Cosmic Awareness: Ascension Portals and the Role of the Lightworker

The Role of Some Wanderers Who Will Assist Entities Through Portals During Ascension (More on the Ascension Process)

Question: During the great shift of Ascension, from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, as we move through the Photon Belt, it is understood we may experience three days of darkness, which I feel may parallel what is said in the Book of Matthew 12: 38- 45. Am I correct in this understanding? Upon awakening from these three days of darkness we will see major earth changes, devastation and portals. Are these the same living portals Awareness has spoken of in past issues? There will basically be two different types of portal workers. Those that gather the people who want to enter the 4th Light and lead or bring them to the portals and help them through its opening, and when it’s open. Then there are those that greet, welcome and teach the people who enter these portals, preparing them to exit into the 5th dimension. Are these portal workers the Wanderers or other Light Workers? How can we best assist everyone during this transition period? About how long will this transition within the portal be? Does Awareness see me as an inner or outer portal worker, or functioning in some other capacity during this transition?

Cosmic Awareness: There are valid parts of the questions presented by the Questioner. The entity himself, to first answer on his behalf, will be one who works within the portals themselves, who will teach many to let go of those dark strands, filaments and attachments that may pull them back or keep them grounded, unavailable for Ascension when it is exactly Ascension that they are seeking. Through his own journey he will have unique qualities in himself that will prepare him to do this type of work, this kind of freeing of the beings that come his way, so that he can teach them and assist them in that Ascension process of crossing over. It is this that this Awareness sees at this time for this entity.

Wanderers and Other Types of Light Workers

His comments on the various types of Wanderers and Light Workers are also relevant. Wanderers are a form of Light Being, but there are other categories and classification also, other types of Light Workers who serve various roles, who have achieved various levels of consciousness. There are none that are superior or inferior. All have their place, all have their duties and all will participate in that process of Ascension to their own individual degree and to their own individual ability. The most important part at this time in the run up to the actual Ascension completion in 2012 is the inner work that this Awareness has said on many occasions that each and every individual must now do for themselves.

Help for Those Who are Blocked at the Portal Because of Problems Letting Go

For some, this inner work will be very intense and extreme and challenging. For some it will not be as intense or as extreme or as challenging at this time, but may be so at those moments when they approach the portal ready to step through, only to find that they are blocked for one reason or another. It is at this time that certain Light Workers, Wanderers such as the entity himself will be available to help those who meet resistance within themselves, who are blocked or who have problems letting go. That is part of the scenario. That is part of the plan. There will be available, those who have through their own personal journeys dealt with their own demons and monsters, who have looked at their own dark side and will be available to help those who have not quite completed this process.

How Long Will the Transition Take to Get to Higher Realms?

There will be others who will lead entities to those portals if that is their way of Ascension and they will then leave them there for others to take through the portals to continue their journey forward, and they themselves will go back, finding others that they can lead to these gateways, these portals of Ascension. The matter of the actual transition time, the time it would take to transit from the 3rd dimension into the higher realms, through 4th dimension into the 5th, is entirely dependent on each individual and the length of time it would take them to clear all those blocks, those barriers, those resistances that they might have in themselves, those doubts, the disbelief, and it is for this reason that there will be those available to help in the transition to those higher realms that will be available to those who ascend.

Thus it may take hours for one being to do this who has cleared most of their own issues before arriving at this point of Ascension, while there might be others who will take longer, will enter other streams of consciousness that will take perhaps years to truly reach that highest level of the Ascension process, but they are still underway, they are still part of the Ascension, and as this Awareness has said several times over already, there will be those who will guide them and assist them on this journey.

There are many ways that the Ascension process and the transition will take place, thus it is impossible for this Awareness to say that the journey will take 36 hours and then it will be done, and those who have gone through the portal of Ascension will be on the other side. It is not a simple matter as that. There will be different time scales involved in the transition process. All that one needs to most understand at this time is that the more work the individual does on him/herself in preparation for that time ahead that will be the Ascension will determine how quickly that individual takes to go through the portal of Ascension and to reach those higher levels of consciousness that will mark the new world, the new planet, the new life.

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