Suzan Caroll: Multidimensional News and El Morya Update for January 22, 2012

By Susan Caroll

Bringing In The Light

Have you been tired lately? Does it seem that no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel like you need more? That is how it has been for many of us. In fact, some of us have discovered what we are tired of. We are tired of the low frequency of the third dimension. The juxtaposition between the frequency of light that is entering our consciousness, and the frequency of the physical world is becoming so different that it is increasingly difficult to hold onto both of these worlds at the same time.

In spite of this juxtaposition of energies, we are NOT so tired when we choose to focus on expressing our Multidimensional SELF in a creative way. When we are engaged in creative activities, we lose our fatigue and become quite energized. On the other hand, when we need to take care of our third dimensional responsibilities such as driving to work, paying our bills, cleaning the house, etc. we often feel exhausted. Fortunately, when we are being creative, and there are as many definitions of creativity as there are people, we become enlivened again.

Furthermore, the term “creative” is also changing. Creative used to mean that we learned or had an innate ability to DO certain creative things, such as singing, painting, dancing, athletics, etc. Now creativity means that we are learning to use our innate ability to be the creators of our life. When we are the creators of our life, we can choose to DO anything we want, except that there are certain mundane tasks that seem to linger on and on. Because of the ever-increasing frequency of light and unconditional love emanating form the Galactic Center, our ability to be creators of our own life is steadily increasing.

On December 21, 2012 Earth will be directly in front of the Galactic Center Therefore, in only 11 months, the “time” that we have awaited for millennia, and the transformative energies that has been prophesied by every religion and sacred group, will be streaming directly into our personal and planetary body. The Galactic Center is so close now that these increasingly intense energies are already creating rapid changes our world. All we have to do is to look at the Internet or even the traditional news to see how people are deciding that they want to be the creators of their lives.

People all over the world are saying, “I love myself enough now to know that I deserve a better life. I love myself enough now that I am able to expand my mind and open my heart to a new way of perceiving reality.” We are feeling this way because unconditional love is intermingled with the high frequency light that is streaming from the Galactic Center and into our planetary consciousness. Unconditional love is not an emotion like human love. Unconditional love is the highest frequency of light. It is the creative force of the Multiverse, which activates our healing, creativity and transformation when we download and integrate it into our consciousness.

Unconditional love is, also, the bonding force of the Multiverse. Therefore, it is creates a sense of Unity Consciousness for those who embrace it. Because of our ever-expanding Unity Consciousness, reality is no longer something that is outside of us. Reality is INSIDE of every one of us, yet we share our reality with everyone. But, if everyone has his or her reality inside, how can it be that we seem to be in the same reality? Some questions need to remain unanswered until we can stabilize our  multidimensional thinking.

Some questions are beyond the limits our physical brain and only have a multidimensional answer. These multidimensional answers will come to us as we continue to expand our consciousness to encompass higher and higher frequencies of light. In other words, in order to understand, or even perceive multidimensional messages, our consciousness has to resonate to the frequency of that information. As a result, whenever we expand our consciousness, our perception of reality expands as well.

Going back to the question of, “How can separate individuals who all have reality inside of them share reality with the others?” The answer is that no one is separate and there are no others. In the higher frequency expressions of our SELF we are ONE with all life. Being ONE means that there is nothing that is outside, or even inside, of us because here is no outside or inside. There are only the moments in which we are fully connected with the ONE. In these moments we are calm, peaceful, joyful and loving.

We do not need to try to BE any way or DO anything in order to be calm and peaceful. It is just that every now and again, we are experiencing random moments of feeling at ONE with all life. How did we get there, and what do we have to do to stay there? We only ask these questions when we have lost the sense of Being ONE. “Here,” “there, “do,” “stay” are foreign concepts when we are having our “Radom moment of Unity.” Surrendering to these moments of the NOW is the kindest thing we can do for our self. Moreover, since we are truly all ONE, whenever we are kind to our self, we are kind to everyone. In fact, whatever we DO for our self or to our self, we DO for or to everyone.

When we are having these ever-increasing moments of unity with the ONE, we lose all our fatigue. Our bodies are no longer heavy, and we feel light. In fact, we feel like we ARE Light. It becomes difficult to keep our eyes open because we want to see with our Third Eye and hear with our High Heart. Also, when we close our eyes we are not as distracted by the illusions of our third dimensional reality. Free of this distraction, the feeling of Unity with all life is amplified. With our eyes closed we can better see our inner light, as well as the inner light of others. Simultaneously, we can more clearly understand our experience via the high frequency energies of our opened High Heart.

What if we could only perceive the higher frequency of everyone and everything in our reality? What if the world doesn’t change in 12-21-12, but it is our perception of the world that changes? Will these changes then be real? And, if we see our SELF as a glorious Being of radiant light and love, and see everyone else in the same way, will we care if it is “real?” Have you ever had a dream that was so wonderful that you didn’t want to wake up? What if we WAKE UP and find that everything we thought was reality is really a dream (or a nightmare)? Would we want to go back to the dream that we thought was reality or would we want to stay in the reality that we thought was a dream?

What is a Dream?

A dream is a frequency of reality that we experience while our third dimensional self is asleep. A dream is a state of consciousness. Just as our state of consciousness directs our “waking” life, it also directs our “sleeping” life. From a third dimensional perspective, waking life means awake to the physical plane and sleeping means asleep to the physical plane. However, from a fifth dimensional perspective, when we are awake to our physical life we are asleep to our higher dimensional life, and when we are asleep in our physical life, we are awake in the higher dimensions.

Since we are in the process of merging with our Multidimensional SELF, we are remembering that we can be awake to many dimensions of reality within the same NOW. However, while we are remembering this innate skill we are getting information overload, which is often exhausting. Therefore, we will call upon our Arcturian friends to guide us into the higher states of dream life, while we are still awake to the physical world. In this manner, we can practice holding more than one frequency of reality within our consciousness.

Our Dearest Ascending Ones,

We, the Arcturians, are joyous to lead you into sleep while you are awake. Dreaming is a fourth dimensional state of consciousness. Just as there are many frequencies of reality in your third dimensional world, there are sub-planes of varying frequency in the fourth dimension. Links to information about the fourth dimension:

There is a Mystery School on the threshold of each of these sub-planes that you often visit in your night-body. Mystery Schools are etheric schools, which resonate to the threshold of every sub-plane of the fourth dimension.

Link to Seven Spheres of 4 D Consciousness:

Each of you, our ascending ones, are creating a Frequency Pathway from the third dimension, through the fourth and into the fifth dimension during your “sleep,” by connecting with the seven aspects of third/fourth dimensional SELF. Link to 7 aspects of 4D Self:

Your dreams record the sub-plane, as well as the aspect of your SELF, that you visited in your fourth dimensional night-body. “Nightmares” are often a visit to the Lower Astral Plane, which is the lowest resonance of the fourth dimension. Many of you dear ascending ones volunteer to do “Rescue Work” in this lowest frequency of reality (even lower than many of your third dimensional realities). In your Rescue Work, you search for any lost ones who are willing to look up into a higher expression of their Self. Often you remember this experience in a dream that resembles a spy or wartime movie.

When you sleep, you return to the sub-plane of the fourth dimension that resonates to your state of consciousness at that time. Hence, it is highly advisable to relax into as expanded state of consciousness before your drift off into sleep. On the other hand, Rescue Work dreams do not mean that you have a lower state of consciousness. In fact, it is important to have a higher state of consciousness before sleeping when it is a night in which you have volunteered to do Rescue Work in this lowest plane of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.

On the other hand, your higher frequency experiences of fourth dimensional dreaming occur when you visit the Mystery Schools. When you have completed your journey through one of the fourth dimensional sub-plane, you enter the Mystery School that is on the threshold to the next sub-plane. The Ascended Masters, Elohim and Angels that serve in that School will assist you to transmute and release any remaining mental or emotional “baggage” so that you can move into the next, higher frequency. Life in the fourth dimension, read entire section:

Your entry into highest fourth dimensional Mystery School, The Violet Temple of Transmutation on the threshold of the fifth dimension, is the gateway into the fifth dimension. We will now assist you to “dream” you way into this School…

Close your eyes for a moment so that you can look through your Third Eye. Imagine that you looking down to see your physical self calmly sleeping. Now move down to inside of your sleeping self to make sure that your Soul is anchored in that vessel. Feel your self inside your sleeping body, as you look up (in frequency) toward the fifth dimension. Set your intention directly towards the fifth dimension so that you will not become distracted by the many realities of the fourth.

Now, allow your night-body to lift out of your body, remaining connected to your physical form via your Silver Cord. Feel your body changing as you release the density of your physical form. We say “form,” as you are now in your etheric night-body. Sense an expansion of your awareness and a loosening of attachment to your earth vessel as you slowly rise into the higher planes of the fourth dimension. You etheric body gradually becomes larger and larger with less and less resemblance to a physical form. Your etheric body:

Your fourth dimensional bodies:

Finally, you are wearing your Astral Body, in which you can travel even when you are not asleep. Visualize yourself floating above your sleeping physical form. As you surrender to the process, you feel yourself flying into and through the fourth dimensional worlds:

Eventually, you see a violet glow, which gradually takes on the image of a huge Violet Temple as you approach it. You will all perceive this reality through your own perceptions. You hear your Inner Guidance tell you that you have reached The Violet Temple of Transmutation. then scroll down to The Violet Temple

As you enter the Temple you are instantly in a hauntingly familiar round room with a doomed roof and open walls. There is an ongoing a group lesson, which you each perceive through your own expectation. Each individual’s experience is contributed to the ONE of the group to instantly expand the consciousness of every member.

As you relax into your image, you see a beautiful Light Being saying,

“I have obtained clearance to send you information that will address why you are feeling so VERY fatigued. When I say “you,” I mean the many awakened ones on the body of Gaia. There are huge decisions being made at very higher levels of your world at this time. These decisions are being made because the energetic signature of planet Earth is shifting into a higher frequency of expression. Since you have merged your Essence with planet Earth, your energetic signature is escalating, as well.

“Your energetic signature is changing your earth vessel by turning off obsolete genetic codes and re-booting DNA that has been turn off for many millennia. Actually, the DNA genetic codes for your 3% human genome are gradually being shut-off because the frequency of light is too high to activate this DNA. At the same time, and the codes of the 97% of your DNA known as “Junk DNA” are being turned on because they are receptive to the higher frequencies of light entering your reality. This 97% of your DNA is actually your Lightbody DNA. Hence, your Lightbody DNA is being activated by the ever-expanding frequencies of light coming from the Galactic Center.

Russian research on junk DNA:

“Because of your newly activated DNA codes, your perceptions are shifting out of the limited experience of ONLY the third and some fourth dimensional worlds and into the expanded, multidimensional experience of reality. However, until your biological computer/brain has full uploaded and integrated your Multidimensional Operating System you are limited to linear thinking. Hence, you are experiencing perceptual input that is beyond your ability to understand and integrate into your daily life.

“This perceptual overload creates great fatigue for your brain and, hence, for your entire system. As you know, when you change the operating system in your computer, the machine is of little use to you. In the same manner, when you are shifting your Operating Codes from third/fourth dimensional to multidimensional, it is difficult for you to do too much of anything. Your Multidimensional Operating System constantly receives energetic information through your Crown/Pineal Gland and Opened Third Eye. Your Third Eye is opened through the merging of your Pineal and Pituitary Glands.Link to:

or read the entire section beginning with:

“This incoming multidimensional information is then sent to your Opened High Heart to be translated and understood by your unconditional love. (opening High Heart:

Therefore, those of you who have activated your Pineal Gland and opened your High Heart are better able to perceive and understand the incoming multidimensional information. On the other hand, because your Inter-dimensional Portals are fully opened you are increasingly receiving information from the higher realms, which is creating fatigue, confusion and disorientation about time. In fact, you are expanding beyond the limitations of third dimensional time, while you are not yet fully connected to you Multidimensional SELF.

‘You are, in fact, in-between. You have not fully made the transition to your Multidimensional SELF, but you are receiving many inter-dimensional messages. Consequently, you can no longer believe the illusions of the physical world but are isolated in your knowing of the Truth. We know that many of you still need to “play the 3D Game” for the sake of your families and employers. However, those of you who have the freedom to “take off some time,” (we love that expression, for time is an illusion) we highly recommend that you do so.

“If you need to have a great deal of outward focus, it will slow your process of downloading and integrating your new Operating System. However, if it is necessary to still “play the Game,” your process will still continue at a slower pace. Since there is no time in our reality, we, the higher expressions of your SELF, support your decision to allow this transmutation back into your Multidimensional SELF to occur in whichever way best suits your earth vessel and physical responsibilities. However, since you are the Wayshowers you volunteered to go through this experience first, and relatively quickly, so that you could assist others.

“We wish you all to know that your transmutation is a marvelous event, which you have awaited for myriad incarnations on the body of Gaia. Because of your transmutation of fear into unconditional love and the great light that you have been able to absorb and project, the process of Earth’s ascension can smoothly progress. Hence, you are a catalyst for many of the decisions that are currently being made. Please remember that YOU and Earth/Gaia are ONE being. Furthermore, your persistent dedication to personal and planetary ascension is permitting us to make these decisions. As you know, Earth is a Free Will Planet, and we need the Gaia’s members to ask us for help before we can intercede.

“Yes, we hear you asking what these decisions are, but you must find those answers within your own multidimensional perceptions. Your leadership training has begun, and we, the Galactic and Celestial expressions of your SELF, are your instructors. All major reality shifts must be made in a certain manner. In your third dimensional reality, there are sequences of  events that must be lined up so that the process of change can proceed in an orderly manner. Conversely, the process of change in the fifth dimension is beyond the limitations of time. Hence, the process of change is not sequential. Instead, many possible versions of reality intermingle and merge.

“This merging of possible realities resembles cells that gradually, or swiftly, bond together to create the embryo of a new expression of reality. In other words, certain patterns of light intermingle within the creative force of unconditional love to manifest a matrix upon which a new reality can be born. Then, as each matrix is created, ALL the possible and probable realities shift, as well. Therefore your future can no longer be predicted because you are all transmuting your form into a Lightbody, which resonates to the ever-present NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

“Since the fifth dimension resonates beyond time, that which is in the process of being created in the third dimension has always existed in the fifth dimension and beyond. We know that this type of thinking is difficult while you are still bound by your linear, time-bound thinking. This is why it is important for you all to relax into the process of integrating the new Multidimensional Operating System into your biological, computer brain. Your third dimensional brain functions like your personal computer. On the other hand, the computer/mind of your Multidimensional SELF functions like the Internet and allows you to link into the Group Mind of the ONE.

“The information that will soon be released can actually short-circuit the linear, human brain to create myriad erratic emotions and behaviors. Hence, it is vital that the awakened ones fully integrate and adapt to their Multidimensional Operating System. Then, they can better assist others to understand. Those that are new to the information that will soon be released will more likely accept explanations from members of their own society and from those with whom they are already familiar. Thus, it is important that we “push” our Wayshowers a bit, as “time” is running out. We all want the transformation from the reality of physical Earth into New Earth to be as harmonious and peaceful.

“From our perspective, we see that many of you have embraced much of your multidimensional nature. Therefore, you are in the “fine tuning” stage of your process of merging with the Unity Consciousness of the Group Mind. To those of you who still cherish the illusion of pure individuality, the concept of a Group Mind may feel threatening. Please know that the sharing of your wonderful individuality with the Unity Consciousness of ascending Earth will be one of your greatest contributions. Your myriad adventures and stories of ascension will be one of Gaia’s greatest treasures.

“You, the members of ascending Earth, have a wondrous variety of thoughts, emotions, creations, societies and manifestations that will greatly enrich the ONE upon your return Home to New Earth. You are all brave Scouts that chose to take a form in a dualistic reality based on separation from the ONE. You have experienced extremes of individuality that are rare in our Galaxy. Most fascinating of all, you have found within you the Wisdom, Power and Love to return to the ONE to share your great gift of EXPERIENCE.

“Over the millions of Gaia’s years, She has been home to myriad developing societies, who now encircle Her in their adult ascended forms to assist their great Mother Earth back to Her true SELF. You, the Wayshowers have deeply bonded with Gaia. Furthermore, because you have taken so much light and love into your forms and shared it with Gaia, you will be able to forgo the possible “disasters” of a swift and violent transition. You have also been able to awaken to your Power and stand firm in your convictions that you are FREE Beings of Light who do NOT need, and will NOT tolerate, any further domination from Service-to-Self beings.

“Because you have looked into your own SELF and found your Inner Power, Ancient Wisdom and Unconditional Love, you, people and planet, will retrace your Way Back Home. Because the transmutations of your earth vessel will be synchronized with Earth’s changes, there won’t be much of a sense of separation from your present reality into the reality of New Earth. There are some who may desire to create a different kind of reality, such as a mass ascension of many people who separate from the planet and go “some place else.” However, separation from Earth is a third dimensional concept, to which you have grown accustomed from the death experiences of your many earthly incarnations.

“Death is an illusion. Energy, which you are, does not die. Energy merely transmutes. Some of you will choose an experience in which you transmute into a Lightbody and appear to “leave” the Earth. Others have chosen to stay with Gaia, and your transmutation into Lightbody will match the transmutation of Gaia into Her Lightbody. Within this choice of ascension, there will be no “moment of ascension,” for their will be a steady process of activating your Lightbody DNA, which will re-write your thoughts, perceptions, creations and form.

“Dear ascending ones, because you have become the Master of your SELF, you can be the Master of your Ascension. We observe your process from our myriad Starships. When you have invited us to land, we shall be able to intimately share your experience. And, yes, we are waiting for a critical mass of Gaia’s light quotient to “invite us to land.” As you know, there are millions who would be terrified by our landing. Therefore, we depend on our Wayshowers to unconditionally love and educate those who maintain that fear. You may think that that is an impossible task, but as you and Gaia steadily (and quite quickly now) raises Her resonance, many of the frightened ones will log-out of your reality. They will then login to another reality.

“We hear your questions of, “Will they die?” “Will they know what they are doing?” “What about my loved ones?” These are questions to which you must find the answers within your SELF. Which reality do you want to create? Where do you wish to put your focus? Some of you need to be the Scouts to create the Energetic Path into New Earth. Others may want to stay with the un-awakened. Others may wish to remain asleep. What do you choose? Can you believe that you can choose a gently transition into your true SELF?”

As gently as a blossom coming into flower
As softly as a whisper in the midnight hour

Like a feather slowly rising in the currents of the air
We surrender to ascension without a worry or a care

We find the moments we create are drifting into days
As slowly we become aware that we’ve moved into a haze

This haze is what is in-between, where we are and where we’re going
It’s the space between the past and NOW, that’s wavering and glowing

We release that which is over, to find that which we cherish
And let go of the life that is complete, so it can slowly perish

It is through the ashes of what is done
That we find the glow of our true Sun

The Sun, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea
All tell us who we’re soon to BE

Because we’re ONE with all the Earth
Together we shall Know re-birth

The “who” we are becoming, and the ONE we’ve always been
Remembers we are free of fear and forever clear of sin

As we return back to the Sender
The ONE we NOW remember

WE are the ONE we’ve always known
WE are the light that we’ve been shown

We step into our future to live within the NOW
To be our SELF with every breath, for we remember how.

And as we do recall, the ONE we truly are
Together with dear Gaia, we shall become a STAR

A Star so bright and filled with love
From deep inside and high above

That we light the path for all to see
And the way in which we can be free

Free at last and free forever
With a bond of love no one can sever

Within our SELF inside our heart
We’ve found the place from which we start

We start anew, for we are through
Of being a separate “me” and “you”

We NOW can BE all that we SEE
And know that love is always FREE!

Closing Message from El Morya

All the Ascended Masters entered into the frequency of Group Mind at the point of their ascension. Up until now, we have spoken as individuals to make our grounded ones more comfortable, but we will now address you as our plural expression. Many of you have already integrated your Multidimensional Group Mind, but your physical self is not aware of this integration. In other words, your Multidimensional Operating System is not fully online. Hence, it is still difficult for you to simultaneously hold more than one concept reality in your mind.

Because you are new to the concept of multidimensional thinking, you may feel that you cannot function from the paradigm of unity and unconditional love while  engaged in third dimensional activities. It may still be too difficult for you to hold the frequency of unity and love within your consciousness while you are also engaged the third dimensional illusions of separation and limitation. Because of this conflict of different paradigms, you may become overwhelmed. Fortunately, when you fully regain your multidimensional thinking, you will be able to simultaneously live in two differing realities. In the meantime, you may find that you often forgetful about your third dimensional responsibilities, as you feel much better when you focus on the love and light of the higher frequencies.

Even though it may appear that you live only on physical earth, we wish you to know that you are also among us in the higher dimensions. You have bi-located, which is a simple concept for multidimensional cognition, but a difficult concept for third dimensional thinking. Bi-location means that you are simultaneously living in two worlds. Before your bi-location you found it difficult to understand and adhere your consciousness to a multidimensional reality. Conversely, now you struggle to remain connected to a reality that still resonates to only one reality. Many of our grounded ones are feeling somewhat disoriented, but they may or may not be aware of the reason.

Fortunately, many of you are in the process of re-joining your multidimensional/group consciousness. We say “multidimensional/group” consciousness because group and multidimensional are the same meaning to us. Within your third dimensional thinking, a group means a group of physical beings. On the other hand, within your multidimensional thinking, a group involves beings of many different dimensions of reality. For example, as you read this message you may appear to be alone in your room when, in fact, your room is filled with higher frequency life that you cannot perceive via your third dimensional brain.

You are not fully aware of this expanded reality because your window of perception is primarily opened to the third dimension. While you still maintain a physical earth vessel it is common to place your attention on the third dimensional separate, sequential habits and procedures. For example, you have to put on your socks and then you put on your shoes. In the fifth dimension, you imagine that you have shoes and socks on and-you do! Also, because third dimenisonal life is based on separation, if you suddenly merge with something or someone, it can cause an “accident,” such as a car merging with a tree.

Conversely, when you are in a fifth dimensional vehicle and it is merging with a fifth dimensional tree, the vehicle and the tree experience a merging of molecules to become a tree/vehicle. Neither object will be damaged. They will simply experience a moment of complete unity. The tree, which is alive, will experience the reality of the being a vehicle. Likewise, the living vehicle (all “things” in the fifth dimension are alive) will experience a moment of unity with the tree.

As you have increasingly vivid multidimensional experiences, you will have the responsibility to constantly discern the third/fourth dimension from the fifth dimension and beyond. This discernment is a responsibility because you are living in two very divergent realities with completely different mental constructs and frequencies of expression. You are learning the art of experiencing more than one reality within the same NOW. Most of you still have the habit of placing most of your attention on the third dimension. Yet, when you do so, you feel hollow, exhausted and lonely. These feelings are what remind you to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being, and you do NOT need to limit your perception to that lower frequency of reality.

For example, do you always look down at the one-dimensional rocks, or always look at the twodimensional plants? Do you always look down to the ground and not up into the sky? No, you do not. Also, can you sense how some people feel different to you than others? Some people drain you, whereas other people give you strength. The first group is still asleep, but wants some of the FEEL that they unconsciously recognize in you. Because these people are still unaware of their power, they have no recognition that they are pulling on your energy field. They are not trying to harm you; they are simply unaware.

On the other hand, the second group of people is awake, and they nourish you with their wonderful energy field. In fact, you both experience a rush of renewed energy when you are together because you pull each other into the Oneness. These are the people you seek out when you want to relax and regenerate. Those of you who have awakened to your multidimensional consciousness are learning to discern between these two types of people. Within this discernment you will choose to spend less of your “time” with those who are depleting you and more time with those who appreciate you for being your SELF.

You are the creator of your life and have the full ability to release that, which pulls on you. You do not have to associate with persons, places or situation that are unable to reciprocate by giving you light and/or love in return for the light and love you send them. If you feel you cannot leave this person, place, situation or thing, then you must go inside and find the reason why you are creating this energy-pull in your daily life. When you choose to remain in those situations, there is a great temptation to forget your SELF and fall into your wounded ego.

If you can align your perceptions with the higher frequency expressions of your SELF, you will better understand the reason for this challenge in your life. From this higher perspective, you will be able to understand why you believe you deserve that treatment. Then, you can go to the source of that wounding and love it free. You are too important to Gaia to become lost in squabbles and confrontations based on lower frequency perceptions of life. You are wonderful, multidimensional beings who are busy with the process of ascending yourselves and your planet. ANY person, place, situation or thing that interferes with that Mission needs to be addressed, healed and/or released.

Feel your Multidimensional SELF around you and unconditionally love the embryo of the New SELF within you. Remember to remember who you are and why you are currently holding a physical earth vessel. You are in the process of ascending beyond the polarity of conflict and confrontation and moving into a frequency in which EVERY emotion and thought becomes instantly manifest. Therefore, your greatest challenge is not with those around you, but within your heart and mind.

Every change has two parts: creating the change and maintaining the change. Consequently, in order to continually live in the fifth dimensional New Earth, you will need to perceive it. In order to perceive it you will have to expect to be able to perceive New Earth. In order to expect the perceptions of New Earth, you will need to so deeply believe that you are a multidimensional being that you confront and release any third dimensional fears, attachments or habits. Fortunately, since there is no time, you will have as long as you need to life in both worlds. In this manner, you can allow the higher frequency light and unconditional love to slowly and steadily integrate into your consciousness so that you can gently transition out of who you thought you were and return to who you have always been-your Multidimensional SELF.

We are always with you,
El Morya

Unconditional LOVE YouTube

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