Saul: You Truly are Greatly Honored

Saul via John Smallman

February 19, 2012

Humanity’s intention to awaken is intensifying as the divine energy field enveloping the planet continues to spread its loving influence among all nations, all races, and all religious persuasions.

The rhetoric that is reported on the mainstream media does not reflect what is really happening, nor does the constant attention being paid to the areas where war is being waged.  Wars are obviously ongoing and extremely painful for those involved in them, but the growth in love planetwide far outweighs the negative energies that wars support and encourage.

Focus your attention on the growing influence that this love field is having on humanity, intend that it continue to spread its influence, and make a point of being loving yourselves at all times.

You cannot see how effective you are when you do this, but I assure you that the effect you have when you behave lovingly is huge, and it is felt by and influences everyone on Planet Earth.

You are on Earth at this time because, with divine guidance, you chose to be here to bring all to awakening, and you knew when you made that choice that it was not going to be easy, because you understood that living seemingly separated from the Source of all existence would entail the extreme loneliness of being almost unaware of your own divine connections.

Despite that you chose to be here because of your intense love for God and for your sisters and brothers who were apparently lost in the illusion.  For making that choice you truly are greatly honored.

Know that you are divinely supported in every moment, even though the majority of you do not have any experiential sense of that, and that you will succeed in what you set out to do because it is the divine Will, and in that you are all essential and most effective partners with God.

To awaken, as you have been told numerous times, is your inevitable and unalterable destiny, and in spite of the doubts that at times seem to plague you, almost crushing your faith and your confidence in God’s Will for you, nothing can or will prevent it from happening.

For your own comfort it helps you enormously to spend time daily with your egoic minds switched off, or at least with the volume turned down or muted, because then you can tune in to your intuition and receive the support and guidance that is offered to you by your spiritual assistants whenever you are ready to listen.

Your intuition is the path to the Light burning deep within you that God placed there to illuminate your way Home.

It is essential that you make contact with it so that you can absorb the abundance of Love that it offers you and connect with its guidance, so that in every situation in which you find yourselves you receive the information you need to respond appropriately.  Responding appropriately to situations you are faced with strengthens your resolve to behave lovingly – always – and behaving lovingly brings you closer to awakening.

You are Love, you were created from God’s divine Love field, but most of you have only the haziest notion of what this really means, and so you continue to discount yourselves, and humanity generally, as you allow yourselves to be caught up in the distractions of the illusion.

These attempt to convince you that the illusion is real, that it came into existence by chance after billions of years of convenient coincidences, and that there is no supreme intelligence beyond the limited abilities that your most able minds are capable of accessing.

This is a collective egoic ploy to strengthen your ego’s hold on each one of you and ensure that you remain unable to discover your divine heritage, by convincing you that you are tiny specks of inadvertent consciousness adrift in a vast and insensitive universe.  Fortunately the ego is part of the illusion, and so it too will dissolve and disappear when you awaken into Reality and into the resultant awareness that you are all one with God.

God has no need of an ego, despite the fearful descriptions in many religious texts that have portrayed a god with a strong and judgmental one, watching your every thought, word, and action, and preparing to condemn you to extreme and everlasting torture if you did not pay him his due respect.  And to do that is of course impossible, because his demands upon you are endless, insane, and intended to destroy you, because in that was his satisfaction.

It has been an egoic ploy to control you and prevent you from remembering who you really were – beings of infinite power, one with God, existing eternally in divine bliss – thus allowing the ego to continue to exist.

You made your egos when you chose separation, and they seem to have lives of their own – you oftenobserve them at work in other people!  But they are only figments of your collective imaginations, and will, as it were, be subsumed back into you when you awaken.

They are the bits of you that think you are separate from one another and from God, the bits that live in fear and loathing, terrified of what they have done.  But they have done nothing and have nothing to fear.

Embrace them with your love, not by pandering to them and allowing them to mislead you, but by showing them the Love burning within you that accepts them as essential parts of yourselves, even though they are playing rather painfully with negativity and lovelessness, and by showing them that there is absolutely nothing to fear because they too are part of God’s divine creation – the part that tried to hide from Him – and that they too are on their way Home, into the Oneness that is Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

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