Saul: How Much Longer? Is it Really Going to Happen?

John Smallman | February 5, 2012

Many on earth are wondering about awakening: “How much longer? Is it really going to happen? Are we deluding ourselves? Surely we can’t be?

This is God’s Will for us – endless talk, uplifting and inspiring though it is, but when will it happen? We have been holding the Light for a long time, listening to encouraging channeled information telling us “soon,” and still we wait. At times it can be most disheartening.”

Dear ones, your prayers and hopes are all held lovingly in the bosom of God in every moment. You are not forgotten. All is going as divinely ordained.

Hold strongly to the Light burning inextinguishably within each one of you, and to the inner knowing that holds it there.

Do not be misled by the naysayers and doubters who would attempt to persuade you that your hopes and beliefs are psychological defenses against the inevitability of death and the nonexistence it presages. All this is your collective ego fighting for its survival – when the illusion dissolves so does the ego.


Remember, God’s Love for you is infinite, and beyond anything that you can possibly imagine while you remain experiencing limited consciousness in the egoic illusion which, while you are experiencing it, appears so real to you. It is very difficult for you in this state not to identify yourselves with your bodies, because it is they that do the experiencing.

But, of course, you are infinitely more than your bodies; they are merely the vehicles that you chose to inhabit for your excursion into the illusion, and, as you are very well aware, because you experience them in every moment, they limit you severely – your intellectual abilities are inadequate, your physical abilities are inadequate, your psychic abilities are inadequate, and your ability to know your Creator is practically nonexistent.

In spite of this you do know that you are all spiritual beings of infinite value undergoing an Earthly experience. That knowing is mostly deeply hidden within as you respond to the daily, hourly, and momentary stimuli that you encounter, demanding your almost instant attention, and which seemingly confirm for you that you are indeed simply bodies that can reason.

To reach this knowing, you need to take time out from the rush of worldly events regularly each day, relax, and let go of your almost incessant thought patterns. You very likely cannot stop them, but you can be aware of them without engaging with them. This brings you to a peaceful state where you can be aware that you are not your thoughts, and perceive that they are just a passing flow of ideas, worries, shoulds, hopes, and expectations that you can choose whether to attend to or not.

As you let them pass without attending to them the rate of flow will slow down, and you will find yourselves in that place of inner peace where you can realize that the world does not in fact revolve around you and all your concerns – your normal illusory experience. That those concerns are solely concepts that you use to control the way you live from day to day. No two people’s concerns are identical, no two people’s way of experiencing existence in the illusion are the same. But, Reality, God, All That Is, is totally consistent for everyone.

Reality is indiscriminate acceptance of all, each of whom are inseparable parts of God and of one another. And in that place of inner peace, that you make a habit of establishing regularly, you can get a sense of Reality, a knowing that you are not alone, abandoned, and desperately seeking safety and protection, but that you are an essential part of something infinitely greater. Many call It God. God is not concerned with the concept or word you choose to use, but only for you to know that you are eternally loved and cherished, embraced by the Love that is All That Is.

Your awakening is, as you have been told many times, absolutely guaranteed, because it is God’s Will and yours that it should happen, and He has promised that all will awaken. God does not renege on promises because His Will is constant and unchanging. Focus on making contact with your deep inner knowing of your oneness with Him by opening your hearts in love and acceptance of everyone, not least of all yourselves. You are divine beings, temporarily confused and frightened by your illusory environment. Let go of your fear of and belief in the illusion, and allow Love, the eternal life force that maintains your existence, to permeate your awareness and uncover for you the divine Flame constantly burning within you. Then you will encounter the peace that will provide you with constant comfort and surety as you wait expectantly and enthusiastically for the grand moment of your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  1. Such a wonderful message, your words resonate with me on every level, when I woke this morning this is exactly what I was thinking about. Thank you sharing

    Be well and Be aware

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