El Morya: The Law of One by Galactic Love

El Morya via Marie Mohler


Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame. The sun is rising in the Hearts of All dear one. Inner Flames are receiving great input from the Central Core Heart of One. On the surface, you may not see this glow. But deep within every being, there is a rising and shining metamorphasis taking place . . . for the Light Within is awakening to the Light Without. In fact, they are one in the same. For we are all Strings of Light, fluidly flowing in this divinely interconnected world.
Right now, the Awakening Energies are strong. Activating Divine Inner Strings and The Light Within . . . is a huge cosmic process. Much coordinates atmospherically to align the Earth’s Energy Fields, and thus your own. But these magnetizing energies are healing the skewedness of Earth’s axial tilt, and perceptions born of this tilt. Now . . . soon . . . more and more will seem kinder, more in line, more aware, and more connected to what is good. They will appear to have snapped out of their slumber. For the Aligning Energies are beaming so much Light to their Energy Fields, it is nearly impossible to remain asleep. In this new alertness, people cannot help but to feel the Divine Nudges and Inner Callings to Collaborate. People cannot help but to help, serve, and add their Light where they can.
The Law of One is re-organizing the Earth itself back into Core Divine Balance. The Law of One Knows Infinitely . . . that All is Connected . . . and that what happens to or within one, happens to ALL. The Law of One is perhaps akin to Modern String Theory. Everything is Interconnected. And in that Interconnection, a True Shining is taking place. People are reaching out to help each other. To be together. To know each other again.
In this particular cosmic window of “Time,” there is a stillness emerging; an integration of these Light Streams and Strings. It has been a long disconnect from the Law of One. The Earth’s Axis has been tilted and wobbled for a long time in earth time. This particular window invites ALL beings to settle into the New Earth Coordinates . . . to settle into her greater alignment with the cosmos . . . and the rightness of her re-centering. This realignment is washing within and through you. As conductors of energy, in your 70% water body frequencies that you are, every being is assimilating these new cosmic codes, waking up cells that have been slumbering for millennia. Allow this awakening time. Allow this conductivity. Relax any inner reactors. Just allow the new energies to flow, like a new energy current – rewiring – your energy reality and the energy reality of the earth plane.
This is a time of powerful inner renewal and realignment. It requires rest, insight, and awakening the mind-body-soul temple. It is time to be awake. To participate in the New Earth’s formation. To live in the energies of the Law of One once more.
Breathe this new Light within. Breathe in the Knowingness of New Life unfolding. Breathe in the Light in All That Is. In those breaths, a New Earth is uniting within, and reflecting to the Hearts and Souls of the Collective Without. Each activation of New Light Codes matters. For as members of One Cosmic Family of String . . . your Light Strands are valuable key components . . . of Living as One Whole, Once More. The Law of One requires collaborative, cooperative energies working synergistically together. The Law of One is re-aligned with the Core Galactic Center, and is thus inviting all of you . . . to remember. To live this remembrance. And to anchor its frequencies in the Core Heart of One, that is All That Is.
Blessings dear one. Feel the Law of One resonating within. Rest well. Breathe deeply. Love freely. And shine truly. A New Age and New Earth has truly begun. And it is through the Living of the Law of One . . . that Source will shine again . . . in the Hearts of All . . . through the Heart of One. The Great Central Sun has returned dear one. The Law of One blesses and shines through the Cosmos . . . a full circle journey now complete . . . and a new concentric circle just begun. Namaste dear one. Namaste.
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  1. This is a confirmation that everything I have been experiencing recently is true. I am an awakened blue ray soul. I know how lonely blue ray beings feel, and part of my mission is to create again a community that they can be part of. this community existed 11,000 B.C years ago in the region of South America, to be more specific in the area of las pampas, Argentina. I know this because I remember this life. They were direct descendants of people of the lost continent of Lemuria and Atlantis. Our name is the brotherhood of the law. When I got this information, I had no idea what they meant by the brotherhood of the law but to my surprise I learned that their teachings was similar to the Essenes, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures/Gnostic Gospels, the hermetic teachings, the Ra material, the arcane teachings, Buddhism, Kabbalah…etc
    It is called the the brotherhood of the law because we, blue souls came here to teach about the law of one. We are The First Ray of Incarnation.

    The First Ray is the blue ray. If you are a blue ray soul then you have blue as your soul colour. You are from the Buddhaic plane  

    Of existence and a faithful teacher of the law of one. The first ray has the purpose of being the ray which manifests the Will (unity)and Power of God(unconditional love). The Chohan of the ray, a single Ascended Master focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray. The Chohan of the blue ray is El Morya.

    If you are a 1st ray soul then your are working to acquire some of the qualities of the ray – personal power, God’s will over your own freewill, focus, purpose and balance.

    There are many Ascended Masters working on the 1st ray – most of them are men. One of these Masters will be assigned to you to act as teacher. Your Teacher is usually with you for life. You can also be assigned to other  Masters working on other rays, for higher learning or if you are working on some aspect of your personality.

    Some of the First Ray Masters are, El Morya, Melchizedek, St John, the Baptist, Metatron, Krishna, Mahakala, Osiris, Thomas Merton and Moses (Lord Ling).

    The Elohim of this ray are Hercules and Amazonia. The Archangels of this ray are Michael and Faith.

    Peace & love my Brothers!

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