The White Hats: From The House Of Lords – The Shot Heard Round The World

February 20, 2012

Our beginnings could read like a Robert Ludlum spy thriller.

    We selected with care a controlled-access, self-contained safe house in Fulham, Greater London, not overlooked but with a viable backdoor escape route to an unseen inter connecting alleyway in case of emergencies, and with a full visual overview of the wide scanning approach road to monitor any parked observers or perceived threat risks. Our emergency escape vehicle was permanently parked up on the connecting alleyway for a fast exit. The house’s sun blinds allowed us full vision of external areas, but blocked out vision of the interior from prying eyes. To even the most trained observer, it was a quiet, low-profile, unassuming neighborhood. It was the perfect location for a safe house.   

    The call went out and from the head count, the purpose and need for an immediate “sit down” was well received. The gathering included old soldiers, both civilian and military, always in the background, always keeping the balance and from all over the world. The subject matter was of concern to every person in the room. The meeting could not be further avoided as the image of the future was becoming clear. Enough was enough.

    Most of us had been trained under former Administrations and Regimes and were becoming disillusioned and disgusted with what we were witnessing.  Every member of the group came with an impressive background, a broad base of knowledge, vast years of experience and most importantly, intelligence networks.   

    We all take oaths.  Our first oath started with the secret words to gain access to the neighborhood tree fort and graduated to a Code of Honor … a Code of Honor that, to this day, we gladly live and die for.  One of the Codes we have internalized is called Democracy, the same code our Forefathers lost much for, but gave a new world hope from Tyranny, which created the greatest, most gracious country in the world. That Country has slowly been under attack from the inside and it cannot be allowed to happen, not on our watch, not if we have anything to say about it. Something had been growing for years, like a cancer you can inherently feel but you cannot see.  Those of us who served the elite did not notice the deterioration as quickly as the others, but on this day we were all on the same page.  We all knew a death was about to occur.  It was not a sanctioned contract kill… this was far, far different. This was more sinister.  It was a move by an extremely  small group of former  and current elected leaders, special groups and the “elite” attempting to subvert the checks and balances established and enumerated clearly by our Constitution.

    How could that be?  It would make the former “good guys”, the utmost of satanic villains, the real turncoats against democracy and life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.  What methods would we employ to expose the darkness that we unknowingly helped create through our faithful and dedicated service to our respective countries?

    On that day we would sign an Oath.  

    It was an oath that put us in line with our destiny.

    It was an oath that would hopefully save the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence.

    It was an oath that would protect the very core of every country in the world, especially those that were the last bastions of freedom on earth.

    Out of the backdrop of darkness, we took this Oath to expose the cancer of our former bosses and the elite.  We all prayed to our respective God. And on that day, the White Hats were born.

    May we live to see this through to the end.

It was November 13, 2010, when we published our first report. In Report #1, we transparently announced to the world what we had … and the criminal cabal scoffed. With each published report, we outlined another piece to the puzzle … and the criminal cabal scoffed. With the advent of this Report, we have filed 36 reports in total, and as you might have suspected, each report is a message that is clearly understood and reacted to by the criminal cabal … and we have been scoffed at. In fact, we are proud to say we have been scoffed at by the very most elite within the American political system as rogues and trouble makers like we didn’t fit in under the normal protocols of meaningful expression. To the point, it seems the elite have underestimated the tenacity of The White Hats. Love us or hate us … respect us or ignore us … but do not underestimate the effectiveness of our means and methods, we are trained well in our respective trades … most times by the Elitists. We have slipped in, completed the recon, evaluated the landscape, developed a well thought out plan backed by hard documented evidence and we have moved in for the duration.

America’s elected leadership is threatened, scared and compromised. The leadership believes, ”You are either for us or against us”. In private chambers, they speak a good story, give you the typical politician slap on the back and then they realize who you are. The sweat starts to form on their brow. The conversation gets uncomfortable. The room gets warm, the beads of sweat start to fall onto their faces, and they start looking around to see if anyone is watching … recognizing who is who.

After the release of a White Hats Report, it’s interesting to watch the leadership on the Hill … seems all of the underlings have our report under their arm while scurrying to and fro. In reality, most are trying to figure out if the person they work for is named or associated in the Report. Then they have to ascertain whether the leadership is telling the truth, especially when the leadership vehemently denies everything. For those that deny, it’s about telling the truth of what we write and the effect it will have on their careers. They know what’s happening. They know they have compromised America. They know their time is coming to an end. On one hand, they care about America and all it has meant to the world. However, on the other hand, they do not have the courage to stand up and call it out and call it like it is. They are worried about their careers as politicians and whether they will be there after the collapse. They are worried about the choices they have made and whether they have made the correct ones i.e., whether the Vatican Accounts in their individual names and the millions of dollars of corrupt funding those accounts are truly going to be theirs in the end … after all they have earned them … right? It is unfortunate that what has happened by the Bush Cabal is going to bite them by the public at large … the real question in their minds should be, “Will they at least give me a decent burial?”

We know there are no Patriots in Washington D.C., and if by some chance there is one, they have not come forward and they have not been found. We are talking John Wayne types that have broad shoulders and a swagger in their walk … someone that commands respect for the truth they speak … someone that dares another man to knock the chip off of their shoulder … just before they place a piece of lead in the offender for reasons of Treason. Our leadership has no guts, no swagger. They are fading away waiting for someone else to do the job. No Guts. No Honor. No Leadership … just puppets manipulated by the greatest puppeteer. This is quite an indictment of what our system and the people in it have become … no longer the leaders of the free world … with a swagger.

The main stream media is yet another perfect example of this. We have met with most of the major print media in America and have dealt with senior editors, owners and their attorneys while laying out everything that we have regarding the demise of our Country. They refuse to even consider printing the story due to “what will be done to them”. We understand. When Obama roared in the Oval office while beating his chest, he loudly announced for all to hear, “I OWN THE MEDIA … SCREW THE WHITE HATS.” The media knows it and has hung its respective heads in shame, as they have given up the fight for freedom of the press, a right of all free people.

The Internet does not reach a large enough audience and is mainly reserved for people understanding the problems … people who see what is happening … people who are becoming aware of the problems we face. Yet, the Main Stream Media does not recognize the actual sophistication of the folks online and tends to treat online information as invalid. Hard core investigative reporting is largely a thing of the past. There was a time when Editors would place a team of reporters on a story that meant something big … like Watergate. The world swirled in anticipation of the next report from print and broadcast reporters. Not anymore… News Executives are controlled from the top down and are highly unlikely to allow controversial topics to be reported, unless it is approved by Karl Rove and his echo chamber in his weekly meetings telling his minions this week’s methods of control. If print and broadcast owners would open their eyes … wake up …and smell the roses from a different direction, they would see the information we bring forward is 1,000 times more explosive than Watergate, and not just here but from all points in the world. And they might just find the courage to allow it to be reported. This story, our story, is an international story that is so significant the other countries cannot contain themselves, as they know the real truth.

So between the elected officials, our leadership, and the media, a noose has been placed snuggly on each American’s neck … man, woman and child … a noose that is slowly moving across the earth like Hitler’s Third Reich did. It has reached all points in the world, every bank, every banker, every nation. This time neo-nazi’s have figured it out … it only took one hundred years and three tries but the third time is the charm.

In actuality, we have had the absolute honor of sitting in the wings, securing additional evidence, pouring over mounds of data and documents, and compiling it to the satisfaction of the deliverers of the news to the world. In a normal day on earth, we could go to the governing authorities, put the case in front of them and expect an appropriate response as we have done for years in our selected “spook filled” professions. Not this time. These topics have been termed as taboo. “If you know what is good for you, you will not speak of this in any forum unless you are prepared to be singled out and shunned. If you persist, you will be threatened if you proceed past that point …”. We figure this is our lot in life. We feel that a higher power, God as we know Him, has trained us up for this battle.

During the course of our seeming absence from our last report, we have worked hard to make sure that when we spoke the next time it would be heard like a shot from the Guns of Navarone through the very silent night. Without a single voice to stand up for Americans …

… The White Hats took the fight overseas.

With our European and British counterparts, we have been constantly working to bring about the world wide events that occurred in the House of Lords on Thursday, February 16, 2012. This was a day that made Watergate seem like a kindergarten birthday party compared to what will be rocking the financial markets; the international banking world; America politics in real time; world politics in real time; and the worldwide security agencies.

Yes, the Dung we referred to in our previous report has hit the Oscillator and stuck to everything … yes, everything. Over the next several months we will report on the investigations currently going on in the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong and, if any of America’s elected leaders have developed a conscience, here in America as well.

In the meantime, the major news is the British do not care for mischief in their financial markets and have taken great exception to the thought that someone, or some group, has created such a huge deception that it has the potential to take down the British financial markets, British banks and bring such suspicion on the British Government so as to ruin the largest financial market in the world … hundreds of times larger than New York.

If our dear friends the British find that we are correct in our claims, the magnitude of coming events will be catastrophic to the world markets, the worlds banks, the Western European monetary systems, Chartered Accounting firms (acting as auditors to the financial institutions), the legal communities (for they placed their professional tickets on the line for the sanctioning of illegal transactions), and Insurance Companies insuring all of the above, just to mention a few of the hugely significant problems the world faces. The biggest problem facing billions of people is their faith in the banking system worldwide. Never has there been such a lack of trust, and it is this lack of trust that will create the biggest runs on the banking quadrants ever. The Americans, the Brit’s, and the world will all be watched as there will be nowhere to hide.

Unfortunately, the Neo-Nazi, the Illuminati, and the Bilderberg’s … the secret societies that most claim are harmless … are not harmless, and this is the problem.

Another problem is how do the Brit’s handle the closest ally they have ever had. How would you arrest and/or prosecute George Bush Sr., a George Bush Jr., the Clinton’s, or the Obama’s, along with all of their minions who execute the dirty work?

We were able to find one extremely brave man, Lord James of Blackheath, who demonstrated his leadership and internal fortitude by expressing his convictions by allowing these most significant issues to be brought to the House of Lords while under heavy personal attacks, threats, and verbal assaults. He brought forth the information … the secrets buried deep in the darkest parts of the closet for no one to ever find … out into the light for all to see. This is just the beginning…

The coming days and weeks are going to be very painful, as the House of Lords are forced to deal with all that has been assembled for their review. In a war like World War II, everyone knew who the enemy was and clear lines were drawn. In this case, the Lords, the British government, America and the World are going to have to turn lights on in multiple closets at one time … and then deal with the filth they find. Someone is going to have to be responsible. There are good guys and bad guys … the ultimate responsibility has to be clearly understood and assigned regardless of politics or popularity.

Bonney, Wanta, Argo, Falcone and Tropos are just the tip of the iceberg. The 15 Trillion dollars stolen from the people of the United States of America by and through the Federal Reserve System and the Deparment of Treasury is deplorable. What is more deplorable than all of this is the fact that world leaders from America are the culprits … and the world has to decide how to deal with them in the harshest terms. Right now, they all want to go to their estates built especially for them in Paraguay, with all the rest of the disgraced leaders from yesteryear. Not this time. They need to be held accountable … in America, in Great Britain, and in the World Court! Then they need to face what other treasonous leaders have faced as of late, but this is an unpopular way to speak until they have been found guilty in a proper legal forum.

There was a comment in the House of Lords debate last week stating that a new wave of consciousness is emerging and sweeping through Europe. People will no longer take the Political mediocrity so evident within the corrupt Political hierarchies and are sweeping them aside in electoral defeats. The bar will be raised so much higher now as change is enforced to meet the needs and demands of the thinking people. Democracy is on the march. The House that Bush built is on a foundation of quicksand and will be swept away with the new growing tide of demands for a new democracy. All too often we have preached to others what we have not practiced at home. Physician, first heal thyself.

The White Hats and Lord James of BlackHeath Deliver a Death Blow to The Cabal –

Transcript of Lord James 2-16-2012 –

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