Cosmic Awareness: The Truth About the Destruction of the Deep Underground Military Bases Worldwide

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: The first question comes from VWSJ in Seminole, Florida. He writes: “Please ask Awareness if there has been any activity on the part of our space brothers and sisters assisting us by destroying the DUMBS. The one deep underwater in the Gulf of Aden is supposed to have been contributing to a lot of the unrest in the Middle East by beaming discordant energy waves at the region, if you can believe one source which says that base is now non-operational. Thank you for asking this question and is there any substance to this?” Your thoughts please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness says that the Galactic Federation beings that are here to help try to avoid actual attacks on stations such as the DUMBS underwater base that was responsible for sending such energies and vibrations into the Middle East region. It is not seen by this Awareness that they did destroy this device, but rather that they have been involved in other activities other than destroying weapons and bases of their opponents.

There is also seen to be on Earth a faction that has been doing this. They are the ones that have destroyed the DUMBS unit off the coast of Aden and is not seen that it was the Extraterrestrial Galactic Forces that did so. They gave some information to them but largely theirs is a policy of noninterference in such matters in such ways. This does not mean that they have not been active in connecting with many individuals since the event approximately two and a half years ago where there was to be a First Contact which was postponed and canceled due to the opposition of those Orion forces on the planet that had threatened to destroy millions of people by attacking the mother ship.

Extraterrestrial Sleeper Agents Born into Earthly Bodies

They have taken a different approach now and have retreated somewhat from a more active approach and have been simply appearing to those who are part of their plan, those who are extraterrestrial sleeper agents if you will, human beings, who are of extraterrestrial origins who volunteered to be born into earthly bodies so they would have the right to act, to voice opinions, and to be part of the action of opposition, part of the action of teaching and educating the masses to the higher spiritual truths.

It is these who have come together in a force who are oppositional to the Elite and to the Orion/ Reptilian faction. These are individuals who know more, who were themselves perhaps operatives for the Elite at one time, and found out much information and have created a secret force that is battling the Elite, the Orion/Reptilian faction. Of course most of their successes are not being televised, they are not mentioned, and they are not known to the general populace. This Awareness sees this group as one that is fighting now to destroy certain bases, certain units, and certain devices that the Elite and the Orion/Reptilian faction have used.

They are also the ones that have been responsible for the bombing of the underground bases, but more particularly the underground tube trains that exist all over the planet. If these tube trains cannot be used, they cannot move many of their people into the bunkers, the underground cities that they were planning to go to. It is also seen that there have been explosions in and around the openings of these bases, these underground settlements and cities, that would prevent those individuals who were to use them, who would seal themselves off, from being able to do so.

This is one reason that the Powers That Be are in turmoil at this time. They are still advancing with their plans, and they still hope that they can get their people safely down into the bunkers and underground cities, repairing that which has been destroyed, but there have been effective attacks by these forces and they will never be able to replace the doorways or the tube trains in time for3

that event that is Ascension, in time for the shift in consciousness and the shift in the vibrational consciousness of Mother Earth. This is how it is done. It is not so much that the extraterrestrial Galactic forces themselves destroyed this unit, this facility. It is more this has been an action of those on the surface that have come to know what is happening and have bonded together to create this top-secret, super secret force of opposition. Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes it is. Is that base now non-operational as suggested?

COSMIC AWARENESS: It is non-operational.

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