon.

Callista: Thank you.

Awareness: It is that this Awareness does not wish to give too much out at this
time for this is still an ongoing event, but the Galactic Federation is certainly
making great strides on this matter and this will help in the times ahead on Earth.
Is this clear?

Callista: Yes, thank you for that. Do you have any further comments to make on
the subjects that we’ve been discussing this morning?

Awareness: The final thing that this Awareness would wish to make comment on
is that it must be remembered that while upheaval and disaster and catastrophe are
very difficult indeed, that these are also the times for the greatest progress to be
made, especially in breaking through in one’s belief systems, one’s paradigms that
control and dominate how one believes and how one creates the reality that is
around them.

Everything that was once held as sacrosanct and unchangeable, immutable, is up
for change now, including what is labeled as possible, or even more in modern
society, impossible.

Therefore this will be a time when great strides could be made in those who are
healers and using their healing powers and their energies of healing. Those who
are seekers will become much clearer on what is occurring and that which was
more fantasizing will become reality-based, but the new reality.

For as that which is the old order is broken down and ultimately swept away then
one has the choice to create a new order for oneself, a new reality that is not based
on the old paradigms of belief and the convictions that are so strongly held by so

It will become a time where one can most definitely make great strides in their own
personal growth and development but it is also a time, even if because of the
changes that occur being challenging, that humanity itself can make great strides
and nations can make great strides.

Many are afraid of the economic situation collapsing, indeed many try to avoid
even thinking about this matter; but even if the economic institutes fail and the financial world crashes, human beings will continue on. It is always forgotten that the first place where humans will interact is with each other and with Mother

Therefore local economies will start to flourish. Ways of cooperating with Mother
Earth will be reestablished that now no longer exist. All of these as a result of the
upheaval, chaos and change that will start to truly come forward in June.

That this is seen by this Awareness as a very positive matter, for this Awareness
sees beyond that which is the collapse of things to that which is the birth of things.
It must be remembered that death must always occur before a rebirth can happen.
Humanity is ready to be reborn in so many ways and individuals, especially those
who have been seeking this and have been spiritually inclined all of their lives or
even have recently awoken to the greater truth, will soon find that that which they
are seeking, that which they have chosen to believe in, is indeed manifesting all
around them.

Callista: Like the Phoenix rising.

Awareness: Indeed, like the Phoenix rising, indeed the Rainbow Phoenix.
Callista: Yes, thank you Awareness. Do you have anything else to add to this
message, Awareness, because I have no further questions?

Awareness: That this Awareness is complete at this time. That It sends Its Light,
Its Love, Its strength and Its blessings to one and all.

Callista: Thank you Awareness and we also thank you for your service and your
love to humanity.

Awareness: That It is complete at this time, It is done.

Callista: Thank you

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