Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 112

By Aisha North

We will now take the opportunity to give you all a few glimpses into your distant past, as this might shed some light on your future as well. You see, you have come a long way from your not so humble beginnings, as you are all citizens of a universe that far surpasses any understanding you can have of it as yet. It will be complicated to try to bring your head around the information we will divulge today, but rest assured that this is indeed something that will come naturally to you when the time is right.

This is not new information to any of you, as you all harken from very distant shores to the one you are currently occupying, but up until now, this knowledge has been carefully hidden away, lest it should give you too much trouble in your current way of life. As you may well know by now, living out lifetimes as a human being on a planet so sorely surpressed from its glorious history is not an easy task, and it would be made even more impossible to go through if you had access to the complete history of your origins. Then, the tempation to give up this quest of fulfilling the need for the Earth’s raising into the next level would be more than you could resist, therefore you have all been kept in the dark as it were to the truth about yourselves.

You see, if you could see everything in its true light, the grime and fear that encompasses so many human hearts would be too much to bear, and you would have fled these shores a long, long time ago. But now, the time has come to remind you of your brilliance, and as such, the veils that have been obscuring these truths will be lifted one by one, and you will for the first time as humans be able to see into the distant past, or rather, into the distant future. For the truth is, even if you have spent many a lifetime covering many a century on this little planet, you have come here from a place that resides far, far into the future, so you are indeed time travellers in more ways than one. This will be difficult to grasp for some, but let us just remind you that the concept of time that you all adhere to in your world is something that no other living being feels beholden to. In other words, time is not the defined, limited concept you take it to be, therefore, it is indeed impossible to place one event before another. To us, they are simultaneous events, but they are being played out on different planes, therefore, jumping back and forth between these timelines is a talent we have spent much time perfecting. So as to your concept of time, we all do indeed talk to you from the future, just as you yourselves indeed can watch in astonishment and awe as another of your personas plays his or her part in this ongoing drama here on Planet Earth.

Again, this will sound confusing to many, but we also think that to others, this concept of multiple personas inhabiting multiple levels, or dimensions, if you will, is one that they have some inkling to already, therefore, knowing that it is indeed only one aspect of yourself that is currently going around amongst other fellow humans will not be hard to grasp. In addition, your so-called ”higher self” is simultaneously living out other realities in quite different localities all around creation, but we would like to let you in on a little secret now: All of these fragments of yourself that is not currently being harboured inside of that frail human body is very, very interested in just what that fragment is doing, so there is so much vested interest in this scenario being played out in the year of 2012 on Planet Earth. In other words, you are indeed the center of attention, not only from all of us, but also from all of YOU.

For many, this concept of ”higer self” and different aspects of that ”self” is something they have pondered much about already, and to them, the insight that you are in so many ways helping and supporting yourselves by way of all of these other aspects will not come as a surprise. We have heard many times the question ”who are you?”. In other words, people have wanted to establish the identity of all of us faceless beings currently communicating with humanity trough channels such as the one we are using now, and the answer to that is simply: we are YOU. We are YOU in every nuance and fragment of your being, and we are YOU in every way you can dream of. Therefore, you are also US, and we are in no way alien to each other. We have just kept the ability to connect with the totality that makes up All of creation, whilst you have been separated from the same for so long. But now, the time has come to reconnect you, the lost ones, to the rest of YOU, and you will once again feel complete.

We are well aware that todays message will leave more lingering questions than it will give answers to, but we would like to say that this is only the first of many, many messages that will help to close this gap of confusion. In addition, you will be brought closer to us all by other means as well, and for most of you, direct communication will soon be the rule. In other words, in addition to these messages that will speak to you all, you will get individual updates directly by other forms of communication. This will happen in controlled settings, where you can be exposed to the truth as it were in a form that you can digest and take in at your leisure.

Let us leave it at that for now, even if we can already here the clamoring of voices asking all sorts of questions on this topic. That will come in due time, but for now, let us all say that it is indeed a pleasure to see you all lighten up at the prospect of this, the final reunion, and we are all more than eager to welcome you all back into your families. You have been sorely missed dear ones, but you are also applauded for being the brave pioneers you truly are. For no one has trodden on the path you are all so valiantly going forward on, and to us, no one could be more worthy of acclaim. For we all know you so well. You are after all the most cherished part of ourselves.

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