Saul: An Enormous Change in Perception

Saul via John Smallman

April 18, 2012

When humanity awakens it will be to a fantastic welcome from all who have been watching and encouraging you on your homeward journey since it began, eons ago.

Time has frequently seemed interminable as you struggled with the confusion and inconsistencies of your gaming arena, trying to make sense of it and to appease the various imaginary gods with which you endowed it.

And, as time passed, the confusion and inconsistencies seemed only to grow.  We have been with you throughout the eons offering comfort and support, although most of the time you have remained locked in your tunnel-vision perception, unable to bring yourselves to awareness of our presence and of our intense desire to help you awaken.

Of course you did not realize that you were basically asleep and dreaming, mostly nightmares of fear, suffering, and conflict with one another, or of judgment and condemnation from a merciless god of wrath who spent his time watching you to ensure that you diligently obeyed his endless rules and regulations.

Nevertheless, there were always a few who, aware of our presence and availing of our help, attempted to show you by loving example how to move forward and awaken into the knowledge of your divine origin and destiny.

However, these kind and generous souls were mostly disregarded as their loving messages did not conform to the overriding belief that life had to be an interminable struggle, in which frequent wars were the honorable way to show the might and prowess of those who would be leaders, kings, and dictators, and for the rest of you to demonstrate your misguided loyalty to them.

Even today many still believe in that insane philosophy, and in the need for preemptive military action to preserve their homes and their cultures.  But after all these eons the majority are finally deciding that enough is enough, that there has to be a better way to live, and this perception alone is enabling you to begin the process of really listening to one another so that true communication can occur, replacing the dishonesty of endemic bluster and bluff that has for so long made a mockery of all but your most basic communicative functions.

This enormous change in perception is the driving power that is propelling you forcefully forwards towards the grand awakening that is both your desire and your destiny.  And because it is also the divine Will for you, your success is assured.

Your increasing awareness that others are often well-meaning is lifting your spirits and encouraging you to look for that attitude instead of expecting to be attacked and therefore needing to be ready to defend yourselves from some kind of assault.

As you become able to release the need to be ever ready to protect yourselves at short notice, your available energy to communicate lovingly and compassionately grows, with the result that interactions with others become pleasurable and harmonious instead of competitive and defensive.

Discovering that cooperative friendly interactions achieve far greater success in resolving issues than your old confrontational methods builds confidence in your abilities deal with situations as they arise.

This further strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem, and gives you the faith to start accepting, valuing, and loving yourselves – as your Father always does – for the wonderful divine creations that you truly are.

Focus on valuing yourselves and others highly.  Why would you not?  After all, God does.  And because He does, then you must all be of infinite worth and value, and to value yourselves less highly than He does makes no sense at all.

He will bring you all together to show you the truth of that as soon as you will allow Him to do so.  Open your hearts to Him and allow Him to fill them with the Love and acceptance that you so desperately desire, and know that there is nothing that would give Him greater joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

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