#Occupy Disclosure: Archangel Michael on Our Voyage to the Stars

The following is a reading between Steve Beckow, his wife D’Arcy,  and Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, on the upcoming Voyage to the Stars, which represents the people’s disclosure of the ET and UFO presence.


We have waited for our governments to disclose and they have not done so. We’re now taking the process of ET/UFO Disclosure into our own hands.

Above a hundred people will be leaving Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, to board the Neptune, the mothership of Grener of Ashira, from Neptune, the President of the Intergalactic Council, for a 10-day tour of the fleet and a trip to another planet. We’ll be returned on Feb. 14 (or sooner if people have other obligations).

This reading features some details of the trip. I have not had time to proof it but will do so as time becomes available. Again thank you to Ellen for such a speedy transcription.

Linda Dillon Channels Archangel Michael, January 31, 2012

Linda Dillon: This is a reading for … everybody … with Archangel Michael, channeled by Linda Dillon, on 31st of January

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

Steve Beckow: Greetings, Lord, and I guess you know just how excited we all are.

AAM: Yes, we are too. For the excitement is not limited to the Earth plane and to your circle. It is exciting all the way around. And yes, we are here to help, to guide, not to interfere. You have taken us at our word, and you have begun, dear brother, to catalyze the humans. You have stepped into action, and you have stepped forward with your star brothers and sisters. This is in absolute alignment with the nature of who you are, your mission and purpose. And there is no better ally than Grener of Ashira of Neptune, for the channel is correct, this one is very serious, and he is not of a frivolous nature.

But he has been the one that has issued the invitation on behalf of this Council to Earth many years ago, and they have experienced – the entire Intergalactic Council has experienced frustration at the unwillingness or inability for the Earth representatives to get greater or broader or more clear participation from those upon the planet. So you have jump-started the process, and it is good because what it does also, dear warrior of peace, it becomes a human, grassroots movement to move forward in the understanding.

So the words and the politics and the charges that have evolved around Disclosure begin to disintegrate as you prepare to go, yes, as a collective and as individuals, on this excursion. Yes, on this joy ride. I will be present as well. So will Jesus/Sananda.

SB: My wife D’Arcy is giving a victory sign because she’s very eager I think to meet Jesus Sananda.

AAM: No more eager than he is to say hello and hug her back.

SB: Wonderful. Lord, we have a number of questions for you about the trip. And this tape will be posted to the site, and the questions are things like some people can’t come Saturday but they can come Monday. Other people can come for a part of the trip but not the whole trip. Some people have young children. Some people are elderly and have medical conditions. Some people are sick but don’t want to miss the trip. And other people have special needs, such as diabetic treatments.

Could you address this whole subject of what’s possible and what’s not possible, please?

AAM: Now, yes, we can address this. First of all, we say do not worry about age. Let us be very specific about that. We do not want anyone coming who is under the age of majority, whatever that is in a given province, state or country, because we do not wish to put out or to worry parents. If the child was accompanying the parent, that would be a different situation, but the children are not simply to disappear from their homes. That would cause undo duress. And then it would also alter the spirit and the mood into one of kidnapping and drama, and that is the last thing that any of us want.

If there are illnesses, if there is anything from arthritis to diabetes to cancer to Alzheimer’s, to simply what you used to call lumbago, they can come, because there will be magnificent healing done. When I have spoken with Grener and with the channel as well, we have talked about the tune-ups that will be available to each one of you who choose to step forward during this time.

Now, we have understood, and certainly Grener has understood, that 10 days is a very long time in the human realm. That is like an extended vacation for many of you, because you do have commitments, and there are heart commitments and responsibility commitments, and things that you have promised, and things that you do not wish to be left undone. If you can only come for a day, we will consider it, but we will not stop what we are doing in order to, shall we say, pick somebody up. So it is not a certainty, but it is certainly a possibility.

The 10 days will not feel like 10 days at all. And for some of you at moments, it will feel that you have been gone a long time, and then at other moments it will feel that you’ve only been gone a few minutes, but so much has happened. We are not trying to shrink time, which the star brothers and sisters are very capable of, jumping time, as you know. But we do not wish to shrink time because what we want is your conscious minds to also be absorbing not only the joy, the friendship, the kinship, the return home, but also the information, the technology, the gifts that are available. So we do not want to shrink it. So it will be a feeling of 10 days.

Now, if one has need to return prematurely, that will be handled and it will be handled with great grace and very smoothly. That is not an issue. There has also been a question that the channel has forgotten, for she has requested to bring her dog. Certain animals will be allowed to come on board, but again, it is a question for them, that they be attuned to the energy. Not all dogs, or not all animals – cats – are attuned to the energy of the star beings. Now, many who have taken form actually are star beings who have come to simply keep you company while you have to journey upon the planet. But, so some animals will be permitted. It will be selective. We would not encourage you to tell people that the door is open for all the animals to come. They will have their turn, do not worry. But that will come later.

Does that answer your question?

SB: Yes, it does, Lord.

Can you give our listeners an idea of the agenda or schedule, what they’ll be doing on board, where they’ll be going, please?

AAM: Well, first and foremost, you simply get – we want to acclimatize all of you. And we will acclimatize you to the ship. Think of this delegation, and what we have done is we have tried to attune it to the human experience while leaving enough of the flavor of the stars that you are not missing anything! So of course there will be a welcome home ceremony. There will be great jubilation and celebration, because you are going to see a number of old friends! Yes, that is the side benefit of what is taking place.

You will have the opportunity – and for some of you it will be more interesting and others less interesting – but you will be exposed to the science ships, the healing ships – because each of these have bays, and in the healing ships this is where – or the healing bays, as it were, this is where the attunements and the healing for those who are not well, or who really need a tune-up and they don’t even know it, can take place. For some the science will be fascinating and it will help them remember much of what they have forgotten.

Now when we include science, we are also talking about technology. So this is a very broad field. Some of you will wish to spend days there exploring and talking with the science officers. Halizar is the chief science officer, and he will make himself fully available, as well as his crew. So that will be a [function?]. But then there will be exploration of ship, of simply having the experience. Yes, ask the channel, she knows of what it is like to live on board ship.

In terms of sleeping, eating, looking at the stars, visiting, then you will each have the opportunity as well to go on what we call explorer ships. These are smaller vessels that go out to do exploration, as sometimes it is within the sphere that you call the planet of Earth, sometimes further away, such as the Pleaidean sector. So some of you will choose to take a side trip, as it were, on one of the explorer ships. You will get to play and come to be familiar with the space bicycles, the small – they are two-man vehicles, although there are some fours – that we use for very rapid transportation, mostly within the Earth’s atmosphere, either dropping off or picking up.

There is a lot more activity on your planet than you have been – and when I say “you,” I mean of course the collective – has been consciously aware of. So that will be a bit of the play. We are trying to make it as fun, as exciting as possible, because when you return the flavor will not only just be wonder, it will be enjoyment, it will be playful, it will be fun, it will be people all over the planet saying, I want to do that as well! So you are the forerunners, you are the showers of the way.

There will be many briefings. Some of them will be – we will use the term “top secret,” and they will be briefings on what is transpiring in the bigger picture and some of what is transpiring politically, financially, socially upon your planet. Because we feel as you return as the emissaries you need to be fully briefed on the back story. So this will also be part of what you do.

Then we are going to move the mothership. We are going to go collectively on a journey. The destination has not yet been decided. There are many debates because of course there are many cultures involved. You know Grener and the Council, there are over a thousand planets that are represented, and of course everybody thinks their planet is the most beautiful and the most worthy of a journey. But it will probably be in closer proximity to Earth.

So thus far, that is the agenda that has been developed by the Intergalactic Council in tandem with [UFOG?] and the various commands. But we also know that you will bring your agendas along, and we are anxious and open to adding, subtracting, expanding and doing what you want to do as well.

SB: All right, Lord. Well, that’s … incredibly exciting. I’ll ask a cluster of questions here, too, and you can address them as you wish.

Do people who come along need to speak the English language, or is it okay if people of other languages come as well? That’s one. Now, there are leaders of opinion, such as David Wilcock, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Lisa Renee, Lauren Gorgo – will Grener and his team be inviting those people, or should we be issuing them invitations? And do we need to bring things like cameras and tape recorders, or will you supply those?

AAM: First of all, it is not necessary to speak English. The facility to speak any language – and by the way the facility to instantaneously imprint, not embed, but simply allow someone, for example, who speaks Lithuanian to understand what is being said will be accommodated, so – that is not an issue at all. In fact, we welcome a variety of nationalities, because it will help, again, with the return. And we will speak about the return in a moment as well, because that is an important piece.

Grener himself will invite some of those who you think are opinion leaders, and there will be several who have been naysayers. But the entire point is that this be a joyous reunion. So we will only be inviting those who are very eager and ready, whether they know it or not, to have the veil ripped off. So that is how that will happen. They will be – some will be slightly surprised and unprepared, but there’s nothing they really need to bring anyway, other than the running shoes, and we can supply those if necessary!

We have great stores upon the ship, you know. So if you forget anything, do not worry about it. We can take care of everything.

The tape recorders, the I-phones, the I-pads, the computers – it is not that we do not have supplies that we can share with you. We do not ask you to go out and buy anything. We do not want this journey to be an expense, not one red cent. Unless you want new running shoes, that is a different story. But – I tease you, but – no, there is no need. You can bring your own equipment because you have a familiarity and a comfort level with it, so there is no learning curve. But it is also fun to say, “Look, here on my phone, on my camera, look at my pictures.” And it is a human-made instrument and therefore not so questionable as instruments that we will give you. But either way, we do not want anyone to go out and start buying things. Bring what you have if you wish. But do not worry about it.

SB: Another cluster of questions. I [ / ] to make a joke about roaming, lord. Do we – can we call home? That’s one question. Do we need to bring our computers if we want to keep a diary, or will we be given instruments that will allow us to keep a diary? My wife is very – she’s nudging me and saying she’s very much interested in shopping! [laugh] And I wouldn’t mind some new clothes myself, including new running shoes on the ship. So do we need our own computers, do we need to bring those with us? Or will we have shipboard instruments?

AAM: You will have shipboard instruments. Every apartment…what you would think of as…. You will be housed in your own rooms, what we would call apartments, and every apartment is equipped with what you think of as computers. So if you wish to keep diaries or make notes or notations to yourselves, that is completely available. And there is no shortage of equipment. Every room has a computer.

SB: All right, Lord. Well, that’s…I think that is….

AAM: And yes, you can go shopping!

D’Arcy: Oh, wonderful!

SB: Oh, should we bring our bathing suits?

AAM: The channel asked the same thing! And so yes, we can tell you, you can bring your bathing suits, because there are what you would think of as recreational facilities and relaxing facilities for people to take advantage of. And they can do that either privately or in conjunction with others.

SB: Medications, Lord, should people, say, I think of diabetics, for instance, should they bring their medications?

AAM: They – we would say bring your medications, because it will make you feel better. It will make you feel…you are taking a leap of faith, and we know this. So we say bring your medications, but know that upon return you won’t be needing them.

SB: Very good. All right. Well, that concludes my part of the tape. I’m not going to turn it over to….


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