Cosmic Awareness: Using Discernment With Channelings

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: Thank you, that is appreciated. We have three questions from FS in Daytona Beach, Florida. He writes: “Steve Beckow recently posted an interview with Jesus recorded December 20 and opened with, ‘I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshua.” It was channeled by Linda Doolan. Is this legitimate please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: There are thousands and thousands who claim now to be channeling the Ascended Masters. Jesus Sananda, Jesus, is one of those Ascended Masters. Is it valid? This Awareness can only say it is valid if you believe it to be valid, and if you wish it to be valid. Each individual must decide for him or herself upon the validity of such channeling and the channelers who claim to be channeling Enlightened Masters, ETs, animal spirits or even this Cosmic Awareness.

Ultimately what is relevant here is that one asks questions and is open to the various levels of information that come through, or to detect when it is BS, as this Awareness has said before. It is very easy, given one’s disposition and inclination, to simply get on the bandwagon and claim one source is infallible, one source is absolutely correct while all other sources are wrong and misleading and misdirected. It is very similar to the old way of proclaiming one’s faith as the ultimate and only true faith. One knows that in the past this led to many conflicts where those holding that their faith was the only faith, were willing to do great violence to others who were not of the faith, who were not the chosen ones.

Now the situation is – whereas previously there was only the one faith to be followed and there were only several major faiths available – now there are thousands of faiths available, thousands of choices, and one must truly reflect on what is said and the validity of what is said. This Awareness can offer a few guidelines on determining the validity of the source but in the end It cannot say, for example in this case, that this individual who is channeling is valid or not. What this Awareness would say is, first of all look at the entire message, of what is being said. Is there any indication that the source that is being channeled is suggesting that they and they alone are offering the only truth, the truth beyond measure, and that one must follow this truth?

There are such channelings and such sources who make such claims but this Awareness says that if one receives this type of message one should quickly walk away, for any who would claim to be the only truth, and the only source, is indeed misguiding and misleading and may indeed be of the darkness, not of the Light. Further to this, if the source that is being channeled gives information that is simply erroneous to one’s understanding of the truth and does not allow one to question the presentation of the information – again, walk in the opposite direction, for those sources that say they have the true information and yet other information countermands and opposes it but they still claim you must follow their teachings, their information, their truth – then these are those false prophets who would not allow you the freedom to ask questions.

Any source that presents information must have a willingness to have the information it presents queried and questioned. Even the source itself must allow itself to be examined for its validity, for if it does not then this Awareness guarantees it is a false source, a false prophet. A final standard that can be used is: Does the information being presented have an uplifting quality to it? Does it elevate the spirit and the soul or does it lend the soul to fear and doubt? Those who are channelers of one way and one way only and that way being one where there is great darkness and prophecy of apocalyptic events that are unavoidable – again are usually sources from the dark, those beings that would control and manipulate and keep the masses in fear, for fear has so long been the way of controlling the masses to follow what they, the leaders, wish to be followed.

For example, religion has long used the fear of the devil to keep the members in line, to do what they want them to do, they being the controllers, the Powers That Be in the group itself. Any source that would use fear as a way of promoting itself and keeping those who are interested in the channelings in line, again must be avoided like the plague, for this Awareness says that those sources that are from the highest levels will always give inspiration and upliftment, will always allow11

total freedom to question and query, and will always have the Light to follow and not an abyss to fall into.

Thus, this Awareness says that in this case any and all who hear these channelings must decide for themselves whether or not they are uplifted, whether or not they feel inspired, whether or not they can ask questions and have those questions answered. When one has the impression that there is something wrong here, even if one cannot immediately put their finger on it, one should follow this inclination and step back rather than involve themselves more in the workings of this individual or this group.

It is a time now when those who are in the darkness will try very hard to mislead the many. It is a time when there are many false prophets. But the way forward is to always query, always question, and always be open. And finally this Awareness would add: Always go into your own heart, to your own truest connection to God Divine and ask to be shown the way.

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  1. Very timely post. Thanks!

    I’ve become a lot more discerning since the whole Steve Beckow/Linda Dillon/Space Trip fiasco. It seemed like there was a lot of justifying and defending of the channel and blaming people because nothing that was said manifested in the way it was promised. It reminded me of evangelical faith healers who tell sick people that the reason they weren’t healed is because they didn’t have enough faith, or they didn’t have enough of this or they didn’t do that or give enough $.

    It’s just more exploiting of people’s hopes and fears, and as others have said, we really should be focusing on our own healing and clearing and not so much on pushing for disclosure. The only thing we really have control over is our own spiritual growth.

    The whole thing was just really unfortunate, and even though I initially defended Steve in previous comments, I have now chosen not to read any further posts or channelings written by either one of them. Definitely trust your own intuition and don’t take anything for granted.

    Maybe the time for channels is coming to a close as we each are finding our own abilities to tune into the same energy for ourselves.

  2. Some very good , sound advice, having a good inner feeling while reading or listening, a feeling that makes us feel calmer, more loved, more at one with ourselves, surer that “God is in His heaven and all is well” , also that God is so close so close and there is NOTHING TO FEAR. Love Z

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