Nephilim: Confusion Abounds in These Times of Change

Nephilim via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support at a time on planet earth where confusion abounds and frustration lives yet all is in plain view. We ask that you allow your vision to clear and the feelings that are arising to be shown to you for all is now perfect. For those who are triggered by our words and feel anger at them we guide to look below the anger, the creation of the human life experience is in your hands, no one else’s. Many humans are not able to anchor this, such is the drama and crisis that they CHOOSE to interact with that they are not able to use the vision gifted to them on incarnation. For each human BEing alive on planet earth was given the gift of vision. We appreciate that those who sought to control and to contain have blurred that vision but they are on planet no longer. Yet many will choose to believe their vision has departed for good and it is not accessible to them any more. We guide for you to look at this distortion and to allow it to dissolve.

Many are still trying to follow in a world that is now led by SELF. There is no following, there was no following, merely the teachings of distortion by a race that tried to contain and suppress you. We ask why many are asking for teachers and to be led when SELF is creating? SELF is YOU, it is the core BEing, it is TRUTH, it is the energy that is YOU at source yet many are listening or trying to follow the SELF of others. Why?

Those who sought to contain and control have left a legacy that needs to be dissolved yet many are breathing life into this legacy at each moment. To follow another to allow that other to dictate your life experience is to defer to distortion. For they cannot create your life experience for they are not YOU. Does this resonate? We watch as many humans swap one god for another god then swap again, all the while ignoring the fact that they are god. Does this resonate? YOU are god of your life yet you allow others to dictate that life to you. Does this resonate?

Life is experienced it is not “done” to you, it is not “forced” upon you for there is always choice, even when it is not seen it is still there and can still be chosen. Yet many are not choosing they are merely allowing themselves to be swept along on the tide of dissolving energies. We guide you to look at the concept of the dissolving, all that is not TRUTH will be dissolved upon planet earth. As there are layers of distortion, some very deep others just a veneer the speed of the dissolving will change. For those distortions that are merely the gloss over TRUTH they will disappear rapidly, for those distortions that are deeply held within human consciousness they make take longer to dissolve, but dissolve they will. The vibration of the dissolving will be felt subconsciously and unconsciously before it will become obvious to those who are able to see with the vision that they are. Yet many are now holding tightly onto the distortions, claiming allegiance to a distortion that sees them out of balance, out of LOVE and out of SELF. We ask for all to be aware of this and to process ALL information through the heart for the heart KNOWS TRUTH.

If something does not resonate then it is not YOUr TRUTH, once more we guide on the vibration which is YOU. YOU are unique, we ask for you to absorb and process this TRUTH. No two lives on planet earth are identical yet many are trying to create groups of belief that deny this TRUTH. If all are unique then YOU are unique yet you try to blend with something that tells you that you are not unique. Does this resonate dear ones? Do you see how you are trying to hide in the forest yet the forest is changing?

We ask for all to look at SELF, we do not mean the self that is human for that is not the part that you are trying to harmonise at this time dear ones, the human part of self is the part that is the vehicle, it is your flesh and bones, it is your mind and it is your movement across the physical planet. We ask for you to look at SELF, this is YOU, this is the energy that is eternal, it is the YOU that is now asking to be reborne through the flesh and bones of self. Do you

understand our guidance? We ask that SELF is illuminated for it is YOU. SELF is the deepest part of YOU it is the universe that is YOU, it is the magic that is YOU and is it the BEing that is YOU.

Many are looking at the self that is human and we ask those who are doing this to step out of this teaching of distortion. A race that sought to control and contain was always to leave teachings of distortion around SELF, for to hide SELF in plain view was to control and contain. To allow you to access SELF would be to allow you to SEE clearly and that would have ended their reign, do you see this dear ones?

Their reign has now ended but their legacy lives on in the humans who are not allowing SELF to be seen. For SELF is real, self is created in human form to allow for movement and experience on this planet. It is not YOU. YOU ARE SELF.

We ask for those who are able to hear and see our words to anchor them and to allow the memories to surface. For the journey back to SELF is through the dimensions it is not through the 3D world in which the vehicle for SELF resides. Does this resonate? Do you understand our guidance? Many are only viewing themselves in 3D this is borne out of allowing the mind of the vehicle to take control. The link to SELF is the heart, for the heart is your connection to all that IS. It is not possible to connect to SELF any other route than the heart, for only the heart knows TRUTH.

We are the Nephilim and we now call to all who can hear us to remember. For that is the journey in this vehicle, on this planet, in this timeline and dimension, for the journey back to SELF is to allow the heart to remember.

We ask that you allow SELF to be borne to the vehicle that has been allocated for you on this planet, we ask that you allow that vehicle to open up and allow SELF to be reached. For to walk on this planet in human form is to be a human BEing, to walk on this planet connected to SELF is to LIVE. You are not here to walk the planet alone, you are here to LIVE, to LIVE is to experience all that YOU ARE. Many are allowing themselves only to experience the human part of self, that is the part that sees no future, that is the part that sees only what is presented in 3D format to them, it is NOT SELF.

SELF can see through the dimensions for SELF is eternal and exists in all dimensions. Seek not to allow the vehicle to merely transport you from one part of this planet to another, seek to harmonise YOU with the vehicle and then allow the miracles to be shown to you. For the human eyes of the vehicle in which you reside have restricted vision. The eyes of the human vehicle can see only part of the picture. To view the world through the eyes of SELF is to see infinity. We are the Nephilim and we ask that you heed the call to SELF. All those who are able to see and hear our words are asked to remember, for the golddust that you are is now taking shape and becoming real. We ask that those who are able to anchor the colour gold now allow their vision to clear for the vibration of the golddust is now expanding and growing. As this grows and expands more will heed the call. We ask that if you are here on planet earth to work with the energies of gold that you awaken to SELF, for SELF will help you to remember why you are here.

We talk with the rainbow children and we ask all to breathe, take a breath as the gods that you are for the human vehicle is sluggish. We ask that you step out of the 3D realities you have worked under and make SELF visible in a world that is now crying in frustration. The work that is asked of YOU now calls to you, do you heed the call? We call all who can hear us to the councils for they are now in session. We ask that SELF remember the reason for

incarnation in this timeline and dimension and we ask that the gold be anchored. The rainbows now walk the earth in human form and we welcome them home. We ask that SELF acknowledge the colours that are within and then paint them clearly across the planet earth.

We walk among you for we are you and you are we, until we communicate once more we bid you good health and happiness.



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