Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – March 13th, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles

Fear is not our only task that we must overcome together. There are many other important tasks that must be accomplished, and overcoming fear will allow us to begin working together in order to accomplish what needs to be done. Your planet and your society are set to begin many changes that will uproot much of what you have come to understand as your reality. These changes will be very difficult for many of your world to assimilate, and one of the most important projects that must be accomplished is for us to assist these individuals in making this transition as smooth as possible.

You, our Lightworkers, are in a far greater position to accomplish this task than we are from our positions within the higher realms. As we have said, there are many tasks that we are better suited for, but it is important for you to understand that there are also tasks that you are much better suited than we. It is you that could reach these souls and communicate with them clearly. They will also far greater relate to you than to us, and it is upon you at this time to give this area of your lives your greatest attention and focus as the time for the implementation of some of these great changes is at hand.
We ask for all hands on deck at this time to do what it is that you can do, to do what it is that you have trained long and hard for, to be of service to humanity at this, their time of need.  You have the tools at your disposal, and these tools have been created and purposely seeded into your reality to be used at this time. You are asked to now utilize them to their fullest potential and reach out and connect to as many of your brothers and sisters as is possible and explain to them what is transpiring, and will continue to transpire, all around them.
This is essential, as this is the next phase of the operation that must be completed satisfactorily before any further steps can proceed. All eyes are upon you. We await your world to be adequately prepared before we can launch the next phases of our operation. We say to you again that it is not you that are waiting on us; it is we that are awaiting satisfactory results of this part of your mission. You are all doing a wonderful job, and we appreciate each and every one of you for giving this part of the operation your attention and your sincerest efforts.
This part of the operation will reach a successful conclusion; there can be no other way. The only factor is when this task will be accomplished. We eagerly await the implementation of the next phases of the overall operation and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are fully prepared and standing by to begin these next stages of the plan.
Please recruit as many of your brothers and sisters as is possible to assist with this phase of the operation. The more of you that participate in this project, the faster it will be accomplished. We suggest to you that when you share this information with others either through a personal interaction or posting in any of a number of your online social networks that you also ask them to do their part and share this information with as many as they can. This will keep the ball rolling and create a snowball effect that will continue to roll all around your world.
You know what needs to be done, you know you can do it, and we know you can do it. We have nothing but faith in you. This is one of the most difficult phases of this complex operation and we assure you that once this area of the plan is completed, the next phases of the operation will commence quickly, and each continuing phase of the plan will fall into place like tumbling dominoes as there will be nothing or no one that will be able to slow our progress in any way. You have this to look forward to upon the successful completion of your very important task at hand. Again, please give this your focus and complete attention. Do not let the myriad of 3rd dimensional distractions deter you from your chosen assignments.
You were all chosen to be here at this time for this very purpose, and we know that you desire to do all you can do and complete every assignment asked of you. We know this is not an easy task, and we know that many of you fear of ridicule at the hands of others, but we tell you that this did not bother you before you began your incarnations, and this will not bother you after all see that you spoke the truth. The anxiety that some of you may feel at this present time doing this kind of work is merely temporary, and only an aspect of your 3rd dimensional consciousness structures. These lower dimensional emotions that many of you are feeling today do not play a role in your lives beyond this 3rd dimensional illusion. Do your best to always keep this in mind as you do your work, and allow this understanding to strengthen your resolve and determination to get your job done.
Remembering where it is you come from and how far you have traveled to be here will help you overcome some of the challenges of these 3rd dimensional emotions that act as hurdles for you along the path of your journey here. Always remember, that each of you is far more and far greater than you could possibly understand that this time, and try to see these debilitating emotions as harmful and not conducive to your work here and must be overcome for you to reach your fullest potential as a Lightworker and a soul on your long journey through creation. You must learn to control your emotions and better use them as a tool for your learning and your growth throughout your experiences. You must learn not to allow emotions to control you and to run your life. You must overcome these emotions by understanding them better, understanding where they are coming from, and what is causing them.
Try to look at the emotions you are feeling from a state of detachment, and not get swept up in them as they rise to the surface. Take a step back from them and look at them without prejudice, without bias, and without them being your own. Look at them non-judgmentally, and observe them and analyze them and see them for what they are; limiting aspects of your journey that are detrimental if not controlled and used properly.
Your emotions can be beautiful, they can be meaningful, and they can be positive, but your emotions can also be harmful, dangerous and detrimental to your existence when they begin to bubble up to the surface. Take a moment to calm yourself, stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. Think to yourself ‘Here comes an emotion. What is it? Why am I feeling it, and what is causing this?’ Try to see this emotion as part of the illusion. It is not real, and it is not helpful to you. Continue to breathe and continue to think about this emotion before you act upon it. Tell yourself ‘Self, do not act upon this emotion until I fully analyze it, and I will wait until this emotion settles back down before I take any action that may be detrimental to my experience and that I will later regret.’
We suggest to you to reread these words over and over again until they become part of your psyche and a new tool that you may add to the many new tools you are adding to your toolbox. Use this tool whenever your emotions begin to bubble to the surface and practice using this tool over and over again until it becomes second nature to you to use without you even having to think about, whenever a situation causes you to react emotionally to it. This will be one of the greatest steps you take as a 3rd dimensional human and we say to you that learning to control your emotions will be one of the greatest achievements you have accomplished here throughout your many incarnations.
You have learned much and have accomplished much here throughout your lives within physicality, and much of what you have had to learn and indoor has been part of your learning curve necessary to control your emotions. If you look back over your lives, many of you will see how often your emotions got the best of you and how a situation that turned bad could have been easily avoided if you would have been able to adequately control your emotions.
We ask you to review at this time instances of your past where you could have better controlled your emotions and ask yourself what could have been the outcome and what outcome could have been avoided if I would have been able to successfully control my emotions. We feel you will learn a great deal from this exercise and we encourage you to look back into your past, but very importantly, through the eyes of emotional detachment. We do not wish for you in any way to become emotionally attached to these memories of your past, especially when reviewing instances when things did not go well for you. This is an exercise for you to learn how to better control your emotions today, and we do not wish for you to relive emotions that can be disturbing or painful as this is not conducive at all to your betterment. We advise you strongly to avoid this and only review your past experiences through a calm and balanced state of emotional attachment.
Reviewing these past episodes and allowing emotions such as guilt or shame to bubble to the surface can be very harmful to you, and if you are experiencing difficulty reviewing these past episodes from the safe distance of detachment, then we suggest to you to stop this exercise and come back to it at a later time when you can better review these experiences from a distance. We do suggest to you to practice this exercise from time to time as the benefits for you will be worth the effort. As you continue on into the days ahead there will be experiences that will be both challenging and adventurous, and we say to you that you will reap the greatest potential from these experiences through a calm and balanced state and this can only be accomplished once you learn to properly control your emotions. We look forward to meeting you in the days ahead and we also look forward to seeing this side of you as you confidently control your emotions. This will allow for a far more beneficial working relationship together and open the door for you to receive all the gifts of your new world.
There are challenges up ahead that will force you to face your emotions, and having learned to better control them will be greatly beneficial to you and those around you that you will be able to assist. It will take solid minds, brave hearts, and calm nerves to handle the events up ahead and you have the opportunity to take a great step towards the desired outcome by more effectively controlling your emotions, and it all starts now by working to control them today. What you are able to accomplish will be greatly tested in the days ahead, and you will find reward for all your efforts today.
Avoid using your last days as a training ground for the misuse of uncontrolled emotions. Instead, use the challenges up ahead as your stage to showcase your newly honed talents to confidently control your emotions. Your world is indeed a stage and all of you will be in the spotlight for the final act of your performance. We will be here with you as the final curtain comes down, and rises again for the opening act of your new show.
All that is not conducive to higher dimensional living will be ridden of, as nothing of a lower dimensional nature will be able to make the transition. This is not meant to induce panic or fear, as there is no reason for you to become concerned for yourself or for loved ones. All will move to where they rightfully belong according to their advancement, and there are many different ways to travel to where it is that suits your vibrational frequency. Concern yourselves only with each successive task at hand, and all will play out precisely as it should, according to carefully laid plans.
Do not allow yourselves to feel fear about where it is you will be going. All is and will be as it should. There is a perfect place and a perfect time for getting there for every individual according to the lessons and experiences that better suits them at this stage of their development. This universe is perfect in its design in this way, where every soul receives just what they require for their advancement. Continue on being assured of this and confident that all will receive what is perfect for them at the perfect time, as all is perfect in this, the Creator’s universe.
We are quite prepared to face every challenge before us, and with your assistance we will achieve each goal in order of its necessity as you approach ascension. That is what all this is leading to, and that is what all this is about. At the appropriate time, we will speak at great length of ascension and exactly what it will entail for you, but for now, let us focus on the pressing matters of the day.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
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