Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – March 8th, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles

Members everywhere of the forces of light can begin to celebrate. There is yet much work to be done, but we are reaching a successful conclusion to phase 1 of our overall operation. Our goal, in part, was to dismantle the large fighting forces ruled by your dark Cabal, and then remove from seats of power as many members of these criminal organizations of your society as is possible. You will soon see many media reports of the latter, and this will also tell you that we have effectively dismantled the space forces of your Cabal as well as their Earth and space-based weaponry. As we have said, celebrations will certainly be in order upon news of these arrests and we do encourage this, as this event is hoped to be a wave that washes over the planet that awakens so many yet soundly in slumber.
Your work as Lightworkers will not be over either, but you all deserve a day to celebrate when you see for yourselves the payoff for all your hard work. We wish to celebrate with you, but this will have to wait until the next phase of the operation reaches its successful conclusion. We will immediately begin this next phase of the plan as we see the members of your Cabal being taken into custody to face the many charges against them.
There will be scores of these arrests and there will be a mountain of legal proceedings to follow, however, we wish to inform you that we will be overseeing these proceedings and they will move forward quickly and efficiently with no delays or stall tactics permitted. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with justice throughout these proceedings, and we, along with our dedicated Earth allies, will see to that. Too much rides on this to allow the games and legal maneuverings so effective for the Cabal in the past to play a part any longer in your world. They are out of tricks and out of delays. They will now face the justice that has always been inevitable for them. We told them this clearly from the very beginning, but their arrogance got the better of them and they believed they could avoid all attempts to bring them to trial for their crimes. They were wrong. They also conceitedly believed that nothing or no one could stop their New World Order from manifesting in your world. They have now learned that they were wrong about that as well.
The education they are receiving is not yet over either, as there are many new lessons awaiting them as these proceedings move forward. The manner in which evidence is presented against them and the way justice is dispensed are two aspects of these criminal proceedings that they are unaccustomed to. As we have mentioned all along and fully explained to them many times from the very beginning, they will not prevail by defense of high-priced legal teams, connections within the criminal justice system, or attempts to coerce or manipulate this process. These men and women were unsuccessfully persuaded to surrender long ago, and for their peaceful cooperation, they were to receive a certain amount of leniency for their crimes. Time and again they refused our more than generous offers as they arrogantly continued to plot and scheme against us and against you. They will now receive the full punishment for their crimes as far as we are concerned, as we also have matters of justice with these individuals.
Their punishments meted out for their crimes against you will be decided by you, as this is the way it should be. You were the victims of these many crimes and as such it will be upon you as a collective to decide what is adequate compensation for these injustices as well as what you believe to be suitable rehabilitation. These proceedings will move along swiftly as we wish to clear the table of this entire matter before your ascension into the higher realms. This may seem quite impossible based on the manner in which your legal systems have dispensed with cases, but we assure you we have more effective methods of justice which will allow these criminal hearings to move ahead rapidly.
Please continue to do all you can do to spread forewarning of these arrests and what they will mean to the people of your world. We assure you time is running out for this part of your mission. Turn the intensity up in your efforts, as you are just about to make it all happen. This will be the moment so many of you have waited on for so long, and we are just as excited as you at what this will mean for the people of your world.
In the days following these arrests, many announcements will begin informing the people of your world what these arrests are all about and what this means to your people. Several of your media outlets will be assisting with this process to inform the populations of many countries around your world, and we will continue to relay messages throughout our channels as well. In time, we will be addressing your people directly as there is very much to discuss and this will be the most effective way to reach a very large audience.
As we have said, there are many important projects to get underway as soon as is possible, and upon the news of these arrests we will immediately begin these next stages of the overall mission. We ask at this time that all of you who are interested in working with us stay prepared and begin making arrangements at home that will facilitate your new careers. You will be away from your homes and away from your current jobs at least during your working hours with us, and the details of this will be made known to you at the proper time, but we do wish you to understand that after you witness these arrests all matters will begin to move ahead with far greater speed than they may have appeared to you over the last months and years.
We ask you to stay alert and prepare for many changes to your daily routines as much of your lives are about to change, and these changes will continue until the lives you know today will be barely recognizable from your new lives as members of your Galactic community. We look so forward to extending our hand and welcoming your planet to our Galactic society, and we tell you that you are earning your membership each and every day. It has been a very long journey for your people, and we tell you that you will soon see how every moment of it has been well worth what you have gone through personally, as well as a collective society. Many worlds have experienced what you are about to experience, and we are very excited to be a part of this. We have also worked very hard to see you reach this point, and our reunion together will surely be cause for a mutual celebration.
Continue to pave the way for this reunion by spreading the news of the arrests of the members of the Cabal and of our presence here in your world. Mainstream news of these arrests will be breaking soon, and we ask you to continue to monitor your media outlets and share with each other the identities of those media companies that will be covering this event that will soon become evident to many of you.
This will surely be a very exciting time for many of you, and we would very much like to see as many of you as possible enjoying these news reports and joining in celebrations which we feel are very much called for. This is your moment. You have earned it, all of you, and we wish to see you all enjoying this moment together. It is been a long and tough road for all of you, and we tell you that this part of your journey is about to reach its end. It will be a new road for you, with new challenges, adventures, and rewards waiting for you, and it all begins just up ahead. Keep moving forward. You are almost there.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
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