DL Zeta: Lightworkers and Ascension Timelines

By DL Zeta
Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation

During this time of rapid change and new possibilities, many lightworkers have moved to advanced timelines based on themes of oneness, ascension, service and transformation. The broader the timeline, the more expansive the identity options available. After shifting to a timeline of service, you may begin to see yourself as a world server, life coach, intuitive, shaman, spiritual author, visionary, spiritual seer and much more.

Whenever we adopt a new identity, we begin to see the world through the eyes of this new role. This new way of seeing the world represents a new focus personality. All events, possibilities and decisions are examined in terms of the focus personality and its needs, preferences, choices and goals. During times of spiritual transformation, your identity and focus may change quickly and unexpectedly. Navigating such quantum leaps in identity requires a great deal of awareness and personal mastery as major shifts can cause feelings of losing one’s identity. This can be troubling if we are not firmly grounded in a strong sense of our overall self and our spiritual purpose.


The Nature of the Focus Self

It is helpful at this point to look in greater detail at the nature of the focus self to understand the important role it plays in our everyday life. At every moment within each person’s consciousness, there is a focus self that directs the flow of attention and energy within the life. This focus self is akin to the ego. Its job is to help us navigate on the Earth plane, moving us through numerous realms of experience. By divine plan, the focus self serves as a filter, drawing experiences needed within the moment to learn and grow. Ideally, an individual has many focus selves throughout the course of a lifetime. The individual, depending on their level of awareness, may or may not be aware of changeovers in focus selves, though they are likely to be aware of time periods within their lives that are of distinctly different flavors. As life lessons are completed, the old focus self abdicates its position to other focus selves that are better able to carry out new learning agendas.


A Focus Self Wielding too Much Power Undermines Growth

Whenever an individual identifies too closely with their focus self, that self begins to wield a great deal of power in the life. Over-identification with the focus self is a misunderstanding. This circumstance tends to occur when the individual identifies almost exclusively with material reality. In other words, they have tuned out their spiritual connection and come to believe that what they experience with their physical senses is all there is.

When a focus self becomes too powerful, it can begin to undermine growth by refusing to allow anything that threatens its power. Like a tyrannical dictator, it disempowers any new thought or idea that might result in its “overthrow.”


By contrast, a focus self that recognizes the importance of surrendering its authority to a new focus self is willing to work for the highest good of all. An enlightened focus self is able to be a force for peace in the world.


Allowing the Wisdom of your New Self to Shine Through

As you move further into an identity shift, you will receive images of your new self in dreams. You can also ask your spiritual guidance to bring you conscious images and close-ups of any areas of your new identity that remain unclear. When you allow the wisdom of your new focus self to shine through, you find new levels of meaning and purpose showing up to lead you easily and effortlessly into the next phase of your be-ing.


Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zetahttp://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

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