Nephilim: Maintaining Balance as the World Rapidly Changes

Nephilim via Karen Doonan

Beloved ones we come to reassure you as you now walk a path that for many is barely felt under their feet. The loss of that which you have defined as YOU now making way for remembrance of all that is YOU. Do you understand our analogy and our guidance? We are the Nephilim and we are here to guide and support as you now move in vibration and begin to realise that the changes that were foretold across your world are now being put in place.

For those who seek to keep to “same” the upcoming few days will see a veil placed over your eyes, for those who are not in their hearts will struggle to make sense of that which was always to BE. It is not possible to walk any further with a foot in the 3D world of constraint and a foot on a higher path. Many souls are now making the decision of which path to take. We come to guide for those who have made the decision to walk the path out of 3D and we guide on the importance of remaining heart centred. That which will come to pass on planet earth will allow the veils to be lifted for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We ask for all to go within to find balance when all around them may be out of balance.

We wish to guide in detail around “balance” and we guide for each one of you this may be different. Just as there are many different “types” of human alive on planet earth the reactions will all be different. That which is about to transpire across the world will have many reaching for the remote to turn off the media, the anxiety rising within them akin to a tidal wave. There will be those who can clearly see the bigger picture and who will have that which they have dreamt confirmed to them and there will be those who have heard the call to the new. We guide that to be in balance within the heart will see you move through the new and the unfolding of the new peacefully. To go into the mind, to seek to make logic out of all that is displayed in front of you is to walk in shadow. For the mind does not go any further within the new energies unless by the request of the heart.

In TRUTH that is the way of the world and what has always been hidden in full view but with hearts closed and minds in full spin that has been denied to you. As the veils are lifted and the pieces of your history pieced together that which has been denied and squabbled over will BE. There is no easy way to move into the new in the mind alone and we guide for all those who attempt this to go within. The chaos will only be stilled when you reach inside to remember. None of this is new to the SOUL that resides on this planet in the vehicle which is the human body, all is there to remember, however the mind of the vehicle that is inhabited in human form has no memories for it is a fresh vehicle. The way to update the vehicle is to allow the heart to blossom and the heart to remember. The anchoring of TRUTH is then processed by the mind and all is ONE.

We are the Nephilim yet many will react our words with scepticism, we guide for you to go into your heart and remember. This is not about learning, this is a process of remembering, remembering that which your SOUL knows. There is a huge difference between being told something is real and KNOWING TRUTH. We guide that many will trigger at our words and we guide that our words are TRUTH, to validate this simply go within for all will be shown to those who have waited.

The waiting of the human race for the answers uppermost in their Being is reaching completion, why would a race stand back and allow the waiting when the waiting is the product of the mind? The heart knows TRUTH and this cannot be repeated often enough, the mind will have you wait for eternity, the heart will reveal in a moment. The reactions of many who are now struggling will be to deny for denial is justified when it comes to a mind that does not remember, CANNOT remember for that is not the role of the human mind. The mind is to create, to dream, but the dream must be initiated by the heart. For the heart is the centre of your human life experience, if it is not then you live out of balance with all of the universe.Balance is now what you must find in world that is shifting as you shift, for all is vibration and all is energy. Whilst you are trapped in the logic of the mind and the topic of duality the focus is shifted away from balance. Frustration sees you out of balance, lower emotions such as anger take you out of balance. Strive for balance in the days ahead, this will be found INSIDE for nothing is outside of YOU that is not YOU. If all feels chaotic then find the peace that resides within for you can find shelter there as you begin to allow the memories that are the deep part of SELF to remind YOU of who YOU are and why you are here.

Those who are unable to move to the higher energies in this lifetime and dimension will continue to move around the wheel of karma. Karma is but a soul lesson. Look to your fellow humans as not only physical human Beings that stand before you but the SOULS that they are inside of the vehicle which is the human body. For that is TRUTH. To dwell on the planet earth and to view the body as the whole is the distortion that you were taught aeons ago. This will be challenged as you move on the path of remembering for it is not TRUTH.

We guide strongly for all to anchor that that which is not TRUTH will dissolve, look beneath what is dissolving to see the distortion that has been placed on planet earth to keep you contained and suppressed. Allowing this to be shown to you is the key to moving in vibration for if you fall for the smoke and mirrors of the distortion teaching it will lead you back into mind which will lead you back into chaos. To move out of chaos simply move into the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH.

We are the Nephilim and we will step back now to allow you to process our words. Look not only to the words on the page but how our words make you feel, for the FEELings are your triggers to the memories that are contained within YOUr being. Seek not to rack your mind to remember for the memories are stored within the heart. We are the Nephilim and we will guide as necessary. Until we communicate with you again we wish you good health and happiness.

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