Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 127

By Aisha North

For a long time now, you have felt the approaching of the storm, and for many of you, this waiting seems to go on interminably. Well, we think you will all breathe a sigh of relief very soon, but as always, we will not give any details or be very specific on any timeframe. You see, what you have in mind is mayhaps not exactly what we have in mind when we keep referring to a storm.

Let us explain. We have often times talked about the need for you to start thinking out of the box, or rather, for you to stop thinking and start to feel. In other words, the limitations put upon your minds will make this whole scenario seem impossible, but if you manage to connect into your true core, what we will describe will seem plausible. You see, you have been well conditioned to think and behave within very limited frames, and as such the storm of change we refer to cannot be contained within these limitations. That is because we are talking about something that encompasses such a large range of changes, both in the physical dimension you live in, but also in all of the other dimensions that you cannot yet begin to comprehend. As we stated earlier, you cannot even see the whole tip of the iceberg, so to you, this storm may seem at first to be nothing more than mere ripples on the surface. It will not look like the roaring inferno you mayhaps harbour in your mind, more like a silent and innocent intruder slowly but surely stepping across the threshold into your consciousness. This does not mean that it will not be dramatic, far from it, but we just want you to be prepared for something very, very different than what the so-called blockbuster movies usually portrays.

You see, your whole world is really an illusion, so to all of these huge cataclysm you have watched so many times on the screen, and we do not refer to anything that is like that at all. What we refer to, could be more likened to a seemingly small and timid wind that makes even the densest of fogs dissipate. Or rather, the slow but sure increasing of current into a lightsource that will make the light stronger in increments. Do not despair and think that this will be a process so slow and undramatic it will take years and years to complete, something that will likely drive you all to be tempted to think that nothing is going on. That will not be the case, we guarantee you that, but we just wanted to make sure that you at least try to separate yourselves from all of the doom and gloom scenarious out there, repelete with enourmous catastrophes and hellfire burning everything down to the grond. As we have stated, this is indeed something that will have almost the same effect, but the process is very far removed from all of this theatrical staging. Therefore, you might actually miss some of the crucial stages in this process. It will be like a bomb going off so far belov the surface, you cannot even see it or feel it, but the effects will be dramatic indeed. Remember, you are a species so controlled by different sorts of systems, both ”man-made” ones, that is, belief systems of all kinds, but also all of those automated ones you are so dependent on. You have been well trained to have complete confidence in everything around you, and you are so vulnerable if any of of these systems starts to malfunction. Well, let us just say that it is indeed time to stop taking anything for granted, and to keep an open mind as to what will happen. The bombs will indeed start to go off soon, and the effects will be easy to see, even to an untrained eye, and as such let us just declare storm season for officially opened.

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