Saul: Major Changes to the Way Society is Organized Are Happening Right Now

Saul John Smallman

February 12, 2012

In the spiritual realms we are observing with joy the rapid progress that humanity is now making in its spiritual evolution as the moment for its awakening approaches.  In the illusion the majority of wonderful events that are occurring across the world are not widely reported, and much is done to discount the importance of the few that do make it into the news and to discredit those who report them.

But do not fear – the tide will not be turned!  Major changes to the way society is organized on Planet Earth are happening right now, and the enormous benefits that this will bring to all mankind are long overdue and will not be prevented.  Many loving souls have been working gently and discretely for a long time to help bring this part of God’s plan for humanity to fruition, and that moment is nigh.

Love is the power, the energy, and the lubricant that enables the creative endeavors of life to flow easily and smoothly as God intends.  Humanity is finally beginning to understand this wondrous Truth.  However, to very many of you this does not seem to be the case as you observe those self-serving ones who have taken power and authority unto themselves enriching themselves, while the vast majority of humanity struggles to maintain even a subsistence level of existence.

This is changing, and it is doing so because so many of you have decided to exchange loving attitudes and behaviors for the irresponsible and self-centered ways that have been endemic on Earth for so long.  You have always been surrounded by guides and teachers from the spiritual realms who nudge you towards love whenever you open your hearts a little to accept it, or when you pray for guidance and assistance in your earthly lives.

Love is a very gentle energy, but infinitely powerful and infinitely abundant.  When you start to open your hearts to allow It in the flow is slow and steady so that you will not be overpowered or overwhelmed.  In your physical form you have to take It in slowly because your bodies are delicate and take time to adjust to Its enormous warmth and strength.  And even when they have adjusted the amount that an individual body can process as a conduit is, of course, severely limited by the physical limitations of the body itself.  By entering the illusion you chose to experience severe limitation, and although that can be somewhat alleviated, it cannot be utterly dispelled until you leave it by awakening.

In the meantime, while you remain embodied within the illusion, you are receiving loving assistance on a scale never before seen or experienced on your beautiful planet.  And the reason for this is because you are to awaken, and to do so you must turn away from the self-centered survival modes of behavior and thinking that have been prevalent for so long, and embrace the Love that surrounds every one of you at all times.

It takes practice, determination, and willingness to make this essential change of heart and to engage lovingly with everyone with whom you interact, in whatever situation you may find yourselves.  That is why you are being given so much assistance.  You cannot fail, and you will not fail, because your Father has decreed that you will awaken into Reality to enjoy eternally the marvels of that divine state.

While you maintain unloving and self-centered attitudes and behaviors you support and maintain the illusion – the only place where they could even appear to exist – and enclose yourselves within it.  Lovecan seep into your awareness while you remain in hiding within the illusion, but only if you choose to open yourselves to receive It, and It then requires that you share It indiscriminately with everyone that you encounter.

This is why you are receiving, and becoming aware that you are receiving, such an abundance of assistance from those in the spiritual realms.  The Love that you share in this divine and indiscriminate manner links you with many others doing likewise, strengthening and intensifying the divine Love field that desires only to embrace you and bring you Home.

As the numbers of you engaging in this divine and loving practice continue to increase, so does the strength of each individual taking part, and that gives each one of you the confidence that you need to hold your Light high for all to see.  It is all of you coming together in this way that makes your awakening possible and, of course, inevitable.  The divine plan has always been for you to awaken, not to be awoken, and this is what you are about to achieve.  When you do, your joy will be supreme.

With so very much love, Saul.

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