SaLuSa: Hold Firmly Onto Your Focus of Ascension

SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey

February 3, 2012

You would think that everyone would have an interest in the future, but many souls are content to drift along without any ambition to do differently. In fact to some there does not appear to be any purpose to life at all. Yet within their little niche on Earth, they observe other life and at some point become restless because they inwardly know that it could be much better. That Dear Ones is the onset of their awakening, and with so much going on at present it is hoped they make progress.Life begs questions regarding as to why it is so unsatisfactory in creating and giving the most basic comforts to all people.

Subconsciously you all know that you are One, and that each one of you should benefit from all of Earth’s bounties. In this present time the dark Ones have gone further than previously, in denying you your rightful share and taking away the little that you already had. They brazenly believed that they could totally enslave you having found little opposition their plans. However, they reckoned without the rapid growth in consciousness, in part due to the sterling work of the Lightworkers. It is though an explosion of Light has occurred and engulfed the whole world, and that is not far removed from the truth.


The amount of energy being beamed to Earth has grown exponentially, and distributed through those evolved beings who are able to bring it down into it. It has moved beyond the point where it can be stopped, and has allowed you to step onto the path of Ascension.

As we have stated before you are all at different stages of evolution, and it is to be expected that there will be different responses to what is going on in your world. As you move up the ladder so you are uplifting all others as they too benefit from the increasing levels of consciousness.

The question is will everyone make it and ascend, and that depends on all of your freewill choices. So some souls will carry on drifting around and be quite content to watch the world go by. Their pace of progress is clearly a lot slower than most other peoples, but that has no bearing on their ability to eventually experience upliftment. The fact is that all souls have DNA genes that give them the impetus to seek the truth, and that will inevitably cause them to continue searching for it. The urge usually comes with wondering about the purpose of life, and this carries them forward on a long journey of adventure.

For those of you who have found the path home, life suddenly becomes more smooth running, and problems no longer cause great strife, as you handle them with ease because of your understanding. Knowing how it all works helps you overcome any obstacles you encounter, and your ego continues to take a back seat without interfering. Your ego is making way for your Higher Self that is the real you.

So you see Dear Ones you do have the responsibility to lift yourself up as no one else can do it for you. They can help but in the final reckoning it is your decision that will determine how you progress. You need to have a strong intent to merge with your Higher Self, and it means following a path that treats all souls as One. On Earth that is easier said than done, but it is being achieved so it is possible if you put your mind to it.

Meantime, some of you still find it hard to believe you are so near to completion, yet it approaches faster than ever. It does not rely on the outer happenings as they are the preferred conditions that will lead to a great leap forward where you living standards are concerned. You know now that you have been seriously held back, and by filling the gaps there will be a smoother and more acceptable transition.

Eventually you will benefit from moving into a higher dimension, where the advantages given through new technologies will be somewhat familiar to you. All round it will be seen as a quantum leap forward and little of your old world way of living will remain. With it goes the labor intensive systems, that have held you in slavery with little time for your own creative desires. That will bring about a major change in your lives, to be able to fully engage in those pursuits that give you pleasure.

Your lives at present are really so restricted and controlled, and that also applies to the Laws of the Land that will be carefully scrutinized and amended, to take out those that are unjust and unlawful. There will be a return to a countries Constitution with added benefits arising from your coming Ascension. In all manner of things you are being prepared for your upliftment, and our allies are getting closer to some major achievements.

Nothing about it is easy as we are dealing with worldwide problems, particularly where the financial sector is concerned. However, there must be far reaching changes otherwise monetary policies will not be stable, and we will ensure that there is no return to the centralized systems that have in part caused their downfall. Banks will be smaller and more accountable for their actions.

The Galactic Federation is ready to standby its allies as they make moves to bring some matters to a conclusion. It is time for the final chapter to written about the Human Race and their journey through duality. It will be one of a victory achieved through sheer endeavor and commitment to the Light. Even you will be surprised once you learn how the odds were stacked up against you. Yet, you persevered and your faith carried you forward, and often you have worked in isolation but still fulfilled your mission. It is a wondrous victory and what you see now are only the final attempts of the dark Ones to carry on with their mischief. It is all in our control, and soon they shall be called to account for their actions over millennia of time.

Still keep going as strong as ever, and do not let up by holding firmly onto your focus of Ascension. Each of you that does so will be helping to ensure it comes about as intended, and you will not be alone as we are all accompanying you over these last few months even if you are unaware. Our position is that we are able to monitor whatever is happening on Earth, and we can hear conversations and see quite clearly as though we were there. In fact we can penetrate the ground and see into the bases that the dark Ones have set up. Nothing misses our attention or can be hidden from us. You are therefore safe and in time all military bases will be closed forever.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and glad we can ensure your safe passage to Ascension. It will be the most important advancement you have ever experienced. We send our love and blessings to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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