Steve Beckow: Decision on Staying or Leaving

Posted by Steve Beckow

Folks, I’ve made my decision on the basis of the comments I’ve read attached to the two articles looking at the postponed/failed/cancelled Voyage to the Stars.

First let’s review the two comments from Ken that weigh with me and have determined my decision.

Steve, I can’t even begin to describe the problems this has caused on this end and, yes, they are very tangible and serious. I fully expect you to live up to your retirement. If you continue to run this blog after the complete deceit and misrepresentation of your sources and after you said you would step down, you are as dishonest as your sources. What will it be Mr. Beckow?


The question is, was there any depth or weight to your retirement proclamation? Our governments, business, and religious leaders all lie to us, are you going to do the same? This is a question of whether you were using the truth as a negotiating tactic. I’m willing to give you a day or two to regain my trust, if not, the spot “light” will be on you.


Ken is right in his comment. He’s in the minority. Most other people wish me to stay. But Ken’s comment carries more weight with me than most others, because Ken is reporting that harm has resulted to him. Harm having resulted carries more weight, as far as I’m concerned, than benefit having occurred.

It was partly because terrestrials who attended the flight stood the risk of having their relatives on Earth harmed that the galactics postponed the trip. If they made a decision of consequence on the basis of harm resulting, then so should I.

Most people who regard our actions operate in a 3D environment. As far as they’re concerned, someone has to pay for what happened. There has to be, and has to be seen to be, an admission of responsibility on someone’s part. And the galactics are not here to do that and their explanations through channeled mediums are too short to really go into the full story on the matter.

If I remain, just as Ken says, there will be constant recriminations of a lack of integrity. It would be too fine a point to say that I’m responding to the community’s request that I stay. There must not only be integrity but there also has to be the appearance of integrity.

On the other hand, I also hear that large sections of the community wish me to stay and I also don’t want to let you down either. So I propose a compromise. We have a convention on Earth where we put a person in jail for a crime. When their sentence is served, they are free to rejoin society, their debt to society having been paid.

I am doing the equivalent in requiring myself to be absent from this site for one month for having botched the plan for the Voyage to the Stars by allowing the numbers to rise too far, by not exercising discrimination in my selection of invitees, and having caused people harm through its postponement.

Now you may say that that is a light sentence, but 1/12th of 2012, the year in which so much will happen, is in fact a very heavy sentence to me.

After the Hour with an Angel tonight, the publication of the transcript, and cleaning up any other loose ends, to preserve the integrity of this site, its discussion group, and everything else which looks towards 2012 and Ascension as being not only real but infinitely desirable, I’ll leave the community as a public voice.

I’ll appoint someone to replace me on Hour with an Angel so you’re not deprived of that. The other areas of the work done here already have competent people overseeing them.

I’ll continue to work to bring the Bridge Fund in because that does benefit lightworkers and I’ll work on my First Contact database, but I won’t continue to write for this blog or anything other than the Bridge Fund.