Sentinels: The Truth is That Everything is in Perfect Balance

Sentinels via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and to support at this time of great and vast change upon and within planet earth. Many are now feeling their mothers energies and now are beginning the harmonization and the coming back into balance. Others are ignoring the signs that they are out of balance and continue to exert will over that which is created. We ask why? Why would the sheer will of the ego work when all is balance and harmony, when the universe IS balance and harmony? We ask for those who cannot or will not allow the balance within to be achieved to ponder this question.

All around you the universe is in perfect balance. The view that the human race sees but part of the larger universal picture that contains ALL. Know that the human race has been taught to place filters upon its vision, it is these filters that are now fuelling the anxiety and fears that are growing within. For whilst you cannot see the bigger picture you are able to FEEL the bigger picture, the walk in FAITH and TRUST of SELF starts now dear ones. We ask for you to reach inside and to connect with the LOVE that IS and to pull the energies of mother earth up through your feet. For you are all a part of mother earth in this your human incarnation.

There are many who walk the earth who are not fully human and to those we send a gentle reminder, you may not be fully human but you inhabit a human body, it is this human body that cries out for balance and harmony at this time. Many are taking care of the needs of the spirit whilst ignoring the needs of the physical body, we guide strongly this pulls the BEing out of balance. It is not possible to be in balance when your body cries out for harmony and balance and you do not listen, the ascension process as it has been named by many on planet earth is not only about the SOUL. The SOUL carries the energy of ALL that IS but the human body is the vehicle for the SOUL, a body that is not in balance and whos needs are ignored is a BEing out of balance.

The teachings that are taught on planet earth around food and nutrition and exercise were taught to further contain and suppress an already downtrodden race. We guide for you to look inside and to notice which teachings you resonate with and ask if they serve? We ask for you to look at the smoke and mirrors around the nutrition of the human body and ask if you are in balance with SELF? Do you monitor what you put into the body and how it makes you feel or do bow down to the knowledge of another who claims superiority? Dear ones the master of your ship is YOU, no one else has the knowledge of YOU that YOU do, do you understand our guidance? Do you understand our meaning?

Many will hand over the controls of the human body to another human BEing and follow the instructions given to them, all the while out of balance. It is not possible for another human BEing to know what YOUr body needs for they do not inhabit YOUr body, do you understand our guidance?

There are many teachings that are playing with the energies of the human race and these teachings will now begin to dissolve, they no longer serve a race of BEings that are now beginning to remember, to come into balance and to come into the flow of ALL that IS. The mind will try to move the balance back to being one of the mind controlling the body but that is not balance dear ones, the body is but a VEHICLE, an instrument that is used by the SOUL to move around on the planet of incarnation. The teachings of distortion can be so deep in many in the human race that they believe they are the body and not the SOUL.We guide for you to look at this and to begin to dissolve this for this is but smoke and mirrors created by a race that sought to contain and suppress the human race.

The distinction between body and SOUL is being guided to YOU to allow you to become the observer and to begin to realize that YOU are more than is presented in the mirror. Many are aligning with the image in the mirror and not being able to see how vast and how deep they are in TRUTH. Each one of you is vast BEing of light, it matters not how the human body presents itself, it is a product of the smoke and mirrors and we ask that you take the control back from the pirates who have commandeered your ship. Take back the helm and begin to steer your vehicle in the waters through SELF and see the miracles begin to appear for YOU.

If you allow another to steer your boat then you cannot complain when the course is altered and the ports you wished to call into are not adhered to. Many live their lives with others at helm and cannot understand why their lives do not adhere to the dreaming that they do in the dreamtime. It is not possible to allow another to steer your ship and to adhere to the dream that is within for it is only within YOU. Do you understand our guidance and our meaning? There may be other humans around you who claim to have the same dream as YOU do but in reality YOU are the only one who can dream the dream in your heart. Do you understand?

We are not guiding for YOU to ignore those around you, we guide strongly to have love and compassion within your heart at all times. There are many who are in your life experience who are fast asleep and we are not here to judge, that is not our role. We are here to guide the humans who are awake through the layers of smoke and mirrors that prevent SELF from being revealed. It is not possible to dissolve something that is not seen. Too many are still allowing others to steer the life experience and we guide this must be dissolved.

TRUE UNITY is achieved in the blending of energies, it is the acknowledging of others whilst staying TRUE to YOU. At SOUL level this is accepted and adhered to at all times but the human race is now moving into aligning with SOUL, this will take time and it will take work for the smoke and mirrors are thick within the human race in many areas. Those who sought to contain and control placing deep teachings to bury TRUTH in plain view. Many are still aligning with these teachings and we ask you humbly to become the observer and to dissolve those which are visible to YOU.

The harmonization process is as it sounds but it is not only the harmonization of the human race and all other races in the universe, first the harmonization of SOUL and SELF must take place, how can you harmonise with another race if you have not come into balance and harmony within SELF? This process may prove challenging to many, many are walking blindly into the new believing they have no work to do, that the way ahead is merely more of “same” and we guide this is the smoke and mirrors that we ask you to dissolve. The work to be done is on SELF, for SELF is the creator in the new world, SELF is the ship that you are sailing on and are creating around, for when SELF is in balance then YOU ARE. Do you understand our guidance? Our words?

Soon the human race will move beyond words, it is a this point that the work done on SELF to dissolve the teachings will show results, for when SELF is in balance then the living in the new is done by breathing and by dreaming. There is no anxiety, no worry, there JUST IS. For JUST IS is the natural state of BEing in the universe.

We work to reveal the teachings to SELF for in revealing you find freedom, each teaching designed to lessen the connecion with SELF and to separate. Harmonisation is the blending of ALL with ALL as ONE. Do you understand our guidance? Our words? Look within at all times dear ones for there is nothing outwith you that is not you. TRUE change comes from within for when the filters are dissolved all that is left is TRUTH.

We are the BEings that are known as SENTINELS, we guard the portals to the new world and we ask that those who wish to enter the new world dissolve the old before entering. It is not possible to enter the new world whilst filtering through the old, the gateway will not be seen for the filter will hide it in plain view.

We connect with the human race in this time of harmonization to guide and support. We ask for you to reach out to us in your dreamtime and communicate with us for we are YOU and YOU are we.

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