Saul: What You Are Doing is of Inestimable Importance

Saul via John Smallman


When your awakening happens – as all negative or unloving thoughts and attitudes dissolve – total peace and love will fill your hearts, expanding them to encompass infinity.  The happiness that that will bring you is utterly indescribable, and it is divinely guaranteed.  While you wait expectantly for that exhilarating moment, know that you are constantly watched over and supported by those in the spiritual realms.

They are with you to assist you in demonstrating to your sisters and brothers that necessary state of openness which will encourage and enable them to release their reluctance to acknowledge – or their refusal to believe in – the inner voice for God that is within each one of you, and which is constantly calling all to awaken.

And awaken you will – because it is God’s Will.  And God’s Will is humanity’s will, because, as part of God, at one with Him, no other will is possible.  People have just lost their way in the maze of the illusion, and that is distracting them from remembering who they truly are.  You who are holding the Light of God on high, by gently and kindly extending love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness to all, are having a profound effect on everyone with whom you interact physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, even though you remain unaware of it.

What you are doing is of enormous importance.  In fact, what you are doing is an essential part of the divine plan, which is why you are getting all the love and support you need from the spiritual realms, and it is why there is absolutely no possibility that you will fail in your divine endeavor.

The time available to those who choose to continue living in the confrontational, competitive, and basically unloving ways of old is rapidly running out, and a new age of enlightened living is dawning to replace it.  There is not the slightest prospect that this will be prevented because it is the state towards which you have been evolving for eons, with constant loving guidance from the spiritual realms to ensure your ultimate success, and consequently, you have done tremendous quantities of individual developmental work on inner levels to prepare you for this momentous evolutionary step.

The suffering you have undergone as you struggled to make sense out of the insensible – the illusion – has not been without meaning, although God’s Will for you has never imposed that on you or required you to experience it.

The meaning is your growing awareness of the insanity of this way of life with all its unloving, fearful, defensive, and provocative attitudes that constantly lead to judgment and non-acceptance of one another. . . and of course to endless wars.

Your opening awareness is telling you in no uncertain terms that there are far, far better methods of dealing with the issues that cause you so much fear and anxiety.  And you are responding with intent to move forwards and out of the depressing cul-de-sac into which your overarching disillusionment with life has led you.

Creative ideas to enhance your shared experience of life and to bring to it the joy and happiness you so desperately want are spreading rapidly across the world, and even in the mainstream media there are signs of this uplifting and encouraging momentum towards sanity and wisdom in daily life.

In the alternate or uncensored media the reportage of these uplifting, inspiring, and rapidly growing phenomena is enormous.  Do not allow yourselves to be depressed or misled by negative and down-drafting news reporting from the main media and news channels, which appear to focus almost exclusively on pain, suffering, and, whenever available, catastrophe.

Yes, bad things are still happening, but do not focus on those to such an extent that your hope and faith in the divine plan move into doubt.  Your faith and your hope are demonstrations of the Light that you are carrying on high for all to see.

Maintain them in the forefront of your awareness, and ask for help from your guides, from the spiritual realms, and from your loving Father to assist you to do so.  When you ask for help you are always heard, and help is always forthcoming.

What you are doing is of inestimable importance; only you can do it; and for that you are greatly honored.  Know that you are divinely protected and infinitely loved in every moment, and remind yourselves frequently that the divine plan for humanity’s awakening is absolutely unstoppable.

With so very much love, Saul.

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