Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 129

By Aisha North

As we have so often touched upon lately, this process of separation from the old world will in many ways turn your life upside down, and as such, it can be quite a challenge. You see, you have not gone into unchartered terrain like this before, and therefore, things will seem to take on a life on their own. Let us explain. For millenia, mankind has had such a strong grip on ”reality”, in other words, they have only been willing to go into the things that they can perceive clearly and succinctly, in other words, nothing that cannot be seen can exist. But now, this whole unseen world will start to announce itself to you all in so many ways, and it will be hard to ignore.

At first, nothing much will be apparent, but slowly these drips of information will build up, and soon a veritable stream of consciousness will wash away any doubts you may have as to the existence of all of these hidden layers we have referred to so many times already. You have all noticed how your bodies seems to be behaving strangley lately, and that is in fact a sure sign that all of these hidden layers of information are starting to make themselves heard. You see, the body knows, but your mind is still trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and we mean that in every sense of the word. The mind cannot abide the thought of having to let go of the controls in your life, and it can certainly sense the advent of this new age. And to the mind, nothing could be worse than having to relinquish its powers to something so vastly more powerful than itself, so it tries in any way it can either to confuse you or to divert your focus by throwing up some kind of drama in your life. And we think you can all attest to this in some way. We do not think that any of you have gone through this last period just merrily humming yourself along, our best guess is that you have more than once scratched your head in bewilderment or cried out in despair because of something that suddenly manifested itself in your life.

There is an important lesson here, and that is not to fall for the temptation to think that all of this drama is caused because you have done something wrong, and that this is some sort of karmic retribution in any way. That is NOT the case here, and we use these capital letters here for a good reason, as there are too many still trapped in that old belief of endless karmic cycles that have to be played out before they are ”released” from this mortail coil. Well, let us just say that all that is part of the old world. You have entered a stage where all of these old ”sins” if you will – and let us just say that we are well aware of the very biased connotations that word carries – may re-emerge. Remember, your ”sins” are just something that you voluntarily chose to partake in back in the old version of your world, as that was the lessons you specifially wanted to go through in order to learn what you came here to learn. But now, as we have already said on so many occasions, you have decided, together with the rest of Creation, that the time at the academy of lower vibration is finished, and it is more than appropriate to leave all of these old ways of learning behind and to literally ascend to the next level. So, you are in many ways graduates from the university of old fashioned thinking, and you have just enrolled in your new school for advanced studies, where hardship, fear and toil certainly is not part of the curriculum. Just remember, as you are still in some ways entrained with parts of the old world, you will not yet have the full effect of this new training ground, and some of the old lessons are still seeping through your system.

Again, not as a punishment, but as a natural cycle of clearing and shifting, and therefore, you will all have moments of intense stress when some old dross suddenly springs out from the shadows. Again, it is important to just let it pass, as it cannot stick to you and drag you back down on its own accord. That holding on is only something you can achieve by your actions, so just acknowledge it, whatever suddenly floats to the surface, and watch as it literally pops and dissipates all by itself.

As we were saying, beware of how you take these occurences, as they are in no way a signal of anything negative, far from it. But as you have been well trained to see such things as unwanted, you will easily be trapped in a pattern of negative thinking, and this must be avoided. You see, you are not doing anything wrong at the moment, and you must remember to see everything for what it is, namely a transition from the old state and into the new. And since this transitional state includes many, many instances of not only mental but also physical distress, let us just say that a normal human being can easily be confused by this barrage of seemingly unending dramatic upheavals in their life. But that is only to be expected, and in fact only a natural part of this process, so just try to take a step back from all of these goings on and take them for what they are, namely messengers of a far lighter future, where you will be unencumbered by all the sorts of dross that you are currently seeing so much of.

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