Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 116

By Aisha North

Tomorrow will seem like so far away, at least the tomorrow you have all been waiting for so fervently, as this much heralded day seems to be ever fading into a very distant future. We know this may seem like a rather tiresome subject for some of you, but we will be insistent on focusing on this for now, as the waiting time seems to be stretching on interminably. We know this subject is one that pops up in many a conversation at the moment, and that patience is indeed wearing more than thin in so many places, but please believe us when we say that the major part of this ordeal is indeed behind you. That will not be much of a consolation to all of those sitting in the midst of turmoil at the moment, but we will continue on in our mission to motivate you all to keep up the good work. You see, you are very, very close to that seemingly intangible goal, but as the last stretch in so many ways will be the most challenging one, the goal may seem to recede too far to be attainable. That is also the case here, as to many, the final stretch does include the final cleaning operation. And that final cleaning operation entails going deep, deeper than you ever would have thought to be possible, and what you find there, is the most profoundly hidden scars you carry. These scars have been hidden away for a very good reason, as they are the ones that have hurt you the most, but now they will be and must be cleansed and healed once and for all.

This will resonate with many, but others will shake their heads in disbelief, and rightly so, as this is indeed a path for individuals, not for the great masses, and you all have to pass through your very own history in order to get to the end of this. It may sound exhausting, and in many aspects it is, and therefore the whole process in itself cannot be likened to anything but toil of the hardest order. Therefore, the end goal will have faded away for so many, as that literally enlightened state of living seems more than far away at the moment. Just remember, all the things you are working so hard to jettison now are the ones that have held you back from this literally lighter state, therefore this process of clearing not only yourselves but also so much of your environment of cumbersome baggage is all important, but it is also apt to make you more than ready to throw in the towel at times.

Please believe us when we say the the end is indeed so near, and this speeding up and intensifying of it all is actually signalling this very clearly to you all. However, the physical and emotional fallout from this intensifying process will make many a brave soul falter in their steps, but we do implore you not to fall for the temptation to fall back again. You have completed almost the entire process by now, so do not give up when the finishing line is almost within sight. We are well aware that for many, nothing could seem to be further away, as things are indeed falling apart right, left and center at the moment, but again, that is indeed a sure sign of success. That may sound like a misrepresentation of the situation, and rightly so, as you have all been well trained to try to keep everything under control. But now you can not and will not have any control whatsoever as to what will happen around you, because everything and everyone will be swept up in these monumental changes that will literally wipe the slate clean in so many ways. Remember the rest of your compatriots are busy accruing more and more heavy baggage by the day, so they will fare much, much worse in this upcoming storm of purification, so although it certainly may not feel like it at the moment, you are all perfectly poised to weather any storm now as you have already managed to jettison the majority of your added weight. You are already sufficently lighter to be able to float successfully on the surface of whatever it is that will come in with the high tides, but for those still clinging on to the old, they will not be able to keep their heads above these frothing waters of change.

So count yourselves lucky that you decided to take on this challenge of that very, very thorough inventory of all that you have accumulated through the lives you have spent living on this little planet, as this careful inventory has enabled you to rid yourselves of that crippling entourage of emotional and physical baggage that would have ensured a final setback to all of your dreams. You have made yourselves able to reclaim that dream, and you are so close to starting to live that dream, even if your body and soul seems almost too exhausted to be able to do so. But again, soon the skies will clear and you will literally feel all of that heavy weight lifting off you for that final time, but in the meantime, make sure to look in the rear-view mirror, then mayhaps you might be a tad surprised to see the distance you have fought so hard to conquer. It is not a puny stretch dear ones, it is literally a giant leap of faith, and it has already brought you more than tantalizingly close to your final goal. So bear with us, and most of all, bear with yourselves, as you are about to take the last steps that will bring you safely ashore and into the brilliant lights of that much awaited tomorrow.

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