The Pleiadian High Council: Suppressed Revelations and Impending Changes

April 1, 2012

The Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac

You are hearing continual updates about the takedown of those who would strip your freedoms away from you in a heartbeat if allowed, and the process of this coming forth is indeed as harmonious and peaceful as it has been predicted to transpire. You all hold the keys as to how peaceful this endeavor plays out and as to how little chaos is manifested through your thoughts and emotions upon seeing the beginning revelations come to fruition.

We expect the overall excitement and stress levels of humanity to increases substantially upon the initial announcements, and this is because the scope of what is being done and what you will be informed of far surpasses that of the most historical events that got the attention of the general world.

What is being done at this point is something that has not been achieved on your world for so very long, and while there have been many tyrannical leaders falling from power on your world in many civilizations of your history, the extent to which these current dark souls are being brought down for good is showing that the Light quotient on Earth truly does make a difference, and whether or not one possesses an assumed intelligence and right to manipulate the general populace of any planet, the awakening that takes place eventually on each world will always serve to show that the Light will always be the ‘dominating’, transmuting force that sets all imbalances, both personal and planetary, straight on so very many levels.

The Divine assistance you are being given at this time far surpasses what you would expect. We are working on each and every level, and in many physical levels on Earth you are beginning to hear of the many allies we have in place who have remained anonymous but who have been working with all of themselves to bring the real, legal change forth in your physical reality that has been required and needed.

You have heard of the Divine and celestial aspects of the changes and what is currently happening though only to a certain extent, and through the various whistleblowers sharing what they know at this time you are also beginning to see a Lightening of the suppression of truth that has been deliberately perpetrated on Earth. Those who know the truth are ignoring the orders from the top and breaking rank with the unfair at best, veils of secrecy that has been fed and enforced through fear.

All those who know of revolutionary things are not allowed to talk, for reasons made out of thin air when the real reasons behind the suppression of so very many things are for control and for a sustained feeding of the elite class and of a presumed ‘betterness’ on the part of your dark than the rest of humanity.

The many revolutionary things you have been hearing about have been suppressed for far longer than you might think, and we could say that the ‘Star Trek’ reality could have in fact been a reality by your 1940s, but the very ideas and inventions of many things by many revolutionary scientists, the majority of which you never hear about, were either deliberately suppressed or fed into the program of the military industrial complex where such information remained classified except to the souls involved in such projects who are now coming forward in mass numbers with what they know and have experienced.

Many unawakened and discerning souls on your world see the practice of channeling guidance from ascended souls and guides as well as astral traveling with the power of your crown charkas as simple pseudoscience and pseudo-spirit, but the many programs instated by your military will show that the most intelligent people have been discovering and using such methods for the supposed ‘defense’ of their various powerful countries for decades.

That which you know as free energy-based inventions has been around since at the very most recent, your 1930s and in many cultures before your current society. The blueprints and templates for such inventions were presented before many and while such happenings and the knowledge of them are suppressed today, the revolutionary inventions of many inventors were again, suppressed for ‘national security’ reasons and in many cases funneled into the various military industrial complex projects as well as used and enjoyed by the elites of your world and only the elites of your world.

The very existence of such things has been kept secret while being used by the top elite classes for their own gain, and you have been kept on ancient ways to produce your own commodities and needs that such elite souls can make money off of while themselves using the better alternatives.

Now, the very existence of such revolutionary inventions that truly have been around for nearly a century in your current culture and available in much abundance in previous civilizations of your past; these inventions are beginning to be made known and while so very little is known about these revolutionary inventions that are to truly change your Lives as you know them on a collective and individual scale, when the beginning disclosures and revelations begin to come to the fore as they truly are to so very soon, you will hear about the inventions in depth and you will be shown these inventions and how they pair with your consciousness to produce that which you need.

This is the nature of most ascended technologies, and the pairing of consciousness [with technology] is something that has just began to be recognized and allowed for your mainstream world again. The elite souls on your world use such technologies themselves as they presume themselves the only souls worthy of using and benefitting from such inventions, but when the time comes you will all be able to use and test out and keep for yourselves such inventions that will change Life as you have known it on a mass scale.

The inventions specifically that produce food and can give shelter among doing so very many other things to sustain a comfortable living completely for free upon having such technologies, will be made standard and available to each an every soul of the surface of Dear Gaia. Many of the things you are to be graced with are in many cases, reparations for all that you have had to experience.

Regardless of the specifics of the suffering of each race upon Gaia, you have all been treated badly at many points in your history while being kept under the guise of peasants and ‘poor people’ and deliberately being made poor, while continually lining the pockets of those who keep you down through unfair taxations and a continual leeching of the abundance that is supposed to be available to the public and that has been illegally stolen from the public through occult means.

As you have been deliberately kept in states of poverty while being targeted for being in states of poverty, you are to be given many technologies and states of abundance that will more than make up for the extremes of poverty that have been experienced for so very long.

The karmic experiences of those who toil in poverty is coming to a close, and while there will be many souls who choose to depart Earths surface before the most noticeable changes begin, those souls who have been Living the most in poverty who decide to say on Gaia’s surface will be given such miraculous reparations for their suffering, and the poor states of Living and existing that they have been forced to toil around in will be changed dramatically and swiftly.

Our scribe has noticed much upsetting talk on the internet about the continued states of poverty of many poorer countries, and this is why we reiterate that upon the arrival of the mass abundance programs in any incarnation or label one wishes to assume onto such humanitarian projects, the poorest countries upon your Earth’s surface who have been noted will be taken care of in such a way that sees a comfortable lifestyle for each and every soul who has again, been forced to toil in almost nothingness.

We can anticipate now that the mere appearance of clean water in the many villages of many third world countries as well as the appearance of many humanitarian souls performing the mass giving of food, water and the many technologies you are to be graced with; the souls who have experienced such poverty are going to experience a joyous upliftment of all of their previously unperceivably-difficult surroundings, and the grid of darkness and density on dear Gaia is going to shrivel substantially upon the deliverance of such things to such souls, because their happiness will begin to feed into the Light Grid of dear Gaia in such marvelous ways.

As these happenings are experienced by these souls, subsequently in each and every area of Gaia’s surface that has been kept in poverty regardless of ‘how poor’ any area has been kept, the souls of such areas will experience an upliftment that will seem gradual at first upon the continual and for many, startling announcements that are to be routinely broadcasted and rebroadcasted as everything is soaked in.

The expansion and collective growth upon, during and after such announcements will see the Light quotient rise exponentially along with the rise of the Light quotient in the currently poverty-stricken areas who will again, also experience such upliftment.

The concept of working, not to line the pockets of a billionaire CEO, but to repair the state your world is in for the people of your planet will excite and draw many people into the various humanitarian projects that have begun to be started and that will be started upon the surface of your Earth. You will all have a choice as to which project you wish to throw your energies into and which Lighted endeavors you wish to include yourself in on your surface, because trust us dear souls there will be so many [projects] and you will all be kept so very busy, repairing your world and making it the better place that will see you all ascend with Gaia’s surface.

We anticipate all of humanity being quite busy, and it will be remarkable to note that the foggy veils of laziness and complacency that have binded most souls to their couches and televisions will be lifted marvelously upon the informing of humanity in its initial stages, and you will all rather be pumped-up and responding to the continually pure energies being sent through, as upon your exposure as a collective to new paradigms of knowledge and insight, you will also deep within yourself, begin to gain a Universal remembrance of all aspects of spirit and ascension that are connected to your beginning remembrance of such things that the initial announcements will be bringing you, and we know that you will enjoy this shift, this boost in consciousness as a collective and as individuals.

It will just go to show how powerful your collective powers of manifestation are; the fact that your shifts in awareness upon the announcements will see your very conscious perceptions rise in purity.

Returning to the discussion of the many projects that you will be undertaking as a collective on local, state, national and international levels, much of the projects that will occur will be in relation to cleansing Gaia’s surface of the densities and such that have been manifested.

There will be Earth changes as have been predicted, but we can assist Gaia in bringing such Earth changes about without the mass destruction that has been predicted by others. Many assume such perceived contradictions from ascended sources to be the fault of the various scribes [of such sources], and this is simply not so.

While we are different and various ascended Organizations, we do have different theories as to how events are going to play out on Earth as indeed, individuality is still retained in the higher realms [to an extent] and different opinions on things are still sustained, while recognizing the aspect of the One that we truly all are past such perceived differences in opinions.

There are Lighted souls and Organizations assisting Earth at this time who do think and do foresee matters on Earth differently than other souls, and there are even ascended souls within the same Lighted organizations who possess differences in opinion on the coming Earth changes, among many other things.

There are again, higher dimensional souls apart of these organizations who do feel that when the Earth changes come, we should not use our technologies to mitigate the damage and rather bring you dear souls to the Inner Earth and to our star and Motherships while the cleansing takes place, and there are those of us who feel that the damage should be mitigated in favor of a collective experience and remembrance of the lower vibrations that have been manifested that would and will cause such Earth changes whether they are massive in damage or not, but either way one crucial factor remains in place and that is that each and every one of you will be kept safe and will not experience yourselves the severity of the Earth changes.

We would like to reiterate what we just said, because it is important in the context of how many will read this message in relation to the Earth changes: You will not be harmed in either scenario; the damage will either be mitigated yet still experienced on a smaller scale in favor of you all as collective experiencing your lower dimensional manifestations and the alleviation of such manifestations in a less severe way, or you will be allowed to come aboard our ships or visit the Inner Earth while such changes take place as needed.

Either way, Earth changes are needed so that Gaia can shake off the density that has been manifested on Her surface for so very long, and upon the transmutation and shaking-off of the energies, you will indeed experience and inhabit the fifth dimensional Eden that Gaia has truly always been.

We would strongly recommend nobody on Earth worry themselves too much with the aspect of the Earth changes, as each and every factor is being discussed with this subject and with so many others, and we can feel what the majority on your world want in relation to the manifesting and possible mitigating of the Earth changes and we will act based on what you as a collective want.

That is the beauty of this entire event; while we are discussing such factors and what should be done amongst ourselves, upon the informing humanity you will still all be given the choices and presented the situation that we speak to you of in this message.

What we mean by this is that we will present the situation of the impending Earth changes before you upon informing you of so many other things, and one of the first beginning crucial decisions that you will all have to make as a newly-reformed and remembered planetary collective, will be that of what you wish to do about the Earth changes.

What we are saying here may seem to go against what other sources have been telling you, and this is because again while we are all higher dimensional and a part of the Supreme all-Loving One, we will still possess differences of opinion and insight on these matters and we look forward so dearly to consulting the newly-remembered planetary collective consciousness of dear Earth [on such matters].

You are all going to remember back to the roots that you carry within and it is going to be such a beautiful, such a joyous reunion not just with us, your Star Family and with your Ascended Masters and Guides, but we speak as well of the reunions that each and every one of you on Earth are going to experience with each other.

You are going to remember that you are all One and you are going to begin to come together as One to begin to fix the state your world is in, and again one crucial decision in that avenue will be whether you wish to see the Earth changes mitigated slightly or whether you wish to go about your introduction to the Inner Earth and to our star and Motherships by [being taken and introduced to] such places upon the beginnings of the Earth Changes that would impact Earth in the ways needed to shake off Her collectively-manifested low vibrations over various periods of your time.

Either way, you will be introduced to our Starships and Motherships and you will be introduced to the realms of the Inner Earth, and such things will be covered in explicit detail once the initial announcements kick off, and our existence among many other higher dimensional and celestial insights and revelations will come after the explanation of how your world has been run and manipulated by the souls known by many names, most recognizably the Illuminati.

We wish not to focus too much at this time on the covering of the announcements that expose these souls because you will be seeing such announcements so very shortly. Rather, we wish to give an explanation of the aspect of the announcements in which you will be introduced through video to our Starships and Motherships and our existence as well as the existence of the Inner Earth and so very many other things.

You will be introduced to such matters upon the initial announcements, and this will be a beginning, foundational introduction for when the right time comes and you have the collective decisions to make in relation to the Earth changes discussed before.

You will again get to choose whether you wish to experience the physical, in-person introduction to us, our craft and the Inner Earth that the announcements will have provided the foundation for by going up on our craft and visiting the Inner Earth during the Earth changes, or whether you wish to have such changes mitigated and experience the revealing of our craft and your trips to the Inner Earth in a different manner. Either way, you will get to experience such things as has been decreed and we are so very excited for such things to take place.

So dear souls, we again implore you not to worry about the ‘Earth changes’ aspect of this whole event for what happens on Earth is entirely in your hands, and while different channels and ascended sources have predicted different things in relation to these events, each prediction given through each channel fits in to the overall aspect of our beginning to inform you of such changes, so it could be soaked-in and expressed through a channeled source that indeed these changes are necessary and needed, but how they will manifest is decided by each and every one of you and you will have the full authority in conjunction with Gaia as to how such events play themselves out.

We needed certain sources to come out with the bold prediction of such Earth changes to ‘jar’ you awake so to speak, to the reality that such changes are needed as this has been expressed through many sources but not in as eye-opening of a way that certain recent sources have brought these needed events to your attention. We are glad to have been able to step in now and let you know that indeed, such changes are needed but again, the decisions as to how they manifest will be left up to each and every one of you [as a collective].

We have seen the debate on your internet as to how such changes will be brought about, and we wish you to know that such decisions will be brought to the fore of the public perception in due time after the initial announcements in relation to the impending Earth changes and so very many other things that are to happen to your world.

Each and every event that manifests itself from here on out on a collective and individual level is happening in accordance with the decreed ascension of the surface of Gaia and the decreed freedom of all on Her surface, so rest easy dear souls knowing that the Light you are bringing into yourselves by resting easy and feeling happy is assisting marvelously in the exposure of the dark and in the manifesting of all that you have wished to see come to fruition. It is all happening right now dear souls; embrace the change that lies ahead of you now.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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