Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 87


We would like to delve deeper into the somewhat murky past of your planet, and also look further into what´s in store for this next period. Although much has been said about this already, we feel it to be only prudent to repeat some of the information, as this might make it clearer this time around.


As you are well aware of by now, humanity started on this journey as a species unfettered by any hindrances, whether they be self-imposed or otherwise, and this held you in good stead for a long time. You developed from a rather primitive organism and into something much more specialized, and you went from being organized in small groups into a much more complex social structure. As you well know, inside all of these hominids delved a soul that harkened from a very foreing place, because this planet was set up as a place for educational purposes, serving the whole of creation. This has always been a much sought after place, and many, many souls applied for a position here as this is a very unique place to brush up on so many skills. Nowhere else in the whole of creation can a soul experience the same variety of living conditions as here on earth, and therefore the waiting list was long for acolytes trying to develop themselves further than they were able to back home.


You had so many opportunities to evolve, and they were indeed eagerly seized upon, as the only thing that was agreed beforehand, was that you were to be ruled by free will. In other words, no one outside of your planet were allowed to intervene in any way, as it was indeed deemed to be absolutely necessary that this planet was to be left to find its own way from the darkness of the least developed mind and out into the light again.


Civilizations came and went, and many of them became very skilful in adapting not only to their environment, but also to develop their knowledge in all fields of science. As you may remember, some of these previous civilizations surpassed yours in many of these fields, even if you still prefer to call them primitive. The reason for their excellence in many fields was that they had not lost their connections to home, in other words it came natural to them to seek contact with off-planet beings in their efforts to stretch their skills and abilities to the max.


But then, something happened that changed the rules completely. In defying of the rule of free will and no intervention, representatives of another civilization decided to make planet Earth their new abode, as they had mismanaged their own in such a way they needed a new place to live. And what better place than planet Earth, so full of resources of all kinds, and so easy to invade. As you know, they were very skillful at manipulating others, and the human race fell under their spell very easily. They knew fully well that if they managed to reprogram you all, it would be very easy to take over complete control of your societies, and in order to achieve that, what they needed to do first was to eliminate all traces of your former connection to other evolved beings residing on other planets.


They were so successful at doing this that soon what was left was only a small remnant of memories hidden away in the innermost sanctum of your hearts. But in some populations, these memories were revered and kept strong in the minds of all, and therefore these groups were persecuted almost to extintion. This has continued well into your lifetime, and you can see for yourselves the amount of suffering so many of your so-called indigenous groups have been forced to endure throughout the centuries. But now, their hidden knowledge can finally start to be shown openly again, and for those of you keeping a close watch on what is going on around the world, you will see that now all of their old stories and prophecies are starting to be heard in every corner of the globe. You see, they know fully well what is going on, and they have been waiting for this for generations. Listen to their words, and you will know that this is the time for the big change, the period of closing down the old corrupted way of living, and the time to start all over again with pure intentions.


Although much of this has been known for a very long time, your captors to call it that has managed to brainwash the majority into thinking that this period will be a period of increasing violence and destruction. You can see how it is already manifesting not only in your financial system – set up by these usurpers to ensure a total submission of you all – but also in the so called civil governments that are trying to take away even more of your freedom in order to save their own purse and keep them in power. They will use every opportunity they have to increase your level of fear, thereby trying to convince you all that without them, everything will turn into chaos and mayhem. In other words, they will not let you change your way of life in any way that does not favour them, they only want for you to continue being submissive and meek, ready to follow their orders at every twist and turn. They are becoming desperate now, as they can see how their empires are literally falling apart between their fingers, and they will resort to desperate measures to try to keep on to the fragile hold they have over mankind.


Never forget that the last thing they want, is for people to start thinking themselves, and especially about just how much power the common man really has over his or her own fate. No one can contain your powers once you have found it in yourselves, and that is why they are trying their damnedest to shift your focus away from yourselves and literally frighten you away from the truth. Watch how they are rattling their sabres in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. They will keep feeding you all lies as to just how unbalanced everything is now, and they would love nothing more than the chance to start another war to avert any scrutiny into their own actions.


Never fear your own powers dear ones, this is what will set you free in the end, as then you will see that these creatures running the show can never ever outnumber or outmaneuver you ever again. They cannot, because they cannot help but stay stuck in their own low vibrational field, so when you open up to these incoming light energies you will automatically become independent of them. That is, if you realize your own powers and do not let yourselves be convinced otherwise by these skillful manipulators. They are nothing if not intelligent, and so far they have been very successful in holding humanity back in the lower densities. But now, you must all wrench yourselves away from this illusion of powerlessness they have implanted in your brains, for it is you and only you that can ensure your own liberation from this self imposed prison of doubt and insecurity. Again, we do not say that it is easy, we only repeat that you have literally all it takes to unwind yourselves from these threads that are holding you down. It can be hard to see all of the light you harbour inside, as it has been shielded from you for so long. Time to open your eyes sweet souls, you are about to fully awaken from this bad dream you have been stuck in for such a long time.


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