Galactic Federation: Prepare Yourselves For the Beginning of the Changes

Galactic Federation via Greg Giles

February 20th, 2012

Ready yourselves for the changes, for they are coming soon. All along we have advised you to prepare and to help spread the table for the many changes that needed to be accomplished, and the time for their implementation is upon you. Prepare yourselves by stocking up on a few household essentials to last a few days or even as much as a few weeks, as it is difficult to predict whether services will be down and if so, for how long. Much of the inner workings of your systems are controlled by the Cabal, and it cannot be ascertained for certain whether any sabotage may occur. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will do all we can to get your systems up and running again if they should be affected in any way.
There are those members of the Cabal who, of course, are not happy with the news that they will now face justice for their crimes as they arrogantly believed they were above any law, earthly, karmic or universal. They were wrong, as now they must pay the piper for their misdeeds. There is a lesson in this for all of you, that no matter your station in life you exist under and within the laws of karma, the balancing force of this universe that will bring all things back to you that you release outwards. This is one of the designed mechanisms of this wonderful universe and you have all abided by this law throughout all of your incarnations whether you were conscious of it or not, as this does not matter.
Looking ahead for these men and women soon to be losing their freedom, we see a long rehabilitation period consisting of many incarnations where they will experience situations of difficulty as a direct result of their choices throughout this lifetime. For many of these souls their lifetimes will bring much hardship and struggle just as you have experienced due to their manipulations, and they will also experience an existence where they are ruled by a tyrannical and oppressive force comparable to their rule during this, as well as other incarnations. The road for these souls will not be an easy one, this is assured by they themselves, and they need only look into a mirror if they seek someone to blame for what they now must face. Remember this lesson my dears, and do not miss this blessed opportunity for growth and self-improvement.
We see many of you also who have reached the understanding that this is not a time for gloating or for lynch mob mentality, but for understanding and compassion. For this we salute you and ask you to lead by example to allow your fellow man to see an alternative to bloodthirsty revenge. We are not suggesting to you to allow these men and women to escape justice, for it is important that they too receive all they can from this experience. For what good would all this serve if the lessons behind it all were not learned? All we are suggesting to you is to reflect upon the virtue of temperance, for it is this virtue that is called for as these lost souls are brought to justice.
All along your long journey you too have had to face the consequences for your misdeeds. Some of you may have spent portions of lifetimes imprisoned by your societies, and we ask you to reflect upon this even though you have no conscious memory of this. Ask yourself if there may have been a better way towards rehabilitation rather than waste your life away in a small dank prison cell. There are many avenues of rehabilitation, and prisons are but one. As your world is set to ascend into the higher realms, many other options will become clear to you, not only options of justice and rehabilitation, but of all educational systems of advanced learning.
Upon you ascension, you will be leaving behind many old and outdated methods for the running of a society and we look forward to explaining to you the many options that will become available to you. No longer will you have to rely on systems that have failed you so throughout your earthly 3rd dimensional incarnations, as there are better methods that produce successful results. This is one of the many new aspects of your civilization that you will experience upon ascension into your new 5th dimensional home.
Continuing with our discussion on karma and justice, many of you also have karma that must be cleansed at this time as this is a necessary step towards your individual ascension. Many of you have faced recent challenges and even hardships as a result of this need to cleanse negative imbalances of you karma. Many of you have recently balanced this karmic debt and are now free to ascend without any further need to experience the balancing effects of this universal law. There are others of you who will get to balance you karmic debts and it is necessary you do this before the culmination of the great dimensional shift. How this karma will be balanced and what you will experience will all depend on just how unbalanced your karma is at this point. Keep in mind, there are those of you who have carried over into this incarnation a karmic debt from past lives, and this will have to be accounted for. There are also many of you who have carried over from a past life a positive balance of karma, and for this your transition will be relatively smoother. This is how the law of karma must operate, and no one or nothing can alter its effects.
We do not suggest to you this need to balance your karma in order to frighten you. We only suggest this to you so more of you can understand why your lives at this point have been met with hardships and negative experiences. Your economic woes that today canvas your world are one area where the balancing effects of karma can be clearly witnessed. There are those of you who are battling adverse health effects, and in many cases this too is an example of your karma being balanced by unseen forces.
Know dear ones, that no one or nothing wishes to see you suffer, yet this might be in some cases as it is ascension many of you came here to experience and it is only through the balancing of your karma will this be made possible. All of you understood this completely before your current incarnation and still jumped at the chance to be here at this time with a truly wondrous opportunity well within your reach. This is one of the reasons your world at this time is in the shape that it is in, as a trial such as your current incarnation is just what many of you needed to act as a springboard into the higher realms of existence. Many of you may be beginning to see your world not as a disaster of creation, but as a marvelous design that will allow so many of you to reap the sweetest reward possible for your efforts to incarnate into the physical to gain the experience necessary for your graduations into the higher realms of possibility.
Do you see now the men and women who will now face justice for their crimes against you in a slightly different light? Are you beginning to see that all things, good or bad, positive or negative, are designed to enable you to reap the maximum benefit for your forays into the physical? Do you now think it is possible, in light of our discussion on karma, that without the assistance of those of the dark many of you would not have experienced a sufficient balancing of your karma and therefore would not be ascending into the higher realms at this time, but instead you would have to remain within the cycle of the incarnate wheel.
If you could see what we see clearly for you upon ascension, if you would allow our descriptions to paint a portrait for you, and at the same time understand that the souls who performed the roles of the oppressors assisted you to make this vision your reality, do you now feel you may be able to find it in your hearts to forgive?
We understand many of you are angry upon learning of all the misdeeds and the crimes committed against you, but in light of what all this has made possible for you, do you now feel that other forms of justice and rehabilitation then you are accustomed to may be far more fitting for these dark ones? As we have said, there are many advanced methods of rehabilitation that will soon be made available to your society, and we only ask you at this time to review these techniques when this information becomes available to you. That is all we ask, as this is your world and will always be your world, no one else’s, and you, democratically, will make all the decisions that govern your society.
Looking out towards the days ahead, we see the arrests of many members of the criminal Cabal causing quite a rumbling throughout your world, and it is this rumbling that will awaken so many of your brothers and sisters from their slumbers. We see the new freedoms you will all immediately experience upon the arrests of these criminal elements coupled with the awakening of so many of your brethren creating such a powerful wave of momentum that will easily carry you through these final months before ascension.
What a tremendous period of transformation these last months will surely be, as more and more of your human family awaken to the new available energies. Great changes are in store for you as we head down the home stretch, and many of these changes will release you from your bonds of daily toil. Many advancements in technology will be made available to you in the coming days when we can more personally interact with you, and upon the removal of the Cabal and many of their minions we will be free to make such an introduction. The is sure to be a very exciting period for many of you, and you may see these imminent arrests of these dark ones as the starting gun for the many events that will quickly follow that will see to the complete transformation of your world as you prepare yourselves for your great leap into the higher dimensions.
We see the struggles and the difficult times you have gone through as necessary components of your ascension, and without them and those to facilitate them we see many of you not making the transformation. Every one of us has done our parts, from above you as well as all around you, and everyone deserves credit for this endeavor that has already been tremendously successful in so many ways and that is about to show you its greatest reward yet to come.
Your ascension into the higher realms is something many of you have been striving towards for many consecutive lifetimes. It is not easy at all to advance so greatly as to be a candidate for ascension and because of this, the helpful cooperation of those willing to play the roles of the dark ones was seen as called for. These dark ones were enlisted to ensure the balancing of your karma, while at the same time teaching you many valuable lessons that were necessary for your advancement. Always keep this in mind as you enter the next phase of your experience, as an alternative view to these proceedings may find its place amongst many of you.
Punishment is usually weighed against the crimes committed along with how much a victim has suffered. Upon weighing your suffering against your reward for such experience, you may reach a new perspective in this regard. The crimes committed against you by these men and women are severe in some cases, this cannot be denied, but as you are immortal beings who never truly die and who gain so much through such experience, you may be able to see even many of these crimes from a somewhat fresh perspective. As we have said, justice is better to be served as this will benefit those who need to also learn certain important lessons, it is just the type of justice dispensed at which we wish you to closely examine and discuss amongst yourselves. It is your world and it is you that have been the victims of these crimes, so again we say to you we will honor each individual, as well as collective decision you make and will assist to see to it your wishes are carried out.
Again you see how we do not wish to take a leading role in your affairs. We are merely guests here, to offer you the assistance you may agree is necessary to see many of the needed tasks accomplished. This is what we do, we have been doing this a very long time, and our services have been applied all throughout this vast universe. Earth does hold a special place in our hearts, but it is by no means the only planet that we have given care to as there have been, and will continue to be, many other planets in need of a helping hand from time to time. Again, there is no reason to fear that we are here to conquer or plunder, as higher dimensional worlds have all they would ever need or desire. Our mission is one of service, and you shall witness this firsthand when we are free to commence on our many projects together.
Again, these projects will begin upon the arrests of sufficient numbers of the Cabal, and we see this moment drawing very near. You will be informed of further developments and of opportunities to work with us on these many projects through our channels of information, and as we have said, some of your media companies will soon be assisting us with the task of relaying information to you. This is an important phase of our operation, as we see many still who receive their news and information from what is broadcast through your television sets. In time, all your media companies will align with your new system of honesty and balanced reporting, and if they do not, they will have no place with you in your new home within the higher realms.
There are many other areas of your society as well that will be realigned to function as a higher dimensional component of your new world, and we will explain to you and even demonstrate to you how some of your systems can be greatly improved upon.
Until then, do what you can do to improve upon the areas of your lives that you do have control over, and we will assist our Earth allies tear down the sections of your world that you do not at this time have control over. In time, all the areas of governance of your society will be returned to you, the people, and no longer will you be forced to submit to the will of another. This will be your new system, which will be implemented upon the removal of the old, and this is the task at hand at this time. You will see this task accomplished very shortly, as we and our Earth allies are set to move ahead with this operation.
We are looking forward to these events just as much as many of you are, and we see that we have reached the time when all that has been discussed will begin to unfold before you. Hold on tight, it will be at times a shaky ride, but it will also be a joyous time for those of you who understand fully what is transpiring here. Please continue to inform each other of what these events signify so they too can see them for what they truly are and enjoy them as much as you will. After all, you did not come here to this planet only to suffer and struggle, you also came here to experience joy and happiness and it is this that many of you will now experience. You have earned it, you have created it, and we say to you feel free to enjoy it. The good times are about to begin.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
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