Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival Part 93 – An Update (On What is to Come)

By Aisha North

We have come today to give you all an update as to what will be transpiring in these next few days and weeks. As always, we will refrain from giving you too much details, as this will only serve to confuse you, but we will state the fact that for some, this will be days of confusion, no matter what kind of advance notice we could give you. You see, so much will take a sudden and unexpected turn for so many of you, and later, you will indeed look back on this period as one of the most important – and indeed – transformational ones of your whole existence. We know that so many of you are hankering for details, and you are eagerly awaiting some sort of confirmation of global events. Well, let us just say to you wait and see. For soon, nothing will be like it was before, not only you, but also your surroundings, as the forementioned changes will indeed be on such a scale that no man will be untouched by this in some ways.


We hear the cries of fear from many, as this seemingly heralds a mass destruction of some kind, but please do not whip yourselves into a frenzy. As we have said on so many occasions before, there will be a massive transformation taking place on your planet, but it will not look like any of those doomsday prophecies that have been so avidly described by all of those Hollywood productions. They have been made with one thing in mind, namely that of scaring the wherewithal from you, and thereby underscoring the notion that you are unable to have any say in the transformational process of your planet. You are in other words nothing more than powerless victims, and if your world shall change, it will certainly be a turn for the worse. Well, let us just say that they are wrong on both accounts, as you world is certainly changing much thanks to your efforts, and it will certainly take a turn for the better.


But never forget, the birth of this new world will be dramatic in many ways, and as we have repeated again and again, just as a natural birth, it will be accompanied by fear and pains for many, but the outcome will be a radiant one. Just make sure that you are amongst those that manage to stay out of fear, and our missives lately have given you a few pointers as to how to achieve and maintain a more stable and tranquil base, and we ask you to take these messages to heart. You see, your balance will be seriously challenged now in so many ways, and it is therefore imperative that you work hard on finding that clear and calm center, so that you manage to stay firmly anchored in it no matter how hard the storm blows around you. And make no mistake, the storm will come, and it will indeed blow away so much of the flimsy structures that have been set up all around you, masquerading as a beneficial society structure for all, when it in fact is nothing more than a mockup put in place to make it look far sturdier and more important than it really is.


Again, we do not give you this information to scare you, but to prepare you to weather out a storm that will come as a surprise for so many. We talk about a storm that will create havoc in so many peoples minds, as they will have a hard time seeing behind the scenes as it were and see it for what it really is, namely a much longed for cleansing of your world, where so much of the old grime finally will be blown away in order to make you all take that first breath of fresh air after centuries of being forcefed polluted air in so many ways.


We know that this message will be met by ridicule by many, and that is indeed understandable, as it will confirm to them that there are deranged people all over the globe crying ”wolf” at every opportunity, and to them this message will be just one more of those clumsily put together manifests of unreason. That may well be so, but we will as always implore you all to listen to your hearts, and then you will know if these words ring true for you. It is not for nothing that we say this, as the web is awash with all sorts of doomsayers and naysayers, busily hacking each other apart. That is perfectly normal, as it is indeed a normal way of creating division amongst you. Take this message as you will, but be sure to stay true to your own truth sweet ones, then this avalanche of information and disinformation will be much easier to navigate.


As we were discussing, much is indeed going on behind the lines as it were, and soon everything will come out in the open. Then everything will have to start all over again, as nothing will be left untouched by these revelations. Mankind has for so long been kept literally in the dark, but when the light finally lights up every dark corner, no one can hide from the truth that will be made glaringly obvious to you all. And the truth will indeed be very, very hard to swallow for so many, as they will feel that everything in their lives have been build upon a false foundation, and now that foundation will be ripped apart, and they think they will have to start all over again.


That is where you come in sweet ones, as you will be the ones that will still be able to stand tall, because you have already been exposed to the truth, and you have seen what’s in store after the fall. In other words, you will know that this is not the end, this is only the beginning of something new, and you will know that the new is where you are going. You know, because you have been there before, as it will be a place that is exactly how you remember your distant past, a place where love rules and where the light is the leading star. You will know what to choose, and the line between those choosing to remain in the shadows and those that dare to step into the light again after millenia immersed in the darkness will finally be drawn.


But before you all have the choice to cross that line, much will come about that will lure some of you over to the other side, where the fear lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce and take your powers away. We will repeat this again and again, because as you know so well by now, fear is the only thing that can take your resolve away, so best be vigilant so that it does not pierce your armour dear ones. Take care, and we shall meet you on the other side of that line in a very short time. We are all looking forward to that moment, as it will indeed be a much longed for moment in all of our lives.


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