Aisha North: Manuscript of Survival Part 91 – Today is an Auspicious Day Indeed

By Aisha North

Today is an auspicious day indeed, as much is changing on so many levels. Not much is visible on the outside, therefore it will be easy to dismiss the news we would like to impart. However, let us just say that nothing could be deemed as less accurate, as you have no idea as to just how much is happening at the moment. A quick perusal of the news would at least give you some tidbits as to what is going on. As usual, upheaval, violence and other forms of drama are getting more and more prevalent. In addition, the financial sector is struggling very hard to make the impression that they have everything under control. You see them on the news, but their grave faces give away the truth. Their world is falling apart, and now they are trying to salvage the remains in any way they can.


In other parts of the realm, you are all going about wondering what is really happening at the moment. It might seem to very quiet now, apart from the turmoil being rapported worldwide in your mass media, but as we have said on so many occasions, never be taken in by what is presented as facts. This illusion is growing thin at the edges, and if you look closely, you will see the reality starting to seep in from so many directions. ”This is only an illusion” is the message you will be hearing ever clearer as the days goes by, and we venture a guess that this is exactly what so many of you are starting to take in also. You see, it is not easy going from being a regular member of the cast that make up this whole production made entirely by smoke and mirrors, and to being the individual that finally takes a peep behind the curtain and sees the whole thing for what it really is. Namely an illusion put together to play tricks on your minds so that you believe the ”truth” you are being served, and thereby willingly play out your little part in this farce. When you finally see this for what it really is, continuing to play your role is no longer possible, but as we have said earlier, the difficult part is finding a new footing when the old one has fallen through the cracks, without a new one materializing underneath you. You seem to be floating in space, in more ways than one, and this can be very disconcerting.


At times, you will feel literally like an astronaut floating around serenely in space, all alone and with no discernable life anywhere. But the strange thing is, it does not feel scary, it is a little bit like being a fetus floating inside the womb, where you feel surrounded by love and totally secure. You have no way of knowing where you will be in the future, but you feel calm and without worries, so the future will come and bring what it may, you know all is well and that you are protected. This feeling of being totally separated from everything whilst at the same time feeling at ease even without any clear idea of what will happen next is something that will start to seep into your lives sweet ones.


For many, it will sound like a fantasy that is starkly at odds with the reality they are facing each and every day, but for others, this will be a state of bliss they have already experienced in some ways. We hope you all will see this side of the reality soon, because when you enter this state, even if you only linger there for a moment, it will help you endure the next stage of this transformational process. Because then you will know that there is no more need to fear the future. You will feel this state of bliss starting to seep into every cell of your being, and even if the world around you is behaving more and more irrational, you will see it for what it really is, a play of shadow and light, a mere whisper of smoke that is trying to obscure your vision of the future.


For the future is nothing like the one they are presenting you 24 hours a day, every day of the week on all sides. The future is the feeling of bliss you will soon enter, and it will be a place of tranquility and connectedness like nothing you have ever experienced before. But to enter this new space as it were, remember that you will have to take the first steps on your own. Therefore, seize the opportunities you get to seclude yourselves and go into your own space. That is where you will find the bliss, not chasing around in the ever more intense ”outer world” filled with anxious people running to and fro, feeling the oncoming of the storm. Find your space, whether it is inside or outside in mother nature, and make sure that you give yourselves the time and space you need to be able to disconnect completely and reconnect with your source. Then you too will find that state of bliss, and once you have experienced it for the first time, you know you will never have a life devoid of it ever again.


Find that space, and you will find your future sweet ones. And enjoy the journey inside, we think you will find some parts of yourselves you never even knew existed, and they will certainly be worth the while.


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