Shimmering Ones: The Mass Transformation

Shimmering Ones via Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones and we are here for all of you as you now undergo the mass transformation of EGO and allow that which is YOU to stand forward. We are the Shimmering Ones and we are here for each one of you as you now go through the mass cleansing of the soul. For many of you have decided to release the karmic debt that has amassed over the timelines and dimensions in which you reside. The clearing is done in this timeline and this dimension through the vehicle you have chosen for this incarnation your human body.

We watch as many are now struggling with the energies and are now falling to the distortion of colds and flu. We ask for you to go deeper and to go within and to ask which part of the body wants to speak to you. When it is shown we ask that you honour the speech. It may be that another SELF wishes to converse with you and is bringing itself to your attention through the physical pains in your body. We ask that you go within and listen and then acknowledge. For in doing this you give SELF a voice and that is all that is required at this stage. The giving of the voice is the healing of the voice, once SELF has been heard the healing will begin and the vehicle will return to SELF in this dimension. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?

Many are now struggling with the heart and the mind and we guide strongly that the new energies and the new earth is founded on emotion, this is difficult to navigate if the emotion is not one that you are comfortable with. We note that many may trigger by our words and ask how one cannot be comfortable with LOVE yet LOVE has been taught through distortion for aeons and many humans do not understand the emotion of LOVE. LOVE just IS dear ones and we guide for you to go within and to process our words through your heart.

When you try to force another into your way of thinking out of LOVE you walk in distortion for you cannot know the life journey of another human. We reach out the mothers of children on planet earth and ask they journey within and absorb our words. Much is done to protect children that stifles the souls of these children there are many children who are being born onto planet earth that will change much of what is in place on planet earth and beyond, look not to their physical bodies but into their souls. The need to look beyond the physical will continue to increase and the distortions of the physical will be dissolved for many. The 3D world was physical and was distorted the same does not apply for the higher dimensions and many are able to view the new world with fresh eyes.

We ask that you honour that which is coming up for you, the mirror is the tool of use in operation across the planet at this time. What is the universe showing you? what do you not like? All is to be used by SELF to work through the teachings of distortion in operation on planet earth. For the race that sought to contain and suppress you lulled you with false teachings. You are vastly more than is reflected in your mirrors yet many cannot see this and cannot comprehend this. Look beyond the smoke and the mirrors and see SELF, for SELF is what greets you in the beyond. We are here to help you navigate the waters of emotions which for many are now rising, the fear of drowning uppermost in many humans yet the need for floating never considered. Many have played in the waters but not learned to swim and we guide all to look at this and digest this.

On a planet made of predominantly water, in a body made of predominantly water why would you not learn to swim? We ask this for you to go within and be shown the answer for we are not here to lead we are here to guide and support. The guidance increasing as the need for answers increases across the planet. The answers are always found within dear ones, for many the diving to the bottom of the ocean may be an option for others a quickdip, but all involve the emotions, for the emotions were used against you and now is the time to take the reigns back and to allow the balance that is YOUrs to find itself once more.

The water is important to cleanse, the water is important to flow and the water is important to BE. We guide in the consumption of water and we guide that humans do not ingest enough water to keep balance within their physical bodies. We guide for all to look at the amount of water they consume and to increase this consumption. At times of higher increases in energy this consumption may double but we ask for you to listen to the body, for it is your vehicle. You would not pour petrol into a diesel car yet many pour anything but water into their bodies. We ask for you to look at this, ask the questions of your heart and then listen.

The vehicles that you reside in within this life experience are now tuning up ready to absorb and anchor the new that is now flooding across the planet. Those that are experiencing a high number of symptoms we guide for you to look at what you fuel the body with and we guide for you to detach from the teachings of distortion around diet and nutrition and to listen to the vehicle you incarnated within. Why would another human being know more about this vehicle than you the SOUL who has incarnated into this vehicle?

The road into the new for many may be littered with old emotions that scatter themselves at your feet. We guide for you to notice them, to pick them up and to listen to them, then place them back into the heart for the healing to occur. When you try to tiptoe past them, they will notice you and they will spring to life, many are now running down the road away from the emotions that are now chasing them. They mean you no harm dear ones, they ask for a voice that is all, then they will begin to heal. Why do you run from YOU? who taught you to do this and why?

All that is before YOU is YOU, we guide for you to digest this and ask the questions that you have around this to your heart. For the heart will show you in glorious colour YOU. This is the creation of the new world and as such there is no blueprint, the blueprint for your life resides within your heart. If you do not visit the heart how do you know if the life you are building is correct? We again ask for you to take this into the silence and listen to the answers for you are seeded with TRUTH and that is where it is found.

The architects of this your human life experience are YOU, we cannot underline this enough, for YOU build the castles in the sky and you build that which is for YOU. It is not given to you for who would give to you that which you create? The universe works in co- creation with you at all times but it needs to have direction, the universe is an energy that works to create that which you ask it to create. Be specific in what you send out to the universe for it may not hear you clearly if you are not sure and have FAITH and TRUST in YOU. Think for a moment dear ones on a builder who tells his foreman he wants to build a house with 4 rooms but is not entirely sure if 4 rooms is what he means, perhaps it needs 3 or maybe 5. The builder cannot build on this information and neither can the universe. Humans are always in their minds when requesting help from the universe and we guide for you to be in your heart. For you may not have words for the universe to co create that which your heart sings for, the universe IS YOUr heart and can read the map that is there even if you are blind to it. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?

We are the Shimmering Ones and we are here for you at all times. The vast emotional changes necessary for you to shed the skin that you were given to wear to become who YOU ARE. Let not the emotions scare you for they are seeking a home, that home is YOU

for your emotions belong to YOU. Many humans try to give their emotions away and then are surprised when they find their way back, emotions will always come home, do you welcome them? do you pour LOVE and COMPASSION through them and allow them to find peace or do you throw them away and ignore them? the choice is always yours dear ones, but how would you FEEL if you were thrown out of your home and your parents turned their backs on you? this analogy is to help you see that that which you run from is YOU. There is no running from YOU for YOU will always find YOU. Do you understand our guidance?

As the energies intensify use the tears that are part of your vehicle to cleanse the soul. Release the wounds that you hold onto or that you have given to others and allow the healing to take place. For the healing is on the other side of the tears. You would laugh when you feel joy but many do not cry when they feel pain and we ask why? The balance always seeking to find a way to come into play. A pain without tears is not a balance. Do you see this?

We are the Shimmering Ones, we hold you in the LOVE that IS so that you may see that all that is fearful is but a shadow, that shadow is YOU, but you are more than shadow for YOU are a vast BEing of light, use the LIGHT within to cleanse the shadow, a shadow can only be as shadow when there is absence of light. Pour LOVE and COMPASSION through your vehicle and watch as all is transformed. We are here with you for we are you and you are we. Xx

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  1. Are the Shimmering Ones, my Aucturian Starseed Family?
    ~~~ What dimensonal place?~~~~is there orgin?
    Indeed, Who are they ?_____Why are they” here” saying ,,We ( or they & myself )
    are the same
    Spirtual Be=ings~! They are wanting i remember~~ WHO I AM `!
    Where are they from? I have recieved previous message- saying that,, i am to be a Shimmering One ,,,i feel the TRUTH in the Guidance they share with me-
    So your answers are very important to my KNOWING~~my orgins & who my Star
    Familys are,,,Please email me at Namaste Capt, B

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