Nibiru Approaches: 2012 & Beyond – Timeline of Interaction

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The Elenin object (s) crossed Saturn’s orbit on 29 May 2009 with Nibiru 8 AU behind it and well into Uranus’ orbit.

About two years later, at the time of writing, 30 June 2011, the core of Nibiru should have crossed Saturn’s orbit, even as its harbinger, Elenin, crossed Mar’s orbit about 8 AU ahead of it. This tells us that Nibiru is about two years behind Elenin. However, we should be careful with this accelerating faster and faster due to our star’s magnetic pull. Thus, this two-year gap between them will undoubtedly be decreasing at an ever increasing rate as their proximity to the Sun and Earth also decreases. Let’s assume their velocity doubles by the time they get here, having the length of time it would take Nibiru to reach Earth. This means Nibiru could then reach us one year after Elenin, instead of two years.

On 4 July 2011: Saturn was well within the radius and grip of the outer magnetic field.

The image shows how Nibiru’s magnetic field should appear to a viewer on Earth in the sky of 28 July 2011 if he should see it. The aproximate positions of Nibiru and Elenin are also shown.
16 August 2011: Mars also enters the field. With the red planet still a bit far from the Sun’s glare, though heading towards it, perhaps something may be gleaned stirring in its atmosphere from then onwards.
Nirbiru’s magnetic field reaches the Sun around 18 August 2011, just as the Elenin object crosses Venus’ orbit. Perhaps solar activity would begin to erupt at this stage.


3 September 2011: Sun completely eclipses Nibiru, obscuring it from all possible view from the Earth. This also marks a direct alignment between the Earth, Sun and Nibiru. While we are on the other side of the Sun from Nibiru, the Sun’s magnetism may act as a shield. However, once we orbit over to the other side of the Sun over the course of the following six months, we will no longer e able to benefit from the shield and will thus be totally exposed to Nibiru.
11 September 2011: Nibiru will be about midway between Saturn and Jupiter’s orbit and even as Elenin reaches perihelion, from that point it begins to hurtle back into Nibiru’s magnetic sphere as it is hurled in that direction by the Sun’s anti-clockwise-rotating magnetic field. From this point, Elenin can no longer be used as a reference point for the leading edge of Nibiru’s magnetic field because it is falling farther and farther into it in a direction directly opposite that of the core, which is still moving towards the Sun and Earth. At this point, the Earth is still outside the field but it set on an inescapable collision with it.

27 September 2011: Earth plummets into Nibiru’s magnetic field. Still behind the Sun’s shield, so the intensity on Earth is lessened.
Elenin is flying between the Sun and Earth in an alignment that also involves the Moon, Mercury and Urnaus. There are other secondary alignments and near alignments that altogether create a grand conjunction involving directly or indirectly all nine planets in the solar system! Many things are lining up.
Below: the point of view from the morning of 27 Septmeber showing the alignment of Earth with its moon, Elenin, Sun and Mercury (and Uranus too, which is ‘behind’ the Earth).

Nibiru’s magnetic shell (painted red here) and core (cyan and white) should look about that big in the sky from 8 AU away if they were visible to the naked eye of the observer on Earth. Notice the ‘mini’ gamma ray bursts from both poles of it look like wings from the observer’s POV-like the winged disk or red-horned sun described and depicted by the ancients. The Earth is now within the outer magnetic sphere of Nibiru, indicated by the red hue upon it.
16 October 2011: Elenin reaches perigee. Nibiru increases in acceleration towards the Sun.

It’s coming!” thunders Paul Begley, a preacher at Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Ind., in a YouTube video. “It’s on its way and right in the middle of the Feast of the Trumpets, it is going to come through and get in between the Earth and the sun.”
“We’ve only known about this thing six months, folks,” he continued, reflecting the fact the comet was discovered here in the U.S. by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on Dec. 10, 2010, at International Scientific Optical Network’s robotic observatory near Mayhill, N.M.
Begley wondered aloud what sort of physical effect the comet might have.
“Will there be some type of magnetic pull? Will the poles shift? Will there be some type of pull of gravity that creates earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes and hurricanes and tornadoes and cyclones and mudslides, forest fires? What’s gonna go on?”
He notes the comet’s nearest point to Earth will take place Oct. 16, during the Feast of Tabernacles, according to today’s Jewish calendar.
“I’m here to tell you right now, we’re getting closer and closer and closer and closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” Begley said.
In the New Testament, Jesus predicted celestial signs concerning the end of this current age and His return to Earth to govern the kingdom of God.
“And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.” (Mark 13:25-26)
“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” (Luke 21:11)
A article noted, “Internet rumors about Elenin began spreading earlier this year. Its approach to Earth was blamed for shifting the Earth’s axis by 3 degrees in February, precipitating the Chile earthquake, then shifting the pole even more to trigger the Japan quake in March.”

11 March 2012: A repeat of Elenin’s alignment with the Earth and Sun exactly a year earlier that caused the Japan quake! With Nibiru many orders of magnitude more powerful than Elenin, we can only speculate what carnage this alignment will cause, especially considering the Earth is right between the electriv connections (‘magnetic portals’) flowing to and from it and the Sun. This is also the closest Earth gets to Nibiru until perigee.
20 March 2011: Nibiru closes in on Mars and at the same time finally catches Jupiter in its magnetic net.

28 June 2012: Nibiru finally lets go of Saturn. The ringed planet had been in its magnetic grip for over a year and a half. Mars continues to flee from Nibiru even as the object, right on the red planet’s heels, crosses its orbit.
3 August 2012: Nibiru crosses Earth’s orbit. It begins to close in on us as its forward speed continues to be accelerated by the Sun’s pull.

20 August 2012: It crosses Venus’ orbit.

11 September 2012: It reaches perihelion to the Sun. This marks the most intense stage of the long battle between the two titans. Their magnetic, electric and even radiation (light) fields come into direct opposition and the effects of such a monumental clash will certainly reverberate across and be felt by all the planets in the vicinity.

27 September 2012: Nibiru comes directly between the Sun and Earth. Unlike Elenin a year ago, it is right on the ecliptic and will therefore completely eclipse the Sun. The Earth will not be very much at the mercy of this immense object’s magnetism. At this point and since several days prior as Nibiru drew nearer, Earth should already be tipping severely and abnormally as its north pole is repelled by Nibiru’s at the same time its southern counterpart is attracted.
16 October 2012: Nibiru reaches perigee. At this proximity of 0.232 AU, it is close enough to exert 72% of the magnetic influence of the Sun. However, it is likely that Earth will not be flipped by 259 degree but rather may be an equilibrium reached between Nibiru’s north pole repelling our north pole. Effectively, the Earth could be completely turned by 180 degree from its natural inclination.

22 November 2012: Nibiru aligns with Earth and the Sun. It will also be trying to pull Earth with it out of the solar system. This will be a literal tug-of-war between it and the Sun.
21 December 2012: The infamous dates sees the earth approaching an alignment between the Sun and Elenin, and Nibiru also aligning between the Sun and Jupiter-all from the same general direction in space. It’s as if the objects have conspired together to pull at the Sun. The magnetic stress on the star must be immense, especially with the combined forces of the two largest bodies (next to the Sun) in the solar system, Nibiru and Jupiter involved! Note: at this stage the distance between Nibiru and Elenin should be decreasing as Elenin decelerating while Nibiru is accelerating as it has just been flung out of the solar system by the Sun.

28 December 2012: the double alignments are perfect.
28 July 2013: Nibiru approaches Jupiter in what looks like a head-on collision course!

5 August 2013: Nibiru’s magnetic shell slams into Jupiter! This makes Jupiter the first and only planet in the entire solar system to experience the full brunt of the stringest and most intense magnetic forces whirling within Nibiru’s ‘inner eyewall’.
Note that this is NOT a solid on solid collision because the solid core of Nibiru, the planet itself, it more than 0.1 AU (14,959,800 km) away from Jupiter, which is still a considerable distance (almost half the distance between Venus and Earth’s orbits). Of course, Jupiter will try to put up a (futile) fight with its own magnetic field but with Nibiru’s magnetism being 41.3 times stronger this is no contest! It’s therefore a complete no-brainer who will win this match.
20 August 2013: Jupiter is trying to escape from Nibiru’s inner eyewall. It may be able to do so because Nibiru is thankfully losing forward momentum at this point. Jupiter, being the largest planet in the solar system, is the only one capable of at least surviving (albeit not in scathed) this extremely intense encounter.

3 September 2013: Jupiter is slowly but surely drawing away from the clutches of the inner eyewall, even as Nibiru itself crosses the Jovian planet’s orbit at approximately 0.2 AU or 29,919,600 km behind it.
11 September 2013: Jupiter finally escapes. This might be a good time to observe the damage dealt to the gas giant.

22 November 2013: The inner solar system is still within Nibiru’s magnetosphere.

7 January 2018: Nibiru and Elenin are both on their way out of the solar system. Nibiru’s magnetosphere finally begins to recede from the inner solar system and should be completely depart from it sometime during 2018, after wrecking havoc over the course of seven undoubtedly tumultuous years since 2011.

The weaker and larger part of Nibiru’s magnetic field (the outer ‘rainbands’), however, should continue to affect us for many years to come just as it did in the years and decades leading up to 2012. The only difference is that instead of the effects getting worse, because Nibiru was then on an inbound trajectory, they will be waning, because the colossal planet is outbound at this point.

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  1. When all of this takes place, will we be made aware of this by the authorities? We have a right to know what will be happening on our planet.

    • I wouldn’t count on it, but who knows… anything could happen.


  2. you sure know how to bullshit its now june 11th 2012 and im not feeling anything different going on with our planet your some dreamer to come up with all this crap info, seriously get a grip and stop trying drum up attention for your self

  3. In Islam there were no prophecy about Nibiru as a major sign of end of days. But we believe that we are at the end of time since 1433 years ago. The major sign will be Imam mahdi, Dajjal (the anti christ), the return of Isa (jesus), appearance yajuj n majuj ( gog n magog), huge land slide in the east n west n arabian peninsula, the appearance of a beast, the smoke, the rising sun from the west, the fire.
    During Imam mahdi era, we will see evil from damascus syria, the great battle, battle in Constantinople. Now we witness the rise of evil from Damascus.
    Imam mahdi him self will appear upon the death of a king in Saudi where there will be great disturbance.
    Huge land slide in the east we already witness which caused the great tsunami in indonesia n japan. The west land slide will probably be the western region of north america or south ( we already witness the great chili earth quake which caused great tsunami).

  4. Oh, I’m sure that all of those particular dates and detail of those astronomical/astrophysical phenomena were arrived at through stringent peer review and actual deductive reasoning and not just pulled out of the bunghole of some doomsday addict calling it the wrath of the Imaginary Man in the Sky.

    This all sounds /completely/ legit.


    I am wholly convinced despite the fact that I just rolled my eyes so hard, I pulled my inferior obliques.

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