The Shift in the Dynamics of the Heart as Gaia Utilizes Cosmic Forces for Change

The Shift in the Dynamics of the Heart as Gaia Utilizes Cosmic Forces for Change

By Judith K. Moore

J: Today is a mirror day, 21 and 12.

Gaia speaks now. She has drawn energy from the Solar Heart and the Galactic Heart into the dynamics of the heart chakra systems in the planetary consciousness on a soul level. Gaia has channeled powerful cosmic forces from the heart of Creation through the central force of the Galactic heart and the Solar heart, anchoring the universal laws of co creation in a new dimension of consciousness for the New Earth.


There is a new plane, a new dynamic energy on the planet now, affecting every level of capacity for consciousness to receive and transmit frequencies that generate a high plane of light through the heart meridian centers of the individual and collective reality. This powerful new dynamic requires focused co creation through heart energetics. By doing so, it limits the capacity for energy to flow through the lower dimensions and expands the capacity for energy to flow through the higher dimensions. This is relative to each individual as well as to the collective.


On an individual level, there is a compelling force, that might even be thought of as a jolt to the heart energetics, opening a new capacity for perception and co creation. But the transformation will not be a comfortable one. Globally, those dynamics that are not energetically sustainable for the life of the planet and the future of a planet that has more potential for health and well being, those dynamics that resist change will face greater adversity. Those dynamics that resist surrender will inevitably find a greater level of discomfort, which will come out in



There are vast, powerful energies moving through the dynamics of the meridian systems of the planet. These energies may chose to be reactive and certainly the chaos of reaction is very volatile on a global scale. Any emotional blockage or energetic blockage in the soul of this powerful phenomena, any emotional or energetic blockage will experience heightened chaos, because the chaos disrupts the old stagnant energy patterns and makes way for new form of consciousness and a new dynamic of the perception of the holographic Earth. This is a breaking away of stagnant energy, a breaking away of adherence patterns to old limitations.


It is very simple. What used to work that wasn’t in alignment with the heart could face greater resistance. That is how it is. The greatest thing that you can do to help the Earth, right now, is to keep your heart open, regardless of any apparent circumstance. The intellect of the Piscean Age is shutting down. The Piscean mind is closing, collapsing, if you will, and the Aquarian heart is opening. But the infrastructures on the planet have been dictated by doctrines that were intellectual Piscean doctrines. And those systems simply cannot continue effectively now. The Aquarian heart is opening now. The energetics of the Aquarian heart systems demand more love. The word demand is perhaps harsh. Perhaps the word would be require or absolutely compel the force of love. And that which is not of love will absolutely be reformed into a new energy dynamic.


This shift in consciousness is a great opportunity for relating to self and others with more compassion and, most certainly, the old behaviors of judgment will be less capable of dictating reality. Gaia has made available to humanity a plane of energy that can be accessed only through the heart, as the quantum key of her dynamic energy in the soul consciousness and the heart energetics of the trinity of the heart (pericardium), high heart and soul gate. Those energetics are moving through the meridian systems of the planet, opening chakras that were blocked. Opening vortex centers with extreme velocity that were closed and truly, truly, bringing new life to the Earth. But at this point not without pain, not without emotional adversity. But ultimately the result will be a healthier environment, a healthier emotional environment, collectively and individually.


This is an optimum time to release old behavior patterns that limited the capacity to trust. And that which you do not trust, that which you are skeptical and fearful of, you may find the closest to you at this time. Because you are in the mirror and the reflection of your light and your shadow is extremely powerful right now, the reflection of light and shadow. And the shadow is up (apt?) to

be seen and can no longer be ignored. Thus, compassion for self and others is the tool, the gift of these times. The essential understanding is that this isn’t an inner dynamics of old energy that the Earth has had and recycled and reused. Ages upon Ages that rose and fell and cycles that fed cycles that fed cycles. The Earth has brought in a whole new dynamic, a whole new plane of consciousness, from the Cosmic Source. She has availed herself to the Creation potential and the actual Creation Force through the heart and the quantum key.


Thus, when you truly surrender to the movement by that God Force and in all ways allow the velocity and intensity of these energies to move through your heart, there will be new potential created. This is not a time of limitation, it is a time of expansion. The only thing that will be limited are habits, habitual patterns that did not serve love.

The critical mass of humans are ready to channel this heart energy. The critical mass of humans are ready to be vessels of light and love for this dynamic force to express itself through consciousness and the relationship of the dynamic energetic forces of human existence.

Out of this chaos, will come a new order, a viable dynamic. This is an extreme time of transformation. The power of the Omni Wave is a God Force. The power of the Omni Wave is in effect on the planet. And the only dynamic field that the Omni Wave will express itself through, is quantum energetics of the heart. It will sweep away all else.


The previous cosmic waves came and had their effect to prepare the Earth for the Omni Wave. This force will continue to flow through the dynamics of the Earth’s energetics, until form and consciousness is altered and there is, then, a new

dynamic at work on the planet.


The Omni Wave is a force that will continue to increase in intensity and velocity. It will not just come and have waves of energy moving from the Cosmos that are manageable. These waves will be forceful and high velocity and the sun will continue to show extreme energy patterns because of this force. It will not really begin to balance until 2013. At this conjuncture, it is not possible to tell how long it will take, before the energetics of the planetary dynamics shift sufficiently to adjust to this power and utilize these energies. But it is a compelling force and will continue to be the dynamic that compels change on every level. This change is necessary for the survival of the planet and Gaia is most interested in her survival. That she can continue to create and procreate with universal forces, as is her role in Creation, as a Great Mother.


There are multiple realities, parallel realities, at play in the dynamics of the Earth right now. It is not realistic to assume that you are living in the same reality as other humans or that other humans are living in the same reality you are. The continuum is so narrow in this zero point field, that the parallel realities are compressed and that which was distant and inaccessible is now close and accessible. Therefore, humans are traveling in parallel realities, in a simultaneous reality. But when you really feel that another human being is not capable of perceiving the Oneness or perceiving the Creation of faith, it is because that individual is in a parallel reality without the capacity. But because of the dynamics of the Omni Force, that capacity will evolve in the parallel realities. It absolutely will. The power of the Omni Force, the power of the Omni Wave is Oneness, and that is the ultimate force now on the planet.


Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

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