February 7th, 2012: Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius


by Patricia Liles

Tuesday, February 7, 1:54 PM PST, 9:54 PM GMT


With the Moon full in Leo, we have the perfect opportunity to access the portal of our heart.  The Sun that is the source of light, heat and energy for Earth is Leo’s powerful ruling planet.  Leo is where we naturally exude leadership, power and brilliance.  Radiant, vibrant and filled with the confident will of ‘the King of Beasts’ is Leo’s signature.  Just as the Sun is the heart of our solar system, so Leo has rulership of the heart, the blood and spine.  ‘To take heart’ means to face your fears, and courage is strong in Leo (the Latin root ‘cor’ meaning heart is the base of courage).  The Leo/Sun/5th house relationship brings into play Leo’s passion, dramatic nature, and their desire to be seen and appreciated as the center of their pride.  Creative self-expression is a life giving necessity for them.  As a masculine, fixed fire sign, they are considered hot and dry, and ‘hot’ often translates into passionate and in touch with their anger.  I am Lion, hear me roar!  They are beasts after all and as such, can bring to bear the entire strength of their being if necessary.  Responses can be swift and instinctual – not contemplative and mental like some of our Mercury ruled signs or delicate and diplomatic like the Venus ruled.  Their negative pole swings towards egocentricity, vanity, dogmatic opinions.

Leo in any form encourages us to express our deepest heart felt spirit self.  The expression of your authentic individuality from the heart is a creative gift to all.  Full Moon in Leo invites us to reveal the beauty and strength of fully expressing our unique light ~ shining it brightly for each one to bask in its warmth and generosity while increasing and revitalizing joy and pleasure.

Focusing on the portal in our hearts gets the flow moving in sync with Spirit.  The Leo Moon encourages us to practice forgiveness and release of any stuck energy we feel there.  Greet the Sun daily and draw a line between it and your own heart to keep up to date with the swiftly surging and changing energy of the Sun – it’s experiencing its own energy transformation with many notable coronal mass ejections (CME) during this active time at the height of the sun spot cycle.  Practice exchanging heart energy with trees, plants, pets, partners.

Mercury is exactly conjunct the 18º Aquarius Sun and opposite the Moon.  We can experience the interplay of our mind’s thinking function in contrast to our heart-centered feeling function.  Our conscious, rational minds will have to include the receptive, intuitive energy of the Moon.  We can clear old habits of thinking in dualistic, separating ways and embrace Aquarius’ inclusive, egalitarian mind.  Speak from your heart.

Rare and always noteworthy is when an outer planet changes signs and brings expression of a new energy into play.  Neptune moved into its own feminine, watery sign of Pisces on Friday, Feb 3.  We saw Neptune briefly shift out of Aquarius where it has been residing since 1998 and into Pisces from April to August of 2011, but now it moves into Pisces for the next 13 years – 2025.  Oooo, what to expect? Neptune in Pisces, symbolized by the two fish swimming in the opposite direction, is a planet of transcendence and spiritual compassion and also of illusion and escapism.  We can realize union with the divine or abdicate responsibility for ourselves and become lost in indecision, confusion and energy leaks.  Neptune moves us into the realms of creativity where what we can imagine can be manifested effortlessly by Spirit.  Neptune acts by dissolving, merging, disintegrating, surrendering, dreaming.  Neptune rules all that is intangible – Spirit, visions, devotion, unity, intuition, psychic experience, the infinite, grace.  Idealism is strong here with Neptune – the dreamer, the visionary, the artist, the poet, the healer and the martyr are but a few forms that this planet governs.  Next New Moon in Pisces will find Neptune conjunct the Sun and Moon – so very yin.

Just before the Moon reaches fullness, Saturn does a little shape shifting itself.  Just half a degree from changing sign from Libra to Scorpio, Saturn decides to turn retrograde for more than 4 months and retrace its degrees from 29º back to 23º Libra.  We won’t see Saturn leave Libra and move into Scorpio until early October.  We can count on Saturn to bring into balance what we might want to overlook; we can continue our lessons in relationship with the self we see when we look out into the eyes of another.

Slowly, slowly Mars is moving retrograde in Virgo.  So uncharacteristic of Mars who is our planet of action, assertiveness and physicality.  Now our urge is toward an inward focus and a desire to function efficiently on the day-to-day level.  What are my true desires? What will it take to move them forward?  Where are impulsive, rash or anger-infused responses being triggered?  With Mars retrograde, all that physical energy is getting compressed like when a lion crouches and readies to spring on unsuspecting prey.  Be sure to keep physically active to give this energy a constructive outlet especially if you’re feeling testy, irritated or restless or even lethargic.

Later in the month when the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, the energy will notably shift away from the masculine expression and stabilizing mental clarity of Aquarius.  It will feel like two different months, I suspect, with seven heavenly bodies in Pisces.  The spirit of the Goddess will be alive and well among us!

From a larger perspective, we are in a more mundane pattern of astrological events until we round the corner of the Spring Equinox.  Then in late May we will be transmuting the energies of a solar eclipse window coupled with Part 2 of the visible Venus transit of the Sun leading up to the first exact square of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn just after Summer Solstice.  So for now, I would say, it behooves us to do the maintenance necessary so we are ready to roll end of May to end of June  – and beyond!


Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

02/07 Saturn retrograde at 29º Libra

02/18 Sun enters Pisces

02/21 New Moon in Pisces 2:35 PM PST

03/08 Full Moon in Virgo 1:41 AM PST

03/11 Daylight Savings Time begins

03/12 Mercury retrograde until April 4

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