Nephilim: The Truth Will Show Itself – The Next Veil is Being Lifted

Nephilim via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support as those who are in a position of power are now unveiled for who they are in TRUTH. We are here to show TRUTH and that TRUTH will be unveiled to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. There is much that is now happening at a global level across the planet earth and those who have worked to keep the energies at a low ebb will be revealed in their true colours.

The world is now moving into the new energies, these are in flow across and within the planet earth and they do not allow for any negative energies to increase their hold upon the human race. The chaos that will now begin to seep into the human life experience the evidence of these new energies. For where there is chaos there is dissolving of the teachings of distortion. It is this dissolving that will show as chaos, that which endures is TRUTH, that which constantly changes and shifts is not TRUTH. Do you understand our guidance and our words?

We are the Nephilim and we come to guide you through the next veil which is being dissolved upon planet earth. The dissolving of this deep veil will enable those who are able to see to see with expanded vision. It will herald a new way of BEing for many on planet earth as that which has been controlling and submissive now works to show freedom and expansion. Those who are ready to work with these new energies begin to move into place for the world is being borne anew.

There are those who will trigger at our words, those who are blinded by the veils and who will continue to state that the new is outwith their grasp. All is hidden in plain view and we guide for you to recognize and acknowledge this TRUTH.

We wish to guide on distortion and of distraction, both are highly visible on planet earth with many being pulled by many distractions away from TRUTH. Know that distraction is a tool that has been used to suppress the human race for aeons, we work now with those who can clearly see this tool to dissolve it for others to be shown the clarity needed to embrace and to work with the new energies.

Distraction is what breeds the fear that is in evidence across the planet. Distraction will see you moved from your vision by those around you who seek to distract and to keep the vibration that you hold in check. For in doing so they believe that somehow they are helping, those around you may be deeply asleep, it serves no one for the distraction to pull you from the song that sings within your heart. Each individual incarnated upon this planet for a reason, the timeline and dimension chosen for the growth and expansion of the SOUL, it serves NO ONE for this to be negated.

As we guide and support many are in confusion, many are now allowing others to alter or to try to dream the dream that is contained within. We are here to guide strongly this is distraction, it is not possible to dream anothers dream. We guide in the dissolving of the teaching that teaches that to support another you must forgo that which is inside of SELF. The teaching of distraction is within the human race and is often referred to as SELFISHness, we guide for you to look at this way of BEing and to dissolve that which no longer serves. To be SELFish to be out of harmony with all that is around you, to be in FOCUS is to be aware of that which attempts to pull you out of balance and allow it to dissolve, stearing clearly towards the dream that is contained within your BEing.

We watch as many are allowing others to dissolve that which they are here to create, the creation will then be diluted and the ability for frustration to build will be created. Frustration is the growing of discomfort, frustration is the will at odds with the harmony that IS. Do you understand our guidance and our meaning?

We wish to draw attention to the use of human words and the distortions that are creating within the words. We wish to draw attention to the ability that many have fostered to create the smokescreens that hide the fears and the anxiety within and we guide all to be aware of this and allow it to dissolve. That which is distortion is not supported in the new energies, the ability for the human race to use the same words in a different context to appear to be new is vast and we guide all to be aware of this and to detach from this. The new IS, it is not an attempt at recreating that which has gone before for that which has gone before is not TRUTH.

TRUTH just IS and we guide for all to anchor this. TRUTH is what resides in the SOUL, it is the knowing that is deep and is unshakeable. If you are in doubt then you are not in TRUTH for TRUTH is pure and it is deep, it is the deepest part of SELF that KNOWS.

Much will swim to the surface for cleansing and clearing on planet earth for much has been simmering under the surface of the human race and all the emotions of that race for aeons. That which is not looked at will have the propensity to create the dramas that are now arising within many of the human life experiences on planet earth. To KNOW SELF is to be knowledgeable of ALL parts of SELF. Many are looking to the light parts of SELF and we guide this is to be welcomed however the darker parts of the human psyche cannot be left in the dark for they will begin to work against the light part of SELF.

Too many are not looking to the dark parts of SELF for they are focusing on the light, whilst this is commendable in some respects it leaves the human SELF open to the whims of others, for not knowing all aspects of SELF is walking blindfold into the new energies. The ability to create is increasing, it serves no one to create without thinking and to create without knowing ALL aspects of SELF.

Much drama is being created across the planet in those who have done no work on SELF, there are many who are refusing to look at aspects of SELF for the teachings of distortion have taught them it is not needed. The teachings of distortion were created to keep the human race in suppression, it is not possible to expand and grow whilst a teaching of distortion is anchored within SELF.

There is nothing that is experienced in the human life experience that is not for the growth of the SOUL, there is nothing that is created that is not part of the journey. Many are not understanding the lessons that the SOUL has created for they are not going within. They are being distracted by those around them whos opinions can only be from a different perspective, once more we guide strongly the only person who is experiencing this life experience is YOU. Many may try to teach they can understand who you are but they are not you and that is the lesson that many are refusing to accept.

Karma is able to be negated, it is possible to step out of the wheel of karmic law and to heal, yet many are not able to see this nor do this for they are deep in the teachings of

distortion that tell them it is impossible. The limits you have in this human life experience dear ones are the limits YOU SET FOR SELF. Many of the teachings of distortion are deliberately limiting for the fear that is generated stops many from moving beyond to test the fear response. Akin to an animal that is repeatedly told not to venture beyond the gate and who is reprimanded constantly, soon the animal will stay away from the gate instinctively, generations of this behaviour will see the gate as a boundary. Many would not be able to remember why the gate is not to go beyond but the ancestral memory will be that is it frowned upon. Do you see our analogy? Do you see why many are not moving past the anxiety for they believe that something will happen, the belief so strong it negates the knowledge that the gate is the doorway to the new?

We are here to guide and support, never to lead for that is not our purpose. We are able to see the vast picture for we are not human, however some who are in human form are now able to see farther than ever before, we ask for you to view these humans are the first waves of light. Watch as they begin to move out of the shadows and move beyond where humans have gone before. They are remembering and we ask that you no longer just listen to words that are said but to view the actions that are taken. For in the actions is TRUTH. Those who LIVE TRUTH are in harmony with TRUTH. Words are tools of both light and dark and we guide for you to anchor this.

Do not allow the words of another to stop that which YOU ARE. For the words are but the strings to hold back the energies that YOU ARE. There is a legacy on planet earth that works against the light, be aware of this but do not feed it. It is but a context to place the new energies within. The new will flourish but first it must be seeded. Do you seed the new energies or do you give root to the old?

We ask for you to process our words through the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. The KNOWING is the connection to SELF for it is the connection to ALL that IS, ALL that YOU ARE. We are the Nephilim and we wish you good health and happiness. We will guide as requested and needed by the inhabitants of planet earth.

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