Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 97

By Aisha North

First of all, let us take this opportunity to congratulate you all on completing another installment of this saga. You might not be aware of this, but you have just finished downloading another increment of the literally life-changing bouts of energy that is constantly being beamed not only into you, but also the whole of your planet. It might not feel like much at the moment, but this bout of boosting codes where amongst the most important ones you have received up until now. As you might be aware of, this year titled 2012 is the one that has been designed as the year of 0, or the year where everything is shifting into a new dimension, in more ways than one. You have only reached the beginning of the third month of this year, but already so much has been changed it could fill almost a lifetime of a so-called ”normal”  human being.

We are well aware that for many, these changes seems to be obscure to say the least, as they cannot fathom that anything at all has changed in their life, at least nothing that can be detected by a superficial scrutiny of everyday life. But, as always, we do not refer to superficial changes, we refer to those monumental shifts taking place not only inside of you, but inside your planet as well, and we can gurantee that nothing on this magnitude has ever taken place in any of these forementioned locations before.

Some of you have already detected this, as a sort of swell starting to come in from the horizon. You can feel the movements as something huge indeed, but you cannot pinpoint where this movement originates from, neither what it is really doing. It is a little like being on the back of  a huge animal slowly moving across uneven ground whilst being blindfolded. You can feel the slow and steady rhythm of the steps and the undeniable force beneath you, but you have no sense of direction or of time. So too is this process moving ahead, with a seemingly low but undeniable steady and unstoppable forward momentum. Soon, these waves of incoming energies will force these movements further into your field of vision, and you will start to see more of the effects of these swells, but we defy anyone that say that they are unable to detect any of these undulations at least once during a normal day. Some have likened it to standing in the middle of a river moving slowly but steadily towards a hidden horizon, others to being inside a huge wave slowly building upwards as it approaches the shore. It is at times exhilarating and frustrating, as you can disctinctively feel that something big and powerful has taken hold of you and is transporting you somewhere, whereas you are totally unable to detect any trace either of this ”beast” or the direction you are being transported in.

To some, this will engender a measure of fear, as you are constanly being told the virtues of keeping control over you life, and this thing you are riding now is clearly something totally beyond anything you can have a say in. Do not let this fool you into thinking that you have been kidnapped by something that will take you away to a place where you have no wish to be taken, nothing could be further from the truth. You have in fact been allowed aboard the train to tomorrow, and the feeling you have now is a confirmation that the train has certainly left the station and is gathering momentum to take you all to that place you have been longing to go for such a long time.

Again, much of this journey will be kept in the dark as it were, that is, we will not yet show you neither the captain and crew on this train neither the scenery from the windows, that will come in a little while, but rest asssured that you are in very good company indeed, and that this journey has been set up with your best interest at heart, so just sit back and enjoy the journey sweet ones! We cannot say just when you will arrive at your designated destination, but we can guarantee you that you will find the journey to be to your liking, even if it might feel a tad strenuous at times. Even if we are responsible for the logistics of it all, you yourselves play a prominent part in realizing it, so this is not a journey for idle sightseers, rather a business trip for humans set on making themselves ready to attain the ultimate goal of freedom from the old world and all of its connotations. That does not mean that you will not have time to enjoy the amenities, far from it, but it will be liberally interspersed with rather intense working periods where you all will be toiling merrily away both together and separately. We use the word ”merrily”  with intent here, as we know that although at times very arduous, you would not like to miss this once in a lifetime – or rather lifetimes – opportunity to ride on this freedom train together with so many of your fellow men. So sit back and relax while you can sweet ones, the bell will soon ring to call you to another class on this life changing express train to tomorrow.

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