Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival Part 92 – Letting go of all Fear

By Aisha North

Let us begin this missive by saying that although many of you have already started to feel the separation growing ever stronger, now this phase will certainly start in earnest. We have just discussed the fact that you will enter the state of separation that also contains certainty, in other words, this feeling of unease that has so far accompanied this feeling of separation will now start to dissipate.


That is another and let us just say desicive effect of this process, as you up until now have been so emotionally unable to complete this process. You see, the programming that has enabled you to be a part of the play that consist the illusion you have been living in for so long has made you almost unable to exist outside of it. To much fear has been set into this program, fear that would be triggered as soon as you started to step away from it all. But now, you have successfully managed to free yourselves from this enslavement to such a degree this inbred fear will also start to lose its grip on you all. This will have many implications, and it will in many ways be the heaviest burden you have shed yet. This fear can be so crippling, as it ensures you stick to the program as it were, and as you well know by now, the program we refer to is the one that has been set into place to keep humanity enslaved forever.


Fear has been the most effective shackles sweet ones, but now as you manage to wrest them away from you once and for all, you will see just how much lighter you are, and this journey will take up a new momentum. This will be in stark contrast to all of those around you still embedded in this old program, as their fear will only be mounting to new heights as they see so much they have taken for granted starting to crumble in front of their eyes. And as you also know so well by now, nothing is as contageous as fear, and it will spread like a wildfire and thereby suck the last remants of willpower away from so many of your fellow citizens. For those of you who have already felt fear slunk away with its tails between its legs, you can already watch with detachment as the rest of the world whips themselves into a frenzy at each and every opportunity.


Fear can manifest itself in so many ways, and you will be witness to the whole array of it as things starts to escalate. It will come in so many shapes and forms, and none of them are in any way a testament to the inherent power of mankind. For only those devoid of fear will be able to find their own strength. Witness the upheavals in the Arab states last spring. It was the absence of fear that enabled thousands upon thousands of downtrodden people to finally stand up for their rights. And people without fear are people that find the means to resolve their problems in a peaceful way. Peope full of fear will resort to other, baser ways of defending their own rights, and this will be prominent in the days and weeks ahead as the fear escalates worldwide.


But at the same time, more and more of you will find your own strength, as the fear will be forced to leave your shores, and thereby, your actions will be of a totally different caliber from those enwrapped in the mass hysteria that will start to unfold in so many places.


You will be a counterbalance to all of this fear and rage, and you will be able to keep that balance no matter what happens. You see, you will find in your core that peace and tranquility we have discussed in earlier transmission, and then you will be able to stand calm, just like an eye in the storm, and face whatever may come with the same detachment. This will serve not only you, but also those sufficiently awakened around you, and again you will be like the lighthouse casting out light in the midst of the storm, and your light will make it possible for others to reach their own calm harbour amidst the breakers. That is, if they choose to do so. We have said on so many occasions that this is a game of wills, and only those choosing so themselves will be able to join you in your calm and safe harbour. But never forget, those choosing to remain smothered by the stormwaves cannot be blamed in any way. It is a path they have deemed is right for them, and they are indeed entitled to that choice, just as you are entitled to yours.


For many, that is a difficult truth to swallow, as they will see so many of their loved ones willingly engulfed by the stormy waters. Again, we must remind you that it is not your duty to be the lifeguard, your duty is to be the lighthouse, and their duty is to follow their own path, even if that means going under again and again. You will know that this is right, but still, it will be painful to so many, so be vigilant so you do not fall for the temptation to blame yourselves in any way for the actions of others. It may sound callous, but your only responsibility is your own actions, never ever that of any other, no matter how closely linked you are. And again, if you go deep enough inside, you will find that calm haven you can rightly refer to as home, and when you reside there, you will know all of this so well, as it is written in your core.

Never forget to keep your lights lit dear ones, it will be much needed in the time ahead, and know that just by staying in your truth, you will help others see their own when the time for that is right for them – not when you deem it to be so.


We will return with this message again and again, because we know that this will be the most challenging part for many of you. You know the truth of this on your hearts, but being a human for such a long time has made such a deep impression on you all, and it takes some time to unlearn what you have been programmed to think and do. But never forget, you have all come such a long, long way from being the ”perfect humans” you once were. Now you are finally starting to get a taste of the freedom from having cast aside so much of this old programming, and you will start to see the real you coming to the fore, and you will never again think of yourselves as mere humans. You will become whole again, and with that, the best part of being human will once again start to be visible, undampened by the old layer of grime that have accumulated from generations of being forced to be something else. It´s time to start to shine again sweet ones, and it´s time to shine in earnest, for what you have seen so far is only a dim candle compared to how strong your light will become once you learn how to switch it to full powers. Get ready to flick that switch and blow us all away with the force of your beam! We can hardly wait to see the effect this will have on the rest of humanity.

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