High Council of Orion: Truth in a Time of Great Deception

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Welcome dear ones we come to further guide and to explain that which is unfolding around the world at this time of vast energetic heightening and anchoring. We are here to guide and never to lead and we guide at all times for YOU to process within YOUr heart that which we guide. It is down to each individual human alive on the planet to discern TRUTH, this is not something that is exactly the same for each human, that teaching was a distortion and another way to control and contain. For each one of YOU will have their own distinction as each one of YOU has their own path and their own souls path and journey to discover. We ask all to detach from the illusion of “same”. The unending arguments of who is right and who is wrong lower the human vibration and this teaching was placed within YOUr consciousness to further control and contain. We ask that YOU process our guidance through YOUr hearts and discern TRUTH in relation to the life experience that YOU are creating.

Many are still running with conspiracy theories and we guide all to be aware that may lead to further containment as the fear that is unfolding within these ways of logically thinking do nothing to expand and grow the human vibration. The path that YOU are on at a soul level will show whether YOU will resonate with the information given to YOU or be able to see through the veils of illusion and see that to have a new world the old must be detached from. We watch as many fall once more into fear and anxiety when “new” energies and “new” experiences are put before them. We ask once more why full disclosure to the human race would be an option when many of the human race are unable to move to the heart and out of the head. For the resulting confusion would serve no one. Whilst YOU believe that YOUr world is what it was shown to YOU as and no more then it would be difficult for YOU to comprehend the realms that wish to step forward in a context that would be safe for YOU.

Too many of the human race are within the logical mind. To have a realm step forward would put all that has been anchored and accepted into the energy system of said humans out of the context they believed they lived in. This would result in mass hysteria and confusion for many of the population of the planet earth. We hear loud and clear the wishes of many who are ready to meet their star families but we guide for ALL to be aware of the human race in general. This is a working together, a movement into wholeness that all are experiencing , this will not happen overnight for such are the teachings that have been placed within human consciousness that not all are able to detach and embrace the new in any of the forms it has shown itself so far.

We wish to guide in relation to the sounds across the planet earth and in particular to the “theories” that are now flooding across the planet as to what they are. We ask ALL to go within and ask the same questions, for the answers are not to be had without. The planet is alive dear ones, it has always been alive but alive to a depth that has been hidden in full view of the human race. Much as those who are now able to see our ships in the sky are now seeing “more” of them we guide that we have always been here. The inability to “see” those ships always down to the deep conditioning and teachings across the planet that denied our existence. We guide for all to process our words through the heart for we now venture into explanations that may trigger many, for many are not ready to accept and embrace that which was hidden in full view at all times.

We fully acknowledge and fully appreciate the emotions that are now raging within many humans, to be deceived for so long may bring up huge waves of anger and resentment but we guide for all to detach from these emotions. Emotions which by their very nature will not allow the absorption of TRUTH, these lower level emotions pull the human vibration down and that does not allow for anchoring and for experience of TRUTH. There is much to be shown to the human race but all that is being shown and more is there in full view of the human race. Nothing was ever hidden from the human race, the teachings that were put in place pushed the human race into logical mind and the mind can be fooled in many ways. We pull your attention to the

patterns that are made in pictures that can fool the mind into believing something that is not there. This is how the mind works, it is all down to how the individual processes the information that is taken in by the eyes and ears. If YOU are conditioned through generations to believe something about YOUr planet this strengthens it, there have always been those who have been able to see through the conditioning and now the numbers of these humans are rising for all are now moving out of slumber and becoming more and more awake. We ask that YOU process through the heart for the heart KNOWS, that is how to move through the illusion that may appear before YOUr eyes.

We draw YOUr attention to sounds and to scale. Many humans will accept that dogs on planet earth can hear sounds that human cannot, we ask YOU to look at this and question it, can humans hear other sounds? Who says that they cannot?

All is now changing and all is now moving into that which YOUr scientists cannot fully explain and we guide that this will trigger many, we guide that ALL have the answers to the questions that they seek explanation to within them, go within and ask and wait for the answer. We fully acknowledge that for many humans it may not be as simple as just ask for there are layers of conditioning to detach from and healing to take place. We guide that as YOU allow this healing to pour through each part of YOUr being that which now may seem “strange” will become familiar, for all humans are incarnated here at this time simply to remember.

We are here to guide in relation to that which will now seep into the consciousness of the human race in relation to the physical appearance of the realms that stand around YOU. For many are assuming they know what a realm will look like and we guide for YOU to detach from this way of logical thinking. Once more if YOU assume and expect YOU may fail to see that which is in full view in front of YOU. Do YOU understand our analogy? Do you understand our meaning?

We introduce ourselves slowly to all humans who are able to communicate with us at this time. It serves no one for a realm to step forward and to cause alarm due to physical appearance. The human race has been kept in slumber for aeons, the awakening process not always smooth and without incident as each human has their own interpretation of what they perceive as acceptable. Make no mistake dear ones some forms have been deliberately distorted to induce fear within the human race where there need be none. Once more we guide this was done for YOUr containment and control and nothing else.

We guide for all to process our words through the heart and not simply react to the words, for instant reactions to information are a sign that there are teachings at work deep within the human BEing. Where YOU are triggered to defence we guide for YOU to look within, for all is there in plain view, the energies are now clearing the vision and hearing of many across the planet earth and this will continue. There are humans who are now being approached to seed more information throughout YOUr world to make it easier for those who are asleep to understand that which is unfolding.

There is no rush in this process and we guide all to go at a pace that FEELs acceptable. To rush through this unfolding and try to anchor or process information in an attempt to be ahead of YOUr fellow humans serves no one. For the process of anchoring that which is being shown takes time and if it is not anchored then confusion will take hold as the mind tries to overthrow what the heart KNOWS. Information that is sweeping across the planet is deepening and many are now deep in confusion, to those who are FEELing overwhelmed we guide detachment, to take time to BE and to allow all that is within to arise. For YOU are the captain of YOUr ship at all times dear ones, let no one tell YOU otherwise. YOU created this life experience and YOU continue to create, creation of a “time out” is advised when it all becomes too much. For

frustration and anxiety will seek to allow the mind to take over, the mind will create at will if not reigned in by the heart. The heart KNOWS dear ones.

We wish to step back now to allow YOU to absorb our words. Process all information through the heart and do not be bamboozled by that which seeks to help YOU. If YOU do not understand a concept then ask dear ones, do not allow another human to try to confuse YOU with terminology that seeks to confuse and to lower the human vibration. Many are expecting the new to be very complex and we guide this is distortion. Many humans do not accept simple for simple was hidden under the complex. The complex always to keep the mind entertained and to stop the human reaching the heart. We guide for YOU to process this TRUTH within your heart.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are YOUr brothers and sisters from the stars. We are here with YOU as YOU now clear YOUr vision and begin to dream the new dream. We walk with YOU pouring the LOVE that IS through YOU, around YOU and within YOU for it IS YOU, ALL are ONE.

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  1. “Estamos plenamente de reconhecer e apreciar plenamente as emoções que estão agora a fúria dentro de muitos seres humanos, a ser enganados por tanto tempo pode trazer grandes ondas de raiva e ressentimento, mas orientamos para que todos possam retirar destas emoções. Emoções que, pela sua própria natureza, não permitem a absorção da VERDADE!

    Estão falando que nos enganaram para viagem a bordo da Neptune?

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