Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – April 3rd, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles

Ashtar communicates directly to the minds and into the hearts of all who wish to receive his love and his guidance. Ashtar does not speak through any channels at this time. Ashtar does not have a need or want to share information in this manner. Ashtar hears what is called for to guide those who seek his guidance, and he answers their call in ways that do not necessitate the need for a medium or channel. There are many beings throughout the cosmos that do speak through channels to share their thoughts, their feelings, their teachings, their guidance and their love, but Ashtar does not communicate with any of you at this time in this way.
Anyone who claims they are channeling Ashtar at this time is either mistaking Ashtar as the sender of their communications or they are purposely perpetrating a hoax or a con. These individuals who claim to be channeling Ashtar himself may not be channeling any other being at all, and may only be sharing a reflection of their own thoughts. We do not judge anyone for this. We only wish to make it clear to all who wish to understand this; Ashtar, the Supreme Commander of the Ashtar Command, is not speaking directly to you or through any channels at this time. There are individual members of the Ashtar Command who are speaking to you through channels at this time, and some of these communications speak officially for the Ashtar Command as an organization and some of these communications speak only of the personal views and teachings of the individual members of this command that are sending  messages in this way.
In the great scheme of all that is transpiring here in your world and what ripple effects spread throughout your universe, it is important to understand the influences of your thinking and your behavior. We do not wish for you, our brothers and sisters, to be misled in any way, shape, or form. We understand that many of you have your different opinions as to who are trustworthy sources of this kind of information and we honor and respect the choices each of you make, and we do not wish to tell you who’s words to follow and who’s not to follow. What we wish to do instead is offer you guidance and our wisdom to help you better use your own powers of discernment and intuition to reach understandings of where particular information is deriving from. We feel this way is far greater for your advancement and your growth then merely pointing you in the right direction ourselves. We would rather offer you the tools and share our knowledge of how to use these tools, and then allow you to make these decisions on your own.
Today we only say to you that Ashtar himself is not communicating with you at this time in a manner that necessitates a channel because we see a great amount of information coming from certain areas at this time that is impeding the progress that we feel needs to be made. We feel this progress is of such importance that we decided we would step in and clear this matter up to allow you to more clearly and confidently receive the important information and notifications that we are sending you through our channels at this time.
You now understand better certain avenues of information that is being given to you, and we hope that you take this information and use it wisely to assist you to make better choices as to which voice of guidance you will follow through the days up ahead that will present to you certain challenges. We have decided that we could not sit back and allow voices of false information to lead you into certain situations that would require great effort and intervention on our part to assist you in eradicating yourselves from the consequences of following such false information.
As we have said many times, we must honor each and every decision that you make, but if there came a time where you asked for our assistance to help you in your time of need we would respond, and so with foresight we are attempting at this time to share with you information that can, if you so choose, allow you to stay clear of certain situations in the days ahead that would require you to ask for our assistance to remove you from these situations that you do not wish to be in. That is why we say to you that although it is important for you all to follow your own intuition and inner voice, we do officially state that Ashtar, the Commander of the Ashtar Command, is not speaking to you, offering you guidance, instructions, and predictions of your days ahead. Ashtar is with you in spirit and in love and he is very much a part of our mission here at this time, but he offers his service to you in other very important and wide-ranging ways.
Now that we have this matter cleared up once and for all, we can continue with our messages to you which we feel are imperative for you to understand, as many events are about to unfold and each of you would do well to have a solid comprehension of them. These events are many, and each of them carries its own importance for your world. We would like to begin the first stages of our disclosure plans which will necessitate a working relationship with selected individuals who we feel would be qualified and very suitable for this purpose. We will begin contacting those of you who we feel we would like to work with throughout this process, and you will clearly recognize when we begin these communications. You will be instructed on how to proceed and what the next steps will be, and we ask you to keep this information to yourselves at this time as there are matters of safety concerns and a certain level of discretion is called for.
There is no reason or need to share this information publicly, and we wish you to know that many of your postings throughout online social networks are monitored by those who do not play for our team. There is no reason to fear or be concerned about this as it should be no surprise to you that the Internet is accessible by anyone, and of course, it is just natural that not only those of the light communicate in this manner. You have absolutely nothing to be concerned about in regards to your safety, as we are watching over you and we have and will continue to make every effort to protect your safety and well being throughout our mission and our disclosure project.
If you wish to share this information with family or friends privately, we say to you that this is acceptable and that there is no gag order rule issued to you, but we do suggest you not speak of this information through your online social networks even when you are sending a private message, as the security of these websites cannot be absolute and block computer hackers from accessing these communications. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and tell you that in the days ahead there will no longer be a need for this type of security precaution, but that day is not yet at hand and we ask you to assist us in our efforts to protect you by practicing a certain level of discretion. We thank you very much for your cooperation and for your willingness to participate in our disclosure project.
We see this project reaching millions of your people, and we say to you this will surely be a most exciting time for you and the people of your planet. Those of you who we are selecting to take part in this project will be the ambassadors for your people and will also be ambassadors for our people. This is why our selection process has been a careful one, and we have carefully chosen each of you for this assignment. We have great confidence in each and every one of you, and we look forward to working with you to bring to the people of your planet evidence of our existence and our true nature, and an understanding of our mission in service and in love to the people of your world.
You may assist this project at this time by preparing yourselves to be able to leave your places of residence with little or no prior notification whatsoever. We will try to give you at least a few minutes’ notice of when we are going to come to rendezvous with you, however, we cannot guarantee this as every precaution must be taken to protect you as well as our crew sent to collect you. Please try to remain prepared to be able to leave your residences at a moment’s notice. This will require different levels of preparation for each of you, and we ask you to think about what it is you will have to do to be able to leave your home without any prior notice to meet with us for an indefinite amount of time. We understand that many of you cannot leave your home for days at a time, and we will see to it that you are returned within a suitable time frame. We do have much to discuss with you, and when we can speak more personally we will make known our entire disclosure plan with you and you will learn when you will be called upon to meet with us and how long you will stay. We will not disclose this information with you at this time through our channels or any other way. We will wait until we can speak with you personally.
We look forward to meeting with each of you that we have selected for this process, and say to those who have not been selected at this time that there will be many more opportunities for you to take part in this process and also on many other projects that we will be working together on. This disclosure project will merely be the first project we undertake with you, and this will open the door and allow our many other projects to get underway. By necessity, there will not be a long waiting period between our disclosure efforts and the projects we will be working on together, so those of you not selected for the initial disclosure project will not have long to wait to meet with us and begin working with us. You can be assured of this, as time is running short and we have much work to accomplish.
Please be advised we are at this time contacting many of you who have been selected for this project, and we ask you to keep your eyes and your ears open for our communications. These communications will differ from individual to individual depending on how fast we feel you will recognize our attempts to communicate with you. Please use your powers of intuition and make an effort to recognize our attempts to contact you. If you do this, we are confident you will indeed recognize these communications, and we will know that you have understood our message and there will be no need for you to attempt to contact us and inform us that you have received our message. We will know this. You are asked again not to publicly announce that you have received this invitation from us. Again, safety is a priority, and a certain level of discretion is called for.
We thank all of you who have been selected for this process, and tell you we look so very forward to meeting with you personally and discussing our plans with you. Many lives will benefit through the success of this project, and we ask you to give this project your sincerest efforts and focus once we begin. Many lives will be changed in very positive ways once we are able to begin working with you, and this disclosure project is the key that will open this door for your world. It will be an honor for us to meet and begin working with you, and we look so forward to the coming together of our people and your people in the spirit of love and universal cooperation. We will achieve such great things together, and will bridge the gap not only between worlds and star systems, but of dimensions.
This is what we can do when we come together as one and work to achieve a common goal, and we see nothing stopping us from achieving what we set out to do together. So much can be accomplished when people and worlds put aside their differences and cooperate with each other to achieve common goals, and your world will be a testament to how much can be accomplished when we all work together as one. This is our mission here, and many different worlds have contributed to this truly universal project. Your world and your people will soon be welcomed into our Galactic community as you have earned your place of honor at our Galactic Roundtable. This is a place where discussions concerning Galactic projects take place, and planning and strategies to build worlds and bridge gaps between them are the topic of discussion. Your planet will have representation at this Galactic table, and you will have the ability to voice your views and visions for this galaxy, which is also your galaxy.
Much can be learned by everyone at these meetings, and we look so forward to your contributions and your thoughts and vision to build upon our universe. Much planning and design goes in to the construction of our galaxy and our entire universe, and it is here at meetings such as this where policy and projects are conceived. Your representatives will learn a great deal about your galaxy and universe and take back home to your people this knowledge which will allow you all to gain a further understanding of your home. We look forward to this day when you are officially welcomed and a seat is pulled out for your representatives. We remember the day we were welcomed at this table and tell you that you may feel honored, for indeed an honor it is, and we congratulate each of you for this achievement to be welcomed into your Galactic community.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

*Please note, in addition to the Galactic Federation of Light, I channel my Star Family from Tauri C once per week who are members of the Ashtar Command, and I have never claimed to channel Ashtar himself as several others do.*

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