DL Zeta: Opening to Downloads in Dream States and Waking Consciousness

DL Zeta: Opening to Downloads in Dream States and Waking Consciousness


February 26, 2012

As we move further into the new time on planet Earth, many are receiving new downloads in consciousness. At times, these arrive in dreams and, at other times, in waking consciousness.

During these downloads, you may receive visions of projects you will undertake, or areas of study that will bring you into greater self-realization. Many of you who have been practicing intuitive skills and absorbing knowledge and wisdom from your teachers will now be asked to “step up to the plate” as teachers and leaders for those who are a few steps behind you.

Other downloads may bring awareness to aspects of yourself in need of healing. As you take steps to heal yourself at all levels, you gain greater access to fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Unhealed parts of yourself often serve as “gatekeepers” barring the way to advanced consciousness. This is designed to protect and assist you rather than hold you back. This is similar to the rules in your world that govern a young person driving a car. To drive requires learning the necessary skills and “rules of the road.”

Moments of Insight and Synchronicity in ‘Waking’ Consciousness

While many downloads arrive in dream states, you may find there are moments in your waking world where you spontaneously receive information. These “waking” downloads most often arrive during moments when you are deeply absorbed in something that brings you joy, therefore bringing you into closer resonance with your spirit and higher self.

Examples are artwork, writing, dance, meditation, yoga, tai chi, walks in nature, listening to music – basically any time you step outside linear time into “no time”.

Dreamwork Helps you Remember Spiritual Downloads

Often you first encounter “downloaded” information in dream states and forget the details upon waking. Practicing writing down your dreams will help you remember spiritual downloads on a more consistent basis.

Even if you don’t recall a dream download upon waking, it may come back to you at a later time. This often happens when you encounter something in your waking reality that “triggers” a memory of a dream download, prompting you to recall the information. These spontaneous memories are true “aha” moments when you arrive at a place of crystal clear insight and inspiration.

Acting on Spiritual Downloads

Be sure to act on the information you receive from these downloads. This information is golden because it lights the way to the next step of your journey. As you trust and believe in spiritual downloads, resources and synchronicities arrive to bring these visions into reality.

This is the essence of “magic” and “miracles”.

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