DL Zeta: Multi-Dimensional Dreams, Image Maps & Past Life Echoes

Spring’s Energetic Shifts Stoke the Fires of Transformation 


The fires of transformation burn hot and bright as we enter a time of energetic shifts that will hasten sudden change, clearings, openings, reversals and much more.

This gateway is rife with the kind of opportunities that can only be forged by peeling away the ill-fitting veneers of the past, and cleansing, healing and loving ourselves at deepening levels. This combined with a willingness to face the dawning of a new time with unflinching honesty, clarity of vision and a detachment in outcomes that allows us to trust in the divine wisdom of the universe, will carry us seamlessly into the stratosphere of expanded consciousness.

Cosmic Influences Stoke the Fires of Transformation

New energies bouncing around the cosmos are accelerated now by the Beltaine/Samhain gateway, the Wesak full Moon May 5/6, the annular solar eclipse May 20/21, a partial lunar eclipse June 4 (which includes a Sagg/Gemini grand cross), a transit of Venus on June 5-6, the cancer solstice June 20/21 and Uranus squaring Pluto June 23-24

The Wesak full Moon is the second of three consecutive super moons that began in April. These are truly potent emotional portals that hold the power to bring us into connection with our deepest emotions. This includes feelings of joy and bliss, the trauma of old emotional wounds – all our emotional highs and lows.

The Break-Down of Old Patterns of Being

Old ways of being and old patterns of energy will break down as we move through this time. We will alternately experience new levels of intensity that transport us into new and expansive timelines and times when we feel ourselves mired more deeply than ever in the past. This feeling of being more deeply entrenched in past energies is just the by-product of a new awareness that allows us to experience and perceive in new ways. In a sense, we enter this time reborn into our own lives as newly awakened empaths and psychics drawing our first breath in a searing light that burns through the past and turns it to ash in our gaze. The ashes of all that has been will fertilize new energetic fields.

Multi-Dimensional Dreams and ‘Image Maps’

It will not be uncommon at this time for us to awaken from dreams to find we have brought back with us questions that speak to the core of our being. The answers they bring will cast a wide sphere of influence on our future.

If we are in a relationship, we may ask ourselves if this is the person we want to spend our life with; if we are experiencing health issues, we may ask if we are ready to end our present lifetime or if we have more to contribute within this timeframe. We may find our attention drawn to crucial points in time where we chose one course over another and ask ourselves what if I’d chosen the other way? These questions are not meant to shadow us with self-doubt but rather to provide us with questions to help us awaken to previously overlooked potentials that will help us fashion the next phase of our spiritual quest.

Multi-dimensional or multilayered dreams hold messages for our daily lives but also speak to other levels of our being, offering glimpses of portals and gateways that contain “image maps” encoded with the symbols of our innermost being. By bringing our focus to these inner maps, we’re able to step past the glue of everyday life that binds us to “karmic reruns” holding us in a cyclical and patterned existence.

Past Life Echoes and Meetings in Consciousness with ‘Friends from other Times’

Meetings with others in consciousness is a signpost of this time. We might meet in dreams or waking consciousness with those who can help us complete unfinished business. Our higher self orchestrates these meetings so it can speak to us about aspects of our being we may be holding at bay or those aspects we may have simply lost touch with.

Also during this time we may receive visions of “memories” that are not from our current lifetime. We may meet others who are new to us but seem very familiar or we may look at a longtime friend and see their face transformed to the face of a friend from another time. Past life influences become strong as the veils between dimensions thin. We may feel drawn to take up a new art form or hone a skill we are not aware we had. The present gateway magnifies all that is within us and heightens our awareness of other timeframes in which we exist, allowing greater communication and sharing with our other “selves.”

Welcome Change and Expect the Unexpected

The only thing for certain now is the unpredictable nature of this passage. Change, upheaval and sudden shifts will rule in coming weeks.

While rapid and constant change can be unsettling, it can also be counted on to offer us an initiation into new timelines that bring us into deeper communion with our higher selves. During this time, we will be presented with opportunities to choose love at a deeper level (starting with ourselves), to embrace our shadow, heal our physical body and our sacred wound and open to expansive timelines and their accompanying adventures and opportunities. Old energies that have held us back will crumble as we enter a new stratosphere within our own being.

Challenges Give Wings to our Journey of Becoming

We’re more able to step into deeper places within ourselves during this time of transformation. Challenges loom on the horizon but rest assured whatever obstacles present themselves during this time will be encoded with instructions showing us how we can transform them into the wings of our becoming.

For more on identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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