Cosmic Awareness: Comet Elenin Updates – Jupiter and the Second Sun


QUESTIONER: Thank you, that’s most appreciated. We have a question from JL. He writes, “In an earlier issue of CAC this year I read that the comet/spaceship Elenin has dropped off certain entities on Earth and continued to Jupiter. Who or what are those entities? What is their purpose? Will they be contacting any of us humans?” Your comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: First of all, Elenin the hollowed out asteroid/ planetoid did indeed drop off others of the Galactic Federation, for it is known and was known and is being acted on now- that the times necessitate extra help to bring those who are ready into alignment with the new realities that will form when the Ascension process is complete. They also have known and do know that there will be great upheaval at this time and it is their intent, where they can in honor to their own principles, help as many as they can to shift and to adjust.

It is not the intent in this moment of time to present a First Contact scenario, for there is too much at stake at this moment, but there are many cases of connection and contact with members of the extraterrestrial Galactic Federation forces that have come down onto the planet with the intent to show themselves to more and more people, preparing them for that First Contact which will occur after the Ascension event. At that time the danger that is posed at this time by showing themselves will no longer exist, for they will not show themselves to the Planet B experiment. They will show themselves to those who have either gone on to the Planet A/B balanced experiment or to those who have achieved Ascension and are on Planet A. This is the plan.

It was recognized that they would at this time need more individuals on the spot to be of assistance and this was why the planetoid Elenin came, bearing those who would be of assistance in the times ahead. Does this answer the question sufficiently?


QUESTIONER: Yes it does, thank you. His second question is, “Secondly, if Jupiter is to become a second sun won’t that cause havoc on Earth? And also, is there a related timeframe for this occurrence?” Your thoughts please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: There are two ways, of course, of looking at this. If one chooses to simply stay in a physical orientation, then yes, this event could cause great havoc, for the addition of a secondary sun will greatly alter the cycles of planet Earth. There may be in some parts long extended periods of daylight, and night as it is now known will no longer exist in the same way and this could have big effects on a planet if this is only understood to be a physical event and those experiencing it see it only as a physical event.

Many assume that Planet B for some reason will have great physical darkness, but it is seen the opposite might be the case for many who are on Planet B. There will be almost 24 hour daylight which will destroy the order of life on the planet, for life is very dependent on the interchange of light and dark, the cycles of life. The night brings time for the planet to rest and to grow and to develop, and the light then speeds the process and moves along. If there were 24 hours of light, that cycle would be destroyed, and the planet will become desert-like as most surface vegetation would die off and only that which exists under domes of protection or underground in those areas where there is the light that is produced by the phosphorus lichens that are under the surface and artificial light that is used by those who inhabit certain areas of the inner planet of the hollow Earth would be able to grow crops and sustain a balance of life as it once was.

This is a version of what could occur on Planet B. This Awareness is not saying it is the only version but this is the negative result if one does not understand that this event will be of a spiritual nature more than a physical nature. Those who refrain from moving beyond their physicality and stay trapped in physical consciousness and belief will experience a havoc such as described in other versions, for it will create havoc. Those who understand and comprehend that the planet is ascending, and a new order of spiritual life begins, will not have this as their reality. The extra energy that is provided by a second sun in this solar system will find that it is about illumination. They will live more in their spirit bodies and not their physical bodies.

The destructive nature on the physical level of a second sun will not be so in the ascended scenario that is Planet A and even Planet A/B which will experience a shifting but not a destruction. These are all events that are yet to form and as there are so many different time tracks and timelines, many may not even experience Jupiter becoming a second sun for it is not part of the reality that they are to experience. That is why it is often so difficult for this Awareness to make a prediction for one timeline alone and apply it to all timelines, all experiences of reality where there are multitudes of experiences, infinite experiences of reality.

Even on the planet at this time there are 7 billion different versions of reality being experienced by each and every human being and no two experiences are exactly 100% the same. Thus it is with the events that are to unfold in the future. There will be variance in the experiencing of those events. Some indeed will experience a second sun as an experience that brings great havoc and some will experience it as an experience that will give great hope and illumination.

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