Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 88 Mother Earth says No More


We would like to take this opportunity to delve deeper into your tomorrows, as that is a subject that often enters the conversation these days. As you well know, changes are afoot, and they go deep, deeper than any changes humankind has been through before. That is easy to understand, as mankind’s current way of living is so far from sustainable, and now it is change or disappear forever from the face of the earth, as there is no way you can continue in the same tracks. At least, not for long, as Mother Earth is losing her patience once and for all. In other words, even though mankind cannot abide change if they have a choice, now they do not have a choice any longer. You have been leading the way down a one way street, and now you are approaching a cul de sac you have no way of getting out of on your own.


You are well aware by now that the notion of free will has been set up as a clause for anyone that enters your living space, but now that free will clause has indeed been set aside, at least in one aspect, namely that of blindly continuing to destroy the planet that gives you sustenance. ”No more” is the order from above, as you have so far failed to learn your first and foremost lesson, but as we have discussed so many times earlier, it is by no means solely your responsibility.


As the order of no interference has been revoked, much has also been set into motion that has made the notion of free will null and void in some cases. You do still have a free will as to deciding whether to tear yourselves away from the old and disillusioned way of living, but that choice will certainly have its implications as to what you might expect to happen in the remainder of your sojourn here. You see, if you choose to stay on in the lower dimensional version of the earth, then the outcome has been decided already. In other words, that world cannot be turned back from the aforementioned cul de sac, no matter how hard her inhabitants try to convince themselves that they have a free choice as to what their future will be.


On the other hand, for those who choose to ascend together with Mother Earth to a higher dimension, there will also be some limitations as to what you can choose to do, and what will be impossible to act out. For when you step up your vibration, all notions of a manipulating ego must be left at the door, and any actions carried out in the manner of the greedy, fear guided ”normal” way of living in your current world will not and cannot be tolerated. You see, these actions can only take place in the lower dimensions, therefore the notion of free will can never go beyond any limitations set upon them by the level of vibration your soul is currently at.


In other words, free will still be free, but there will be limits as to how low the level of your actions can be. This may sound like there is no thing as free will, and in some ways you are indeed right, but again, your old planet Earth was set up with this rule in order to enhance your possibilities of learning how to exist within just such limitless borders. This held no problems, and your planet was indeed flourishing, but not after this rule was blatantly misused by those eager to exploit it for their own cause. As you well know by now, their rules of conduct corrupted the whole humanity in such a way that the old school of education was turned into a farce. Therefore in order to set the record straight once again the slate will be cleaned and you will be allowed to start all over again in a new frequency that will ensure another way of evolving that will include free will within the possibilities that this new frequency will carry.


The old world in its lower density will of course have a wider scope of said free will, at least if you count all of the baser actions that this lower density will allow for. Therefore, free will to abuse yourselves or others will still be allowed there, but it will never be allowed in the higher realms.


So you see, free will is not totally free at all, rather it is a set of loosely constructed laws that gives you access to certain ways of behaving that must concur with the level of vibration you resonate with. As planet Earth has been residing at a level that is below so much of the rest of creation, the possibilities to educate yourselves have been far wider than in many other dimensions. Therefore, a position at the academy of human life has been much sought after. But now, there will be two different classes, and most of you have already graduated from the third level density one and moved up a notch.


We will not define the accurate level of density in your current state, as it will fluctuate somewhat before you settle down in your new semi-permanent one for the remainder of this lifetime. You see, everything is in flux once you have risen above the third density, therefore you will also be able to experience multiple levels of density during one lifetime. This will be too complex to explain at the moment, so we will return to this subject later on when the timing is right. For now, let us just conclude that life as a third density citizen will continue much as it has done, in other words the souls choosing to reside there will have to endure all of the hardships they have ordered for themselves. They have chosen to stay on in an illusion that will make their own lives ever more challening, before they finally decide that they have had enough of the harsh lessons they came to aquire.

For the rest of you, the time has come to start living a very different life indeed. You have chosen to go into the light, and therefore you have been taken out of the old class and put into the new. Just as in a regular school, changing classes will have its challenges. A whole new set of rules, new surroundings and a new set of classmates. It takes some time to familiarize yourselves with all of this, and especially since this change came rather abruptly. We know you have been waiting for this for a very long time, but still it will take some hard work to settle into your new groove as it were. On the surface, everything will seem to be much like the old class you left behind, but slowly and surely you will open up to the fact that nothing remains but a lingering sense of illusion, and soon this too will start to dissipate.


This transition period will be a challenge in many ways, but again, know that you are supported every step of the way. This is not a class that will be left to fail, this time everyone will graduate with excellent results. It might not feel like it at the moment, but we do assure you that you are all star pupils in every sense of the word, and even if the sound of your ego is still echoing in your mind, remember that this voice of smallness is finally fading away for good and you will all start to see your true colours in all of their glory. Time to go to class sweet ones, we know you will have a wonderful time this semester!

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